It’s the place where we KNOW
I love it HERE
Mostly because I don’t have to
Summarize or explain
Who I AM
And how I got HERE
Everything is KNOWN by vibration
Where the “I” knows
And the other stuff goes
Tho’ I do feel remnants
Of exhaustion
That state
Where we used up all our energy
To translate Love
My fireplace
My fireplace
What were we thinking?
Oh yeah
That’s it…
We were thinking
Translation is over
One either feels it
And lives it
Or they don’t
Windows close
To keep out the cold
The fire is HERE
Gather ’round
Come close
By EM Meyer Sept 29, 2013
This song helps drive this message home. I wrote it in 2005 and recorded it in 2008. Pour yourself a cup of tea, put your headphones on, and join me by the fire. If you like it, download it. It’ll be download-enabled for a few days.