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The ZAP Report October 21, 2013

Comments in red are mine. -Bill

Greetings and salutations,

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Are you experiencing events that you have had come around before, only this time they feel more intense and in your face? One thing after another. Sometimes there is rest in between; sometimes not.

What is going on? What is happening in the outer world is happening within us. Jim Self at is teaching about the importance and benefits of being in a neutral space as events, on all levels, are unfolding. Doing things the way we always have is often not working now. Because we have grown and changed and no longer wish to be where we were. Reinventing the wheel isn't an option. We are being urged and guided to open up our hearts and minds and to draw to us solutions. It doesn't have to be hard anymore.

This can be a most exciting time as we make choices of what kind of world we want to co-create. Poof often said that it wasn’t about receiving the money from the programs. It’s in the consciousness of the receiving. You can read books and take courses and seminars and learn a lot, but the time comes when you almost have to wing it by digging deep down inside to find pockets of knowing and strength you might not have known – or taken the time to discover – were within you.

These are those times. The outer winds of change will increase, yet we can still be at peace.

The evidence is clear that massive change is upon us. What you focus on is manifesting at an accelerating rate, so it’s more important than ever to really be wise in what thoughts and actions you choose to hold and take.

Enjoy the ride!

Poof said: 

“It is far more important to do the things in front of you and to manage what you have now so that you will be able to be a good manager of more later.”

“The obstacles in the path are forever fraught with stickers and thorns and personnel who don't know what the hell they want or how to do what they want. The thorns are not big ones nor do they deter much of the infrastructure that is going in place. Just that when they think they have covered all bases they find someone has turned over a damn toadstool. That's all it takes; one thing out of whack. Not to worry; there is conclusion to all of this.” 

Here’s ZAP…

Hi All,

Feels like christmas. no snow yet, but the purple pigs are queuing up to help some reindeer carry the extra load this year. It is going to be rather large.

So what’s up with the Dinar? The new symbol is on-screen, and the double-digit figure is there now. when will it happen? Don’t know, but it is so close, it is almost palpable. the three that are in charge of Wells Fargo are ready daily to swipe and get the show underway. The IMF and others are poised. The governments have held their secret and not-so-secret meetings and have agreed.

It seems the only reason why the USA held out was because of bickering over who would get the glory for the turnaround. Sad. Ego rules. Forget greed now as they got their pieces of the pie.

A couple of things on the prosperity programs: we all know that it has been a very long time in the platforms, and they trade at least four days out of the week. when you figure that they can compound…well…the figures are rather large. What would happen if the programs released these funds? Well, there would be an awful lot of new millionaires around. Then the lottery mentality thing I warned about would have to be taken very seriously so that people can use their funds without getting deeper into some hole, of course.

Right now, there is an effort by the traders in charge of the programs to sit with the elders and governments and petition them to get the releases done for these programs, and get the money out.

Another item of note is that the individual in charge of the global gold settlements arrived in Washington. He stated he is not leaving until his job is done.

This is very good. So, we have the historical asset payments now, RV any time, the global settlements any time, the prosperity programs any time, and the release of the pigs any time. Not bad. But when is any time? It could be any time. (lol…sorry, it was there.)

But, quite seriously, it will be any time now. Obama has asked for a freeze until January. Why? beyond me. Sounds like more time to do something stupid to create the circumstance for nasty things as the cabal has run out of time now with the inevitable to come now any time. I think he has to ask as his handlers keep telling him to do one thing, and his conscience tells him another. But, like the Wells Fargo head guy who lost his job but kept his life, Obama has to do it or suffer the consequences. [which are?] Sad when this kind of thing can happen, but do not forget, he is the president of the corporation. [we told you so!] A president can be fired by the CEO or the board. He likes his job. Wonder who the CEO is?….can’t be Cheney. He does the ghost thing on the net, and the inter-office phone is no longer available to him. Bush? Hmmmm. Who cares. The corporation is bankrupt and will be replaced by the original sovereign institution, anyways, according to the US Armed Forces source.

There is to be a meeting of the elders just before the end of this month. When that happens, expect all of the major changes to come forward shortly after. This is the big one, with all the governments meeting with them and getting their marching orders. The councils together with upstairs have set thing in motion now for the next phase of what is to come, and the peace and prosperity we are all about to enjoy.

There is a response to what I said about the chemtrails this week.

Q: Just letting you know: In last week's newsletter, you included a response to my question about the possible 'fear porn' information that was going around, saying the bad guys had put nano devices into the food chain beginning in 1995 and that by now 87% of us were estimated to be 'infected' by these. The info was saying the devices could be switched on by a specific frequency and that the 'host' would then experience flu-like symptoms and likely die in 10 to 12 days.

Your response in the newsletter sounded like you were saying, "Yes, it's real," though your words were not that specific and could have been interpreted in a few ways.

This past week we've seen at least one Internet person, possibly more, take the position that the information was a deliberate hoax from the start. Here are two Rumor Mill News posts about this:

If true, it sounds like the originator of the information had as his purpose simply to show how easily the 'Truthers' can be fooled and to take self-righteous glee in so doing.

A: Truth is truth. In California, some enterprising fellows flew behind a chemtrail jet and picked off samples. They landed and also scraped the goo off their plane. They took it in for testing. the lab found man-made nano constructs in the goo. The same nano devices found in people with morgellons disease. You can find pictures and links to most of it here:

So, who is this self-made idiot that is telling us this is a hoax? Is he wearing a badge? Does he have a home-made certificate hanging on his wall, or store bought?

This is far more interesting as it explains the cycles of the sun and what we are in for very shortly.

Since food will be scarce, the guns and knives will come out when people are hungry. It is only the reconstruction projects we are undertaking that will make the difference between starvation and chaos, and food and peace. That is my opinion.

So, on the subject of projects, we are working furiously to get all in place before the end of this month so we can begin the fundings of the submissions, and begin making a difference. Remember, it is not about the money (only a tool) but about people and this blue ball of ours. We are the only ones that are responsible for making this difference and, collectively, we can do it.

It will be a fascinating week to come as it may crack wide open here now any time (remember any time?).

So god bless, Be well, and we will have excellent news next week.

In love and light in our service 

“God is; I am; We are” 
“Be good, Be legal, Tell truth” 

Consultations available upon request. Email to set up an appointment.

Love and Kisses,

Susan and Staff 
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