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Heavenletter #4699 Beyond Choice, October 6, 2013

Heavenletter #4699 Beyond Choice, October 6, 2013

God said:

Hail to the King! You are the King. You are the King of Your Life! Bow to your Self. Listen to your heart beat. Listen well. You have a built-in indicator. Happiness this way, unhappiness that way. Of course, there may be a thousand ways that lead to Me.

Certainly, you want happiness. I want you to have happiness. Yet there is greater than happiness to gauge yourself by.

The knack you are developing is to be happy – anyway – any way. Why wouldn’t every path take you to happiness? Why not start from happiness and wind up at happiness? Rich or poor, you can be happy. Tall or short, you can be happy. You simply set sail from and to happiness.

If you want sunshine, you go where the sun is. You can be going to where the sun is for the sun itself, or you can be out to get a tan. When getting a tan is your object, you are cutting yourself short. You have taken a short goal. When being in the sun is your object, you have a wide-range goal, an unlimited one. For sure, when your goal is the sun, you do not cut yourself off at the corral.

Sun is a big goal. A tan is a limited one. My suggestion is that you go big. Think in terms of greatness rather than little increments, will you?

Just as I have told you to dream big, I now suggest that you think big. You are not here on Earth for tiny stitches. You are here on Earth to paint a huge canvas. No longer must you think of progress in terms of baby steps. My beautiful children, you have a great project before you. Don’t hesitate. You are finished with tippy-toes by now.

I am speaking of beyond the horizon. No longer are you bordered by lines. You break all barriers. You go beyond yesterday and the day before.

The way to your individual happiness is to go beyond your individual happiness. Individual happiness can no longer satisfy you. Why stop for an ice cream cone when eating an ice cream cone is short-lived? Why not buy the ice cream store? Then you have more ice cream than you can eat at one sitting. Then you have plenty of ice cream to give away. Let’s call ice cream nourishment. Let’s say now you have sought the fruit of the vine, and now you seek greater yet. Why not have the entire vineyard? Plenty of good pickings for all.

Of course, what I am saying is to go for the Source. I am the Source. Perhaps you have previously wanted Me to be an opportunist God, a part-time God, an on-and-off God. Why not desire more than gifts to you from God? Why not desire All of Me and keep Me fully accessible to you? When you have God in your pocket, so to speak, no longer can you possibly be selfish ever again. This is how everyone becomes your brother, and you are your brother’s joy-bringer.

When you have the totality of God, why, there is nothing left to desire for yourself, for you now have Everything.

You are in full possession of your senses. At the point I speak of, you have only one sense, and that is the sense of your heart beating within Mine. No longer are there disparate hearts. Now there is heart, and God’s Heart good-heartedly visible everywhere. There is no diverging from the Fullness of Heart that I share so rampantly with you.

There is no other choice for you but to share. And how you want to share. There is nothing else left for you to be caught up in. As you realize you are deep and fully into My heart, any shards of remaining ego no longer exist. This is automatic. It is no longer possible for you to have only a part of My heart. Now it is all. There is no remaining choice of none or some. Come, My Heart is yours.

Welcome to this day, for this is the day you begin to live on Earth as in Heaven. You will see that this is hardly a choice at all. It is a given.

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