Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Benjamin Fulford - October 1, 2013: Cabal buys time with proposal to hand over money to humanity

Use discernment as always.  There's been a subtle shift in financial change blogs recently, there's an air of compromise with the cabal replacing the rhetoric of eradication... to eek out some semblance of change... yet what's missing is the basic understanding of the premise of the current system, its hierarchy and its system of control through enforced scarcity, enslavement with invisible chains.... Fundamentally very few of these people understand where value comes from and what it is... - Bill

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Benjamin Fulford - October 1, 2013: Cabal buys time with proposal to hand over money to humanity

At a meeting between cabal representatives and the White Dragon Society yesterday (September 30th) the cabal was able to gain a little breathing room by promising to distribute money for the benefit of humanity.

The cabal representatives showed up with a detailed and complex flow-chart showing the exact nature of the cabal governing structure and the names of the people involved. Close to the top of the chart could be found US National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, CIA head John Brennan, as well as the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan and Chinese dynastic families. Other institutions that featured prominently included the UN, the British Monarchy, the G7, the Bank for International Settlements etc. Only three copies of this chart are supposed to exist and the WDS was not allowed a copy in order to prevent other cabal members from identifying the person who showed the chart to the WDS. The very top names were missing from the chart.

In any case, several prominent Asian power brokers were involved in setting up this meeting. For this reason, we can confirm it represented genuine cabal interests. The meeting was called in response to a plan by right wing power brokers in Japan to stage a coup d’etat against cabal rule.

The WDS proposed that while some existing cabal interests could be preserved, entirely new transparent financial structures, involving humanity as a whole, would be needed in order to prevent violent revolution and civil war in the US and other places. In response the cabal representatives said that they would have to consult with their bosses on the issue.

At the meeting, the WDS mentioned the example of the break-up of Stanley Ho’s gambling monopoly in Macau as a possible template for future action. Stanley Ho was forced to share his gambling monopoly with 5 other groups. Ho now controls only 25% of Macau’s gambling market but, because competition made the market grow so quickly, the 25% share is worth far more money than the 100% share he used to own was.

In the same way, if the cabal shares their monopoly on central banking with other groups, they would unleash so much dormant human potential that they would be far better off than if they continued their futile efforts to control everything.

In this way, various groups fighting for control of the world’s financial system could all be made happy. Neil Keenan and his group could start their big projects to turn the deserts green etc. The other M1 and their OITC group (presumably the Vatican) could finance big anti-poverty campaigns being promoted by Pope Francis. The British Commonwealth and their interests could also start massive projects, as could the Germans and just about everybody else.

It was also proposed that democratic, mass-participation financial structures be set up to compete with the various elite based entities in existence or being proposed.

In general, the end of the private central bank monopoly system should be release so much latent human potential that is should be possible to make everybody happy (at least at first).

The WDS has suggested that publicly opening $1 trillion Federal Reserve Box 1558 after paying the original owners $500,000, would be one way to kick start the new system. It is just a proposal and other ways to kick off a big campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destructions are also being proposed. The point is to stop talking about it and stop jockeying for power and start fixing the planet instead.

The WDS also said that a jubilee was a necessary prerequisite for the new system. This would involve a write off of all debts, public and private, as well as a redistribution of assets. People who rent apartments or houses would be allowed to own them while those who relied on rental income would get government pay outs equivalent to their rental income. Corporate ownership would also be redistributed from the 0.01% to the 99.9%.

Since the cabal representatives at the meeting were only messengers, the WDS is waiting, impatiently, for more concrete action.

Until that time, increased pressure needs to be raised against the cabal and their interests until talk ends and concrete action begins.

However, as the WDS was told years ago, there would be no sudden announcements but rather a process of change that would become obvious over time. That is taking place.

The pentagon, for example, as opposed to cabal controlled rogue forces like Al CIAda, has refused to participate in the cabal war against Syria and it also did not participate in the campaign against Libya.

Pentagon sources also confirm they were told by Russia that any US military moves against Syria would lead to war with Russia; something the pentagon wants to avoid.

