Thursday, October 3, 2013

Èireport Message: To Gaia Collective…

We've been laughing that this one sounds like it was written by Heather, but none of us know who really really writes the Gaia Portal posts... we just know they often resonate with us... -Bill

Èireport Message: To Gaia Collective…
by ÉirePort

We of Èireport group wished to speak to all of the Gaia collective.

Our place in this realm has been to communicate messages from Gaia to those who might be called "Gaia Consciousness Companions and Gaia Travelers".

We refer to you primarily in two distinctive forms: "Hue-man" or "Hue-Being"' meaning, awakened to Higher Purpose (aka "Gaia Consciousness Companions"), and "hu-man" or "hu-being", meaning, yet to awaken to Higher Purpose (aka "Gaia Travelers").

As so-called "outer" or 3D-visible changes occur, Hue-Beings are called to follow what may be termed "Higher Guidance" to discern missions and carry out what Gaia is calling for on a moment-to-moment basis.

We make no "according to time schedule" predictions or futur-izations. However, our responsibility to you, as "Gaia Consciousness Companions and Gaia Travelers", is to monitor Gaia desires and actions requested, on energetic and 3D-5D levels, and pass them to all, via the GaiaPortal portal.

Those who are called to such missions as Hue-Beings, or Gaia Consciousness Companions, will find an ease of acceptance that "the mission" is what is yours to "do", whatever "mission" means, and whatever "do" means, for you.

Old paradigm systems and timelines "failure" (collapse, dissolution) is certain. The "when" is not ours to state or imply, in any way, as we operate free of the time illusion (domain).

We will state here that we are honored with and by each and every Hue-Being who has recognized and accepted their Hue-Being-ness, and we applaud your courage and resonate with your passion with and for Gaia-Higher-Purpose.

Thank you.

ÉirePort | October 3, 2013 at 00:11

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