Friday, October 4, 2013

The Fire

“For me, it is as if my confidence is only as strong as my insecurities. My strength is only as powerful as my tenderness. My anger is only as powerful as my love.”
These words are a perfect description of the human.  Of us.  They are a gift, shared here so that you too can see and feel and accept what is that we are, who it is that we are becoming.  We are becoming the fullness of ourselves, right before our very eyes.
There is nothing more powerful than you.  No being with a greater capacity for love, for creation, for exquisite being – than the one who greeted you this morning in the mirror.
Say hello to whom you have ever been, ever dreamed of being, and who you are right this very minute.  You are magnificent.  That tiniest inkling of greatness, the one you always knew was there, is ready to be unleashed.  
Celebrate.  This is not a time to hide.  It is a time to be grinning from ear to ear.  Hold your head high.  Look into the eyes of every other being you encounter and seek the validation of our unity.  It is found there.
Ask for help.  Offer help.  Smile.  The old story, the worn out excuses, the tiresome sadness, complaining and blaming are not productive.  Give them up.  Start new. You are moving beyond where others have gone, just as you have always done.  You may have forgotten, but it’s like riding a bike.  
Every bit of you is good.  No, every bit of you is perfect.  Every inch, each mistake and all of your steps have gotten you this far. It is your passion, your tenacity and your unwavering belief that did it. You stand in a place that few would dare to occupy.  You are birthing a new world, complete with a new race.  
The human race.  The one with all of you in it.  Appreciate each emotion and watch yourself navigate every moment.  This is what you do.  It is who you are.  The being with the most power, with ALL of the power on this planet is reading these words right now.  There is nothing to change for perfection.  You are, without exception, faultless.  
You are priceless, so stop any focus on an “amount”.  Love is not quantifiable.  Love is what you are, It is your value, the truth of your heart and the thing that unites us.  It is the force of life, the spark of creation.  It is you. 
No longer can you question your greatness; you’ve safely brought a planet through the darkness and found the fire necessary to light the way.  It was you all along.  
You are the one you’ve been waiting for.  Nicely done.

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