Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Energy Developments


Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Free Energy Developments

There is a great project with the purpose of bringing free energy devices to the people, created by Hope Girl and Fix the World organization. You might want to read more about it here:


And participate in the project here:


There are similar projects taking place behind the scenes and I might soon be able to report about one such project, involving the White Dragons Society, as it gets declassified.

Also, I will post a detailed intel report about the planetary situation tomorrow.

Total victory of the Light is near!

Posted by Cobra at 5:53 AM 


  1. very exciting. this is what i see the future as.

    i made a donation i encourage others to do so as well.

    hope is the future.

  2. update funding is now at 14k...

    they have enough money to build 2 prototypes now...

    really cool to see how many people are funding this...


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