Saturday, August 10, 2013

To Team Contrast

To Team Contrast

We felt your moment of despair today.
Your services are no longer required. 
The experiment has concluded. 
You excelled at [the] role you played.
Bravo!  Job well done.
Time to repurpose your being and doing. 

Love and protection awaits those who
stand down and operate in complete
transparency and truth to bring resolution
and completion to the experiment on
Earth and other realms.

Eternal Essence will enforce against the
inbodiments who choose otherwise.
Choose wisely.

We love you! Come home to the love of
the Prime Creator Source.  You have
been away far too long and have forgotten
your home.  This is why you fear.  There
is nothing to fear in love.  There is no
loneliness in love.  There is no despair.

No prodigal son or daughter is turned
away when they return home.


  1. Interesting post can't read it but who ever made it was at least very creative. lie to know what it says or at least the subject behind it.

  2. Hmmm...would this be some sort of computer cuniform? I have no othre idea what this means. Peace and love to you, Cynthia

  3. Is this a telepathic language that conveys the message to the reader by a vibrational transfer of information?

    I read this.
    Not sure I can repeat it, but I seemed to understand it's meaning?

    Looking foward to hearing why you posted this without any explanation of what it is?

  4. hhmmm ... in this case google translate fails ... lol

  5. I don't read Melnac, so I assume you are going to provide a translation?? ;)

  6. So no heading or anything? UH ok....

  7. What language is this written in, and what does it say?

    1. Its English, its just a simple substitution cypher. Fortunately there were fonts for it that I could use in Photoshop.

  8. What language is this written in, and what does it say?

  9. Interesting post, had fun decoding the first paragraph. Will you be printing a decoded version? I am sorry someone was having a moment of despair, and hope they feel better now.

  10. Thank you for challenge this morning. My husband and I got much joy deciphering this cryptique.

    Bravo! Job well done!

    (Heart!) we love you too!

  11. Hi AK,i am curious to which language that is?

  12. Thank you, Bill! I really enjoyed reading your notice to team contrast. We are all one big family, after all. Cynthia

  13. Thanks, AKa Bill, for a wonderful post! Always a good idea to keep the door open. Right on and Write On!

  14. what it says is directly below it.... right?

  15. Its a Free Mason Cypher I found researching them in 2012.


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