Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ben Fulford Interviews Karen Hudes

This video was pulled....will find a replacement when it can be found... -Bill

Late update: KP has these audio files of the interview...

This is a very interesting interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes... especially her views on Keenan, the Dragon Families (she calls them "the Chinese cabal") and our tax dollars going to the Vatican...


  1. This video has been removed by the user!!!??? Really?!
    Could you please reupload it I would love to watch it!
    Thank you very much!

  2. Video says; "This video has been removed by the user".

  3. The audio links work and after listening to them I got one overall opinion and that is; Karen Hudes believes she knows best and is right, at what's going on better than pretty much anyone who interviewers her. Her verbal thoughts are disjointed at best, she sounds shrill at times and this cannot be helpful. The least she could do is offer evidence to back what she's saying when she tells other people they're wrong.

  4. The more I listen to Karen Hudes, the less truth I find.

  5. Did you read/listen to Neil Keenan's calling Hudes out on this interview and others? Very interesting.
    I don't like the fact that Hudes insists on talking over people, browbeating them... I don't like that.
    She is a newcomer to the whole liberty movement thing. She may have credentials, but something isn't passing the smell test.

  6. We need to start dumping Black Mica into the pacific ocean by the tons everyday for the next 20 years or so... what about the radiation that is due to hit the west coast in full force by 2014?


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