Friday, October 4, 2013

Simplified Oneness

She: You told me once you would hurt me, but I don't think so.
He: I know, do you understand why I won’t now?
She: Because I am as important to you as you are to me.
She: Because you feel what I do.
She: Because you want joy – for you, and for me, and actually, for everyone.
He: Yes!  And I cannot provide that unless I make myself dwell there.
She: I love you.  I can feel you "dwelling" there.  It feels nice.
He: If I want to hurt things, I have to hurt myself as well to do it.
He: And if I want to love I have to love myself to do it.
It comes down to this; to the barest of interactions between two people.  The way I treat you, I feel.  The way you respond is evidence of how you feel in return.
When I was little, I used to wonder why when I had “gotten back” with anger at someone, I still felt so bad. This was not what I expected. I eventually decided that it would have to take something really cruel for me to be cruel or even hurtful in return, because it just hurt too much to be worth it.  
I did not stop being hurtful, I just created elaborate justifications for it in my head.  It was “deserved” and therefore, it occurred.  The definitions for allowable meanness changed as I grew up, but they persisted.  There was “you” and there was “me”.
The conversation above is Oneness, laid bare.  Oneness is selfishness to an extreme.  Make no one happy but yourself, and you will reside in bliss.  The rest doesn’t matter.  Walk in each others shoes as a daily practice.  Always see how well they fit. Take the blame.  Walk away.  Turn away.  Agree.  Stay silent.  Release your iron grip on judgment.  In this you will discover the inner workings of freedom.
For no one can grant you your freedom, or make you abundant – but you.  Freedom is the lack of a need to ask for forgiveness or justify yourself.  All of your actions make sense, all of your reasons are clear.  Abundance is an acceptance and emergence of your own value.  Everyone benefits.
You and I are one.  The clearest evidence for that is in relationship.  Look into the eyes of your friends, family, enemies, strangers and lovers and see yourself.  Trust that this is why you are here; to experience life through each other.  You did not come alone.  You came here with us.  We are family.
You will have to love yourself, it is the only way.  This is the first and the last hurdle.  Once you do, there will be no way you can hurt me. Hurting me is akin to self hatred.  You will understand me simply because I am as you are.  We are One.
Be tender with each other.  Take care of those who cross your path.  Live from your heart.  It is where you began.  It is there that we found each other at the start.  It is only there that we will return to Oneness.
I love you from a place I had forgotten, and it is from that place that the rest of this story will be told. You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

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