Monday, September 16, 2013

Wings Wanted

Here is a story of facing your fear and letting go.  The ending isn’t completely written yet, maybe you can help. 

This is written by my son, and, although he’s at the other end of the planet right now, it sounds like he’s working on the same things mentioned the other day (Note to Self).  Enjoy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013
i done fucked up 

this post may sound a bit rough - that's how i feel at the moment. i'm sitting with the resonances of a pretty massive learning, and it's still digesting. i want to put my ignorance on full display, because it's a lesson that's worth sharing.

for anyone out there who's read my past writings, i should have said these things before:

1. thank you

2. know that my tendency is to think that i've got it figured out, and then cling to that idea, right up until life smacks me across the face with my own misunderstanding. so bear that in mind whenever you read anything of mine

here's the latest 'smacked-across-the-face' story.
This story continues here.

Much love,

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