The recent move by the US government to normalize relations with Iran is another sign of declining Zionist (cabal) influence in Washington. Maybe a few people there are starting to wake up to the fact that for 30 years now Zionist controlled media have been saying Iran is within months of having a nuclear weapon and needs to be attacked. The US military are not allowing themselves to be manipulated into criminal wars by Satan worshipping fanatics any longer.

Then there is Pope Francis who is clearly different from his predecessor, who was forced to resign because of his Satanic connections with known war criminals like Tony Blair and George Bush.

We are also seeing more and more people finding the courage to publicly take on the cabal. Journalist Seymour Hersh, for example, has outed the fake Bin Laden murder in formerly cabal controlled media outlets. Other corporate media operatives are now getting brave enough to write about cabal murder squads. Then there is this story in the Daily Mail about 20 billion Euros in unclaimed cash at Moscow Airport:


However, there are still many mass murdering war criminals at large who need to be removed before we can say the nightmare is over. The criminal regime in Saudi Arabia and their Nazi partners like Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, need to be dealt with firmly and decisively.

One way to go about it would be to open an investigation into the 311 mass murder attack against Japan. Direct human intelligence (i.e. moles within the cabal terror network and other witnesses) has shed a lot of light on that terror operation. We know the names of many of the operatives behind that attack including former top Jesuit Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yasuhiro Nakasone, former pope Benedict and P2 honcho Marco Di Mauro. Why aren’t they confessing to their role in this mass murder on public airwaves?

Until these mass murderers are neutralized, the financial war will not end but intensify.




  1. AK,

    Your comment above is spot on. However let Ben "ramble" about WDS because they're obviously now

    beginning to realize what you've stated (mirroring HTJ) about VALUE. Pentagon can give up after the

    bonds WDS was ripped off for 100 yrs ago were always "a representation" of value. He's in a tricky spot

    with his "controllers" realizing they don't want to "lose their heads" like I BELIEVE the zionists may, to

    some (as yet) undetermined degree. Who wants to be chased down & mutilated or jailed? No, CHANGE

    IS HERE! :) & no need to hedge,,,,,,,,,,,,,no, bring it!

  2. Ben I don't believe them and I don't believe you. More of the same will no longer be allowed. Don't you get it? The game is over. The cabal is sucking it's last breath. Do you really feel the cabal is winning? The arrests have started. Tables have turned. Use your head and dump those bloodsuckers.

  3. there should be no need for complex flow charts. the money should flow from the banks to the people. that's easy and very simple. thank you.

  4. Agreed Bill; I've noticed too this careful compromise coming from several proponents of the cabal exposure and this seems like it's some sort of olive branch to appease the masses but I'm not buying it one iota. These people need to be exposed for what they are and have done to the multitudes of beings destroyed by their insidious efforts over the decades and continue to do so. They have showed no mercy what so ever in our direction and none should be given in theirs. This has nothing to do with tit for tat but a measured response in loo of what has already transpired. They may have the capability to kill millions of us but we reincarnate anyways and their bodies will burn like husks just like the rest of us in the end.

  5. la cabala che cerca di guadagnare tempo mmmmm di sicuro non per questi motivi, non regge, analizziamo superficialmente questa situazione globale, prendendo come primo esempio fukuschima "se e vero" che ormai tutto o quasi l'oceano pacifico e gravemente inquinato dalle radiazioni (personalmente penso tutti i mari ormai lo sono, in 2 anni di fuoriuscite) viene lasciato perdere (con la scusa delle quotazioni, 2 anni fa, che sarebbero crollate), sapendo che un mondo invivibile pieno di radiazioni non serve nemmeno alla cabala stessa, anche se raggiungesse tutti gli scopi che si era prefissa , a meno che sa qualche cosa che sta per accadere che spiega il perchè non siano intervenuti in Giappone ovvero non sarebbe servito a nulla bonificare e aggiustare perchè fra poco ci saranno cataclismi, o ison o chissa quale altra disgrazia, questa e solo un ipotesi grossolana, ma ci può stare...


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