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The ZAP Report October 29, 2013

Your Mind is On Vacation..... 
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 10:28:54 -0400

Van Morrison: Your Mind Is On Vacation
Songwriters: MOSE ALLISON

Sitting there yakkin’ right in my face 
Coming on like you own the place 
If silence was golden 
You couldn’t raise a dime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime

You’re quoting figures, you're dropping names 
You’re telling stories, you're playing games 
You always laugh when things ain’t funny 
You try to sound like you don't need money 
If talk was criminal, you'd lead a life of crime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime

You know that life is short and talk is cheap 
Don't make promises that you can't keep 
If you don't like the song I’m singing, just grin and bear it 
All I can say is if the shoe fits wear it 
If you must keep talking please can you make it rhyme 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 

Greetings and salutations,

Pay special attention to the words in our theme song this week, as it certainly explains why the entire "government structure" is suffering from total madness. It certainly may not feel like it, but all who are reading these words should celebrate yourselves as being the true warriors who have been holding the "Light" for the coming changes.

Whatever you believe, know that the President is receiving daily spiritual guidance from his appointed spiritual adviser, Joshua DuBois. Below is one example of the daily "devotional" in his daily spiritual pause of reflection.

"Dear God, in the night time, remind me of the day. In the darkness remind me of your Light. I have confidence in the coming morning, and until then I will stand strong.”

On a personal note, I thank all for your kindness and prayers. It has sustained me as my healing journey continues to progress. Your outreach has been extremely ...Susan
Poof said, “Your life is an occasion; rise to it....”

Here’s ZAP:

Hi All,

Feels like christmas, and there is snow on the ground now. Really. we got some inches.

Dinar is active. People are cashing out. Not official, yet, but some groups are getting theirs done (the ones that have been waiting so long).

More questions, and a few shots from some ghostly guy.

Q: Hello! I read at the Fourwinds Web site that Chase Bank, as of Nov.16th, will be in control of the American business’ funds, allowing only $50,000 for operational expenses. Other banks will soon follow suit. For recipients of the many programs soon to be paid out, what alternatives are there for us who will be implementing positive change in our nation? I know there are offshore options, but are there any other options we should be privy to? M

A: Sorry M. I cannot give out that advice. Not my province. Suffice to say that if you buy commodities, then they are transferable to other jurisdictions under various tax treaties, free-trade agreements, and so on. There are many ways to skin a cat, but I cannot give such advice. However, it is true that international wire transfers will be stopped by JP Morgan at first, with a $50k cap on domestic transfers per person per month. Other banks will follow, of course. This will happen unless there is an outcry. Again, write to your political rep, and give him ##### for not representing you the way you want or need. his job is to do it, and you are paying him to do it. So, what kind of employer are you when your employees run you?

Q: You mentioned that we will need to have an income stream in the near future. Will any of the programs on the soon-to-be Web site afford any opportunity to invest in a commercial project that will provide an income stream? Poof always said to me that I should not invest in anything for at least 3 to 6 months to let the dust clear. I had planned to do just that. However, if there is a possibility of a safe investment on the Web site I would be interested. J.

A: Hmmmm. the web site is for the submission and funding of projects. It is not for investment. However, if you wish an income stream from these, submit the question and pick a project. Join in. Get your feet wet in some of the stuff we do. Help others and, through helping on the project side, you will get much back without investment. Some will welcome investment, though, to provide something back to others. when these arise, they will come forward and say so. This all has to be done properly and legally. We intend to employ and give great opportunity to anybody that wishes to help others. That is what we are all about.

Q: Dear Zap, you can bet that last penny that there's the type of nanotechnology, mentioned in the last Poof report, out there. Someone I've known for years was part of the team that helped get it there and through DOD contracts. Stepped away from her sometime ago as kept finding other things her company had been asked to create for the Defense Department. She owns the company and was always looking to keep her very good help working. It's great that she kept her help busy; just didn't agree with how she did it and for whom. The technology they developed could have been used for a lot of good. P.

A: Lovely. and that kind of tech will be used for good. Remember that any breakthrough technology has both dark and light sides to it. Eventually, both sides get it. The time it takes to break through to the light side is what concerns me, of course. Faster. Better. We do not need to find any more new and novel ways to kill each other. We are already pretty good at it….why?

Also, the ghost wrote:

Congress threats of Trade Sanctions and threats to classify China as a 'Currency Manipulator' if they didn't play ball as instructed by Obama. And so, whether this is fact or just a threat, WE view this as a very significant development.

The stuff on the whole picture as he explains is pretty well in keeping with what I know. This current stuff is so similar to the attempts at destroying Russia through the toxic CMO’s. That was not Obama, but the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and other cabal stuff behind JP and Goldman, etc. Putin put a stop to that in very short order. He even issued arrest warrants for a president.

The ghost has said that his WF [Wells Fargo] sources said nobody has been punted from the top of the food chain like I said. I guess the 500+ arrests of bankers and cabal members did not happen either. Ah well.

But the ghost has been getting stories from his buddies like Fatso, Stinky, and Stretch, I think; or maybe spooky where Zap is supposed to be CIA. Wowsers….do I get a paycheck? What level? I do not visit the 14th sub-level basement where they keep the red files, but I know of it. Something like the gemstone files, except with a red cover and “secret” stamped all over. Can I get at least coffee money for knowing this?

My dear Casper, I am not agency. Not any of them. And which elder were you talking to? 303? 404? 505? 072? 14646? 357? or the infamous 123579? Would like to know so he can be blacklisted for spreading lies. They are not family if they spread such crap. They know me better. So your source right there is bogus my dear ghost. Be careful when listening to him.

Q: I think a new monetary system may be a necessary interim step. I think the continuing process of spiritual maturation is the key to unlocking the technologies. On the most mundane level, we've been in bondage without knowing it, with someone else telling us when to work, when to eat, when to sleep, etc. It may take time and experience to come clear of the "bondage consciousness" and fully assume responsibility for oneself, including learning right-use of money. At that point, perhaps, unlocked technologies could be safely and maturely employed.

A: Now here is something very worthy of our attention, but this kind of step would be of extreme difficulty in provisioning, unfortunately. the release of the technologies is coming now, yes, and the key is, indeed, spiritual. Our philosophy has to be in lock-step with the technology for it to work and not destroy us. Good insight, and wonderful common sense.

In other news, the elders, in conjunction with the china treasury, US Treasury, IMF, and World Bank (and cabal as well) are all meeting right now. This is the big one. The various announcements will come out from this meeting, and we will get to know real timelines for everything that is out there.

The fellow from china that is doing the global gold settlements is ready in the next days, Basel III is ready to come forth and be the new protocol, and the historic asset redemptions are flowing (people already paid). Not much more to say on these affairs other than we are at the end of the wait. Mountain goat said it well as well.

I will have good news for the purple pigs shortly, and we will get to the work at hand and begin helping humanity.

So God bless, and be well.

In love and light in our service

“God is; I am; We are”
“Be Good, Be Legal, Tell Truth”

Consultations available upon request. Email to set up an appointment.

Love and Kisses,

The Office of Poofness

Susan and Staff 

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