Tuesday, October 1, 2013

400 years of dance...Kabuki dance - Amanda Mattes

The reason I chose to use the term "American Kabuki" for this blog refers to the common American usage of the term "Kabuki Theatre" to describe the formalized predictable drama we see in American Politics since the early 1980s.  It is in no means meant to insult Japanese culture or this fine historical dance form. Rather its meant to illustrate the formalized and predictable nature of political discourse in America.

When I chose to name this blog American Kabuki it was meant to be a political satire site, but life took another direction and I began investigating the banking system which seemed to be at heart of the problem.  The name still seemed to fit somehow, especially after I read the history of Kabuki and discovered that the early Kabuki actors were also prostitutes, and that seemed to also be an apt description of  the actors in Washington DC politics.

American Politics has reached a stage of high drama where much is said, accusations are hurtled in sound bytes across the false contrast of Republican and Democrat lines.  Exaggerated dramas are played out on TV and cable news channels, and the gullible buy into it, "Hurrah for our side!" But nothing really changes, just a new performance each day. The business of robbing the American public of their cash and freedom continues on... We clearly see this best in the current budget shutdown of the US Government. Its all so well orchestrated even in Washington DC...

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