Monday, September 2, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-1-2013

Greetings and Salutations

The Syrian situation is a hotbed of horrid conflict. Once again the drama is taking the focus away from where it needs to be. When things get too hot to handle the good ol' guvferment folk create ways to take the focus away from what needs to be stretched and reviewed as truth, as real leading to more drama. We already know how to hold for higher outcomes, so lets do it.

Things are moving right along, steadily, as they have been for some time. The pieces on the chess board are always being moved around and that brings on more checks and continued attempts to balance the play of one set of potentials against another. That has been the name of this game for many years. A project like this which now will touch into the hearts of over three hundred thousand people has become far reaching and has taken an enormous amount of time but rest assured it will be worth it.

Remind yourself that we signed on for this game and said we would do our part. Now, right now, it is time to do one's part; cut the chatter and hold to the higher understanding that you already have otherwise you would not be here at this time. We tend toward playing short sighted but no one in this program can be that. You are on the list because you have a compassionate heart. Remember daily and clearly that the players in this monopoly game are not two bit. They play for keeps. Mine and your job is to be holding a space for Those who have been labeled 'white knights' and who barter with power And the Money knowing the rudiments of the game realizing they too are playing for keeps. How many times do we say, "This will change the world. And so it shall. Poof used to say this in every way that he knew how. Please, you've held on this long-- do not lose faith in the systems being realigned to bring about a level playing field. And from where I sit, that is what this is about: creating a level playing field....thanks for listening, Susan 

From ZAP.........

Hi All

This is the week that all changes, and humanity will breathe.

Last week I said that this is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over…..and it is. Now begins the next part of the reset process, the actual reset itself.

Expect many changes.

The time/date of this new beginning has been set at September 3 and 4. At this time, the redemption funds for the historic assets will be released. The global gold settlements will occur. The RV will be announced and Basel III will be installed.

That’s it.

There have been so many that have battled the good battle to bring information to all of us. one that stands out is the “goat” at hyperlink "". Selfless and well connected, she has managed to get good information out to all of us. Well done and thank you. She is part of a few that had the guts to put it out there at peril.

Then of course there is Casper, Nancy, Benjamin, and a bunch of others that have tried to provide good information as well. It is truly a difficult thing to do, and any effort to do so is to be admired and respected by us.

Questions that have come in are pretty well the same, but some are with a different insight, such as:

Would really appreciate some insight on this "sirratatap" and comments that dismiss the idea of there being REAL BONDS in the works. moreover, they are claiming that the royal imperial oriental "family" has backed out of the GLOBAL RESET process and the cabal is still moving towards a total bank collapse. Is this even possibly real?

This is of course a legitimate concern, but rest assured, the historic bonds are quite real. The Chinese put these bonds out a hundred years ago, just like Mexico, Germany, Russia, USA, etc. They are truly pieces of wallpaper (most of them) but they still carry some liability. Instead of sweeping that under the rug, the chinese family has decided to honor the debt and redeem the historic assets.

This is a right honorable thing they are doing. The value is determined by them and the world agencies having jurisdiction. Once a value is placed on the bond, it becomes valuable. There have already been preliminary sales of these assets, and people have received payment, but the big push is coming this week only.

Obama has agreed to the tax structure with the chinese family, and the USA will realize a great influx of funds for infrastructure development. That means jobs. This is a good thing. The family has not, repeat, has not backed out of the global reset. They are the ones that initiated it for the benefit of our humanity. That was the big plan formulated long ago when the chinese family was made the keeper of the matrix wealth of our humanity. They could keep secrets, and were/are honorable.

This week, there is precious little information I can give out because of the proximity of world events that are about to unfold, so I apologize, but this process can not be compromised in any manner at this time. speculation is over, and we are about to see results.

It will be interesting to see how the RV will come out and provide the first indication of the reset that is underway.

The thing in Syria. Hmmmmmm. I know some things, but do not wish to be a target. Suffice to say it sure looks like a false flag situation, and war is required to divert attention from other things.

What if the Syrian government side had a rogue element that sent one of these chemical things over at this time to provoke the expected result. Especially at this time of global restructuring.

That would work well in the cabal’s favor right? We have seen such things before.

I truly wish I could open my mouth and scream out the details and give comfort. So with that, I must go and attend to the purple pigs as they are preparing for their solos.

Much thanks and great love to all of you who have stood firm and unwavering in this information disclosure process we have been involved in to provide some semblance of stability through truth and dissemination of hope. It was important to all of us.

I bow to you all.

Susan of course has more information, but also can not share it yet on the internet. Too sensitive right now.

So, god bless you, us, and the United States of America as Uncle gets a #####, shower, and shave and a new suit and becomes the shining beacon of hope he is supposed to be again. He also trained some of the pigs…

In love and light in our service


“God is; I am; We are”

“Be good, Be legal, Tell truth”

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & Staff

Office of Poofness


  1. thanks zap and susan. your words hold feeling and a perspective of what's real and true. how do we inquire about consultations?

  2. August 28th, 2013

    Global Financial Reset - ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY

    Suzy Star wrote

    This is Fantastic !!

    On world news today it has been talking about Global Reset -

    ( the live link is no longer available as it was earlier today)

    They were saying that the world is setting the stage for a global currency reset that's about to take place!

    It was on CNBC several times today . Was at the top of the hour!!

    The news anchor was reporting it. It's about to gooooooooo down!!!!! YES...CNBC. They were talking about how it was going to change the financial status of the world !! The words they used was GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET.

  3. well its almost the end of the 4th in the west, I believe things will happen, but seriously, the timetables are bogus, otherwise the stock market would have reacted and forced the news to acknowledge it. At some point reality has to hit the corporations that control the media.

  4. Thank you all for the Spiritual Strength that these Messages bring to us. It helps so much as I strive to Be Hu I Am, Hu WE Are! All Thanks to Hue and all You Lightworkers and everyone at Kabuki

  5. The facts on the ground from my vantage point are not what Zap has said. Rather, both the Cabal and the Vatican are busy packing their bags. The Dragons are not at the helm, and their plan to assume the Cabal's place has been thwarted.


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