Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heavenletter #4703
God Wants You to Soar,
October 10, 2013

Heavenletter #4703 God Wants You to Soar , October 10, 2013

God said:

I am like a harbor, not as a retreat, but as a starting-off place. With Me, you and I together, We can venture beyond mooring places. We venture beyond. That is what We do. We venture beyond ordinary limits. Sometimes it is like someone has painted limits beyond which you are not to step. How arbitrary are these painted lines. They do not really exist, yet you think they exist. You think they are giant fences without gates when they are only painted lines that you can easily step over once you dare to stretch the arbitrary limits you took as real.

Nothing can stop you. Only accepted limits can stop you. Only painted or even penciled-in lines around your neck stop you. They choke you. You cannot seem to get past those penciled-in lines.

Imagine an eraser, a giant eraser, that instantly erases thousands of accumulated penciled lines. Erase. Erase. Erase. All is erasable.

These lines never were right for you. And now you can erase them.

This is freedom, beloved. Freedom is not something that someone outside you has to give you. Freedom is something that you give yourself. Freedom is not asking for permission. Have you not too often asked for permission?

Ask Me, and I give you a carte-blanche permission to fly, to excel, to go beyond boundaries. You have a mind that will take you anywhere and everywhere. Your fine mind can take you away from where you have banished yourself. Rescind your orders to yourself. You choose restrictions from an idea of safety, as though, if you don’t step over the lines, you will be safe. And so you paint yourself the obedient boy or girl who waits for instructions.

Now all instructions are off. Now you are to find out who you really are, far beyond where you have regulated yourself. Maybe you are a free spirit. Maybe you are not a drone.

Coming to Me is not where you end. With Me is where you begin. Perhaps, in your life, you have tasted only samples. You have read about possibilities or have seen pictures, and yet you don’t take expanded possibilities as yours. You speculate, yet not take yourself up on the choices before you.

Do you think you are choiceless? You have many choices before you. You may have lost your sense of choice. When you know your choices, you have a better chance to choose.

You don’t want to close your eyes, and point your finger, and choose whatever your finger points to.

Do this then. Put all favorable choices before you, and choose. Even a sense of choice is strengthening.

You do not have to be Cinderella in the ashes. With a sense of freedom, you have freedom. Even in the ashes, you can be a princess. Here it is:

You can be anything you like. You can be a prince or a princess no matter where your body happens to be.

You are a Being. Think of a spirited horse who can race, who can fly, who can pull a golden chariot as if it were a feather. Your vision goes as far as you take it. You can see beyond doors and walls. You can see. You can envision. You can take your chances! You can choose opportunity. Is it your chosen choice to stay the same?

Of course, it is you I speak of, not where you live. In a hovel or a palace, you can be all that you are. You can set an example before the world. You may you do it for your own soul, and so you are demonstration of yourself for yourself, and, as you begin to soar, so the world soars with you.

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