Monday, August 5, 2013

Updated: A Personal Note

I've decided to spend the next 30 days on a personal exercise in releasing my spiritual limits.  There are many reasons why we all have limits we impose on our being and Eternal Essence, most of them are unconscious and a product childhood upbringing, religious training (or lack of it), friends, peer pressure and perhaps even the bleed through from past lives.  Much of this is tied to emotions of events, positions and roles we have played in this life and others.

A friend referred me to a woman named Jodie Newell who has a very interesting technique to release emotional baggage no matter where it came from. Its a 5 step process and I highly recommend it. If you are interested you might drop a contact request to jodienewell on Skype.

The income from the blog from ad revenue on the blog has gone down some since May.  This is currently my only income, I pretty much do this full time.   Part of this was due to being away in Morocco, which affected May and June.  Brian Kelly is feeling a similar effect. And another part of it is I did a lot or article aggregation on the blog from various sources, and a lot of people are now doing the same kind of aggregation and sometimes doing it better than I do.

I am going to shift my blog towards more original articles by me, hopefully I'll have the inspiration to write articles that are timely and interesting to make up the slack.  Serve the customers and the money always takes care of itself.

There is also a lot of information in the pipeline, research we are now doing in cooperation with D's contacts and my own... exciting stuff... if not at times startling... especially when you consider all the billions poured in "intelligence" by this country and yet most people remain ignorant of the truth of the founding circumstances of this country and who controls it all. D. and I have worked together since the Daniel papers came out about the Montauk Project. We share research with each other and also with those we've met online since, who became our new extended family in Morocco.

On the floor of the lobby of the CIA is the quote from John 8:32: "...Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free..."  I have to wonder if perhaps on the ceiling above it, perhaps behind some one way mirror with cameras pointed at the quote on the floor... is the other side of that thought "...and we aim to delay that as long as possible...".  

Heather has the I UV value documents completed, she is waiting on some events to transpire before releasing them.  Everything happens in the right sequence.  I  learned to trust the timing months ago.  Exciting times to be here on planet Earth!

If anyone feels moved to donate to the blog this month, I would welcome it.   Running a bit short.   August and July are always slow on the blog with so many people in the Northern hemisphere being on holiday.  If you are able and wish to donate, there's a button on the right side of the blog or you can send a donation via Paypal to this account:

I will continue posting articles and updates from the banking world and I UV Inchange,  but I may have to alter the way I fund doing all this with an additional job. Whatever it takes...there's a job to be done. Like you all I look forward to when I can access my value and get beyond the daily struggles....

-American Kabuki
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