Thursday, October 24, 2013

Illusory Failure

This year, my son’s art teacher started every student out with an F.  This grade remains unchanged until all their assignments are turned in.  This is supposed to be motivating.  Each student spends the majority of the school year with a failing grade, which sets off a string of emails and phone calls to anxious parents, reminding everyone involved, on an almost daily basis, of the child’s impending “failure”.  Rather than working to create an inspired piece of art, the kids are instead merely working to avoid flunking.

You were never shown how to do this simply.  Like this teacher, you were taught to look for reward, satisfaction, answers and validation outside of yourself.  You were told there is one right answer, and that there was someone else who held it.  There is also one true love, one happily ever after, one right way, one correct color to wear at a specific ceremony. You were taught to obey.  You expect to be loved in a specific way.  You look for truth in every illusory part of your world.

You didn’t have a chance.  Like the students in this art class – you were marked from the get go with expectation of failure.  Those who manage to escape the label and “succeed” are left sort of hollow afterwards; the success illusory.

Against all odds, you must believe your heart.  Your essence is the only thing you’ll take with you when you exit.  Your life review?  It has nothing to do with imagined ideas of success or its absence.  It is told from the deepest part of your being.

This is the part of you that looks past everything you see with your eyes.  This is the part of you that feels without seeing.  It is the part of you that knows.

The yearning within for someone or something is not going to be satisfied in the places you’ve been told to look.  It exists in the fabric of your being.  The very youngest of us know where it is.  It is fully intact in them.  We are drawn to their energy because we recognize agape.

The construct of this world is shifting.  We read of space ships, collapsing economies and corrupt institutions.  We are all searching, grasping for solid ground.  We are learning that there is in fact no such thing as solid.

This is good news.  With us all on an even playing field they’ll be fewer injuries.  Flexibility, trust and compassion are necessary, as well as a wide open heart.

We’ll navigate more easily as our freedom is felt.  Others will be drawn to us as our heart broadcasts this inner direction.  The answers we seek and the satisfaction we yearn for will be joyfully, sometimes tearfully discovered.  Just hang in there.

Each connection will renew the truth of our unity.  There is no you or me.  There is only us.  This song reminds me of our dance…. we live, we leave, we return, play our part, end up together one more time and ultimately challenge each other, asking the question: “Will you love me again?” 

We’ve come to end the judgment, labels and blame.  We’ve come to experience agape.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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