Friday, August 30, 2013

ZAPIRO Cartoon 8-27-2013

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  1. Hey Folks:

    As one post on the internet stated: Come September, a new birth is about to occur (naturally after 9 months). September 1st and onwards is extremely critical.

    First: Pope Francis has thrown all corporate actors under the bus! They'll be on their own as of tomorrow. He's done that for many reasons - most importantly to save his own butt - The vatican's liabilities are already staggering without another genocide added to the list. All war-mongers are trying hard to get Obama to beat the deadline - before Sept. 1st. After this date all actors will be held personally liable, and I'm sure they know the floodgates have already swung open for massive lawsuits, claims, jail-time etc.

    A serious meeting between the vatican, Italian government and the ITCCS is scheduled for Sept regarding a demand by the Itccs to annul (and de-secularize the vatican) the Lateran Treaty between the Italian gov't and the vatican; and the planned convergence for reclamation and exorcism of the vatican is still scheduled for September 22. Should the Lateran Treaty be annulled, both
    Francis and Benedict would be within easier reach of the International common law court. Remember, the vatican has been declared a trans-national criminal organization by the ITCCS. It's also in Italy's best interest to annul the treaty to save its own skin from being implicated as an accomplice in genocide.

    I suspect that tonight, many people will be dusting off pending claims/lawsuits etc. and others will gearing up for a super sacking of the corporate elite. If they don't make it to Syria before romorrow, then they might be heading off to their bunkers in one hellava hurry!

    So as of tomorrow, Motu propria takes effect. The Vatican, Inner City of London, Washington DC and their headquarters - the UN - will be bending over forwards counting their toes!!!!!!


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