Sunday, September 8, 2013

UPDATED: Just To REITERATE Some Basic Facts About The OPPT....

1. The OPPT was a legal tool to recapture value for the One People. 

2. The OPPT is a reconciled entity, no longer active, its job having been finished for the purposes of legal filings.... The OPPT was never affiliated with the ITCCS.

3. The OPPT Trustees never signed any documents with Swissindo.  Nor did they agree to Swissindo's "plan".

4. Swissindo is not the OPPT. They are whatever it is they are. 

5. The OPPT has never asked for donations. It was self funded by the trustees.

6. Anyone asking for donations in the name of the OPPT is not the OPPT. 

7. Many attempts have been made to co-opt the name and spirit of the OPPT. Sometimes by the same people who have attacked it. Sometimes by people who supported it.  We love them all.

What others choose to BE and DO is their business.  Just do it in complete transparency and honesty.

PS: (Heather's addition):
8. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner were Trustees only over their respective values one else's...they were just crazy enough to return every one else's value to them that was "hidden in plain sight" too.

The journey of our conscious expanding during that experience, at every moment a piece of data swung into focus and rattled perception(s), is a matter of public record....and NO... money/donations/bribes/barters were never requested/accepted/a part of the adventure or the revelation (the revealing) of prime energy....LOVE

I love you!  ALL WAYS!  YOU BE AWESOME! 
PPS: Heather:  
[9/7/13 5:16:35 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: [12:50:21 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: [Saturday, September 07, 2013 9:30 PM] Thomas M: 

<<< From Brian's FB
Mel Ve:... Graham, ITCCS is linked to IUV and Heather through me.

Heather:  interesting...who is Graham?....Seriously....I dunno.
I love the transparency that is becoming visible!

[9/7/13 5:17:11 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: [1:11:36 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: [12:52 AM] Steph: 
<<< I believe Graham is someone that Mel is just replying to in a FB post...? 

Heather: (whew)....question though:  

If just speaking with someone links (or is it "binds") me to all their choices of networks, friends, and activities without notice and my conscious choice and consent.... 

...then should I worry about my conversation(s) with General Brigadier Jack Nevin (Advisor to the Pentagon), Wong Shui Lung (Chinese "Intelligence"), Brenda Stealey (semi-retired DOJ/Geneva Switzerland Trading Platform and ex-wife of CIA executive), Patrick Wang ((former?)Board of Director HSBC, who was later found secretly funding Triad, North Korea, and "God-only-knows how many other corporate-created thugs, I mean terrorists).

...sooooooooo friggin' many links!.....then there was also my 2nd grade teacher who just didn't look right, ya know, not human...HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!  

I am linked every inbodyment of One!!!!! .........oh, ok. No problem... I LOVE THE ABSOLUTE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Can you please answer that oppt did not file a lien but just put on notice the "Powers that Be still" there are many that have said virtually this has zero impact on anything ... a lien must be files to get the legal process going.... please please please reply this is very disturbing ! I want to take down these sob badly

  2. love and peace, fallow your hart, there is enough land and food in the world for everyone, may everyone find strength to unite


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