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Faith's vision

AK Note: What follows in Faith 's vision.  Consider it for what it is, data.  Use your own higher discernment. In some ways the vision corresponds to what Sheldan and others have described at the time of the planetary ascension of Earth. I can't say this is what will happen. We will find out.  I don't know the reason or context for the Templars and Dragons within this vision, but I do know the financial system is full of Templars and Dragons, so I present it as Faith wrote it.  I am not promoting Freemasonry or any other Templar faction and neither is Faith.  I have slightly edited the sentences for ease of reading in American English (my largest audience). Faith's native language is Norwegian. 

My vision!

by Faith

Its Monday, the 16th of December 2013. Its just past midnight and I have this urge to write down the vision that came to me in 2006. My friends listened to my vision for many years. People I have met on small alternative venues listened to me. They surprised me in the same loving way, they didn't judge me. They believed me! Thank YOU!

Now, after an autumn of emotional release, more and more people have encouraged me to write down the vision and share it with the world (or at least the part of the world that wish to read it). I finally got the strength and the courage to write it down.

It was a very normal day in my life as a mother of two living in a regular sized apartment.  I had given birth to my second child, a son, in the spring the year prior. I already had a 4 year old daughter.

It was the autumn of 2006, and I had been doing my regular 3D routine. I sat down on the couch to relax. My puppy Charlie curled up close to me, resting peacefully. I had a perfect little family, a beautiful good man.  Everything in our little perfect 3D life was going very smoothly.

I sat on the couch to relax when I felt my body become very heavy. It was like I was nailed to the couch. My head started leaning backwords and my eyes closed.

My vision (received in 2006):

"Listen to us, we are coming to you with a message. When the one people stand up (In Norwegian "det ene folket") you shall be ready!"

I  was taken on a visual journey, like in a movie to a different place than I was living in at the moment. I quickly understand its a place where I live in the future. The place I  arrived at was a house, or more specific a row of houses (like town houses or row houses). At the time I received the vision I was living in a 3rd floor apartment. We had no plans of moving. I saw our family, our daughter and son and they both were older. They seemed to be around 11 and 8 years old. We had two dogs, Charlie and another one of the same breed but smaller than Charlie. And we also had a hamster.  Just wait dear reader, you will understand why I provide all these minute details!

My thought of the growing of the family in the vision is: I hate the thought of animals in cages, so the fact that we had a hamster didn’t make sense to me. Another dog? Honestly I really felt its one is enough, and the thought of having more was not present at the time.

Further into the vision:

In the vision I see short vignettes, to set the place and time for what follows.  I suddenly find myself in darkness together with my family. I am watching the whole scene outside of my physical body.  I am actually watching myself.

We are sleeping, and when we wake up, the whole world is changed.

We are standing outside of what once was a house. Everything is gone. There is no more houses, no cars, no lampposts, no dog chains and no mail boxes. All earthly goods have crumbled away. We only have what we are wearing. I am see a birds eye view like I am hanging in the air and see an image of the whole world.  Its sand and flat desert as far as the eye can see.

People everywhere are standing puzzled, looking around. There is no more earthly goods anywhere! At chosen places all over the earth, I can see large white domes standing on the ground. They have no windows and no doors.  They are shining so white you can almost see yourself, like a mirror. But there are no mirrors. At one spot by every single dome there are two towering beings. They are standing there like ’guards’ by something that intuitively feels like a door, a gate to the inner of the dome. Without it actually being a visible door/gate.

The beings are shining white, without any visible face contours.

They are slim, tall, about 5-6 meters (16-19 feet) and are wearing long capes. The capes are made with pure, strong, clear colors.

I can see more beings out there, they are walking around on earth collecting groups of people. All of them look the same, and they are all wearing capes. The capes are either clear green, violet or blue, many different colors, they are beaming strong and clear. The beings are beaming love. They don’t walk on the ground, they are floating when they are coming towards people.

After seeing this image,  I am thinking, what about all the people living in skyscrapers? How did they survive? How did this happen? And again, like an answer to my thoughts. I see a movie showing me how everything in the world, that is not of the highest, purest, light of love, becoming crumbled away while the people are sleeping. The ones in the highest skyscrapers are being lifted carefully down to the ground by an invisible force.

Emma's commentary: When I now look back at my questions, I have to laugh a bit. But again, its my nature to think of humans safety. So no matter how silly it sounds, it was a natural thought for me there and then.

The vision further:

I return, back to the sandy earth, and in front of me I see a beautiful white Dome. Its the size of a medium/large city here in Norway. Like a town with about 200,000 citizens.

There is a being coming towards me, and its sending thoughts into my head. The being want us to follow it. I don't know if its a he or a she, the only thing I feel is this intense love, an assurance and pureness. I see my family walk towards the Dome, and the two ’door guards’. There are more people in our group, and everyone is following voluntary. Its obvious that everyone is puzzled, but there is no fear to be seen or sensed in anyone.

When we come up to the Dome, without a sound, an entrance opens up between the ’guards’. The tall being is welcoming us and ask us to follow. The moment I am on my way into the Dome, I am lightly touched on my shoulder. I turn around and in the air I spot several luminous beings with wings watching me. One of them is saying with the thoughts, like telepathy, that I am not going into the Dome. ”You are now going home. Your task is now over”.

I feel no sorrow and no fear. Further on they are saying I can travel down to earth whenever I want to see my family. I don’t need to worry about my family, because they will always be there when I feel like seeing them. The weird thing is that I am very family oriented and very close to my family, yet felt no sorrow of leaving them.  Deep down I knew I would see them again. My family with the two dogs and the hamster, was entering the Dome and I felt only peace and calmness.

Again I am taken into a sort of overview vision. I get to be the "fly on the wall" at the time my family is entering the Dome. And remember, at the time I of this vision, my kids were about 8 years younger and we had only one dog and no hamster.

When they enter the Dome, everything in there is quiet and peaceful. Its a frequency of harmony. Everything is white, even more pure than white. Its like all the white is alive, but at the same time not. In all the white a sort of reception desk is forming. Not like we know from hotels. But a dynamically shaped reception, with round shapes. Behind it there is a being, and the being is giving information to the group.

The information involves what they are going through and where they are going. First they are going inside a room behind the reception. Its called a calibration room. All the people will be recalibrated there. Everyone is going in there.  The people will de-program for false ways of thinking, and everything of the old paradigm will be cleansed out. When they come out of there they are wearing white beautiful clothes, looking like tunics and pants.

Further on they are led up a stair, well actually; its again shaped dynamically, a white stair case with round shapes, out of nothing. The stair case is leading up to a classroom. Here everyone is trained in new technology, new ways of seeing the world, everything necessary to know about a new world is taught here.

Everything from soil, animal life, telepathy and energy work. Its infinite amounts of information being taught. And everything happens in different rooms. To me it felt more like this is the place everyone finally remember what they already know, in the deepness of their soul and heart.

When this process of learning or remembering is over (how long it took, I am not sure of), they are all lead to the opposite side of the entrance of the Dome.

A door of the Dome on the opposite side, opens up, and the group including my family enters the new earth. I am getting a small glimpse of it, and what is shown to me exceeds my greatest dreams and fantasies. Words can not describe it, but I will do my best.

First of all, the colors beaming towards me, they are incredibly strong and clear. It cannot compare to anything I have ever seen before. Its a pureness and clearness I have never seen in this lifetime before. The air, its so quiet, so soft. Its like its whispering loving words far into my soul, like its carrying the force of life itself. The beams from the sun fills up everyone entering. I see the bodies of the group, they are young, flawless, healthy, energetic, happy, loving, and their skin is like etheric vibrating floating energy. With ever-changing form. The nature, its alive, it speaks, it breathes, its moving. It beams love and vitality.

Animals are running around, beaming happily. They are us, and we are them. At the same time we and they are not. The whole thing is very big to take in.

Again I am getting an over all image, and I see white houses. They have dynamic shapes, they have windows, but no glass. They have doors, but no closed doors. Its a technology, its like a biological mass. Ever changing, connected to our thoughts. The technology is to me indescribable. These are not medieval times we are entering. Its a world beyond all imaginable thoughts. We can move over long distances in milliseconds. We can transform into anything we like. We are living frequencies, energy, and we live of energy. Its like we are solar cells and the sun is feeding our bodies.

Suddenly I am pulled back, out of the Dome, taken on a totally new journey. Which will stay mine for now.

A few years later, I get more visions. You are only getting the short versions here. And that is because some of you will read this, and suddenly understand and wake up to a knowledge deep inside of you. I am only conveying this message and am writing it with a smile, don’t shoot the messenger:

I stood in a larger gathering about 5 years ago proclaiming that in 2013 Norway will have a female prime minister (which we got this fall).

I got the message that "The red dragon will enter with its feminine power". The message didn’t have anything to do with our prime minister, but its a way they showed me the time perspective.

In a later vision I saw myself go in front of an army of Knights Templars, they wore Knights Templars uniforms, the white linen shirts and the red cross on their chest. They sat down with one knee on the ground holding a spear in front and a shield, they were bowing respectfully to me. I got the message that the "golden dragons would come with the feminine power".

A few years later (2012) I had a new vision:

Troops of Knights Templars came down from the sky, they wore golden arms, and were riding on white horses. Carrying the message. "The time has come, get ready."

I am not expecting you to believe me, and I don’t expect this to happen. I hope though. I am not saying this is the only truth, or the truth. I am only sharing what I’ve seen, the day about 8 years ago. Humbly I am sharing with you what is shown to me. Why me? Why this? I cannot give you the answer. I am living a regular life, just trying to float along being a good human. Me, like others also have times with doubt and fear. But I also have times filled with such joy, faith and knowledge, that it feels like my physical body is about to burst from this power.

I am pretty normal, but also pretty abnormal. I am just me, the best and worst version of me. And today I have two children, 11(soon 12) and 8 years old, a hamster, two dogs and a beautiful husband, that I never dared to tell this. Because he is not like me, a person who believes in things that cannot be touched. And thats that. I love him and respect his point of view, and at times I love so much it hurts. And thats that. What are you supposed to do, apart from being yourself fully?

A year ago, when a friend introduced me to The One People, something activated in me again, and the past year has been an inner and outer journey, that I for now I choose to keep to myself.

All I know is that the journey mankind has been through has been a game, played by the most pure and beautiful souls. We all chose a part, some consciously chose the so called dark role. They knowingly entered with full knowledge and no compassion. Deep down, they are a soul of the most beautiful, pure, high love light, even the ones that chose the dark role. And we, the ones who chose the roles that spun out with amnesia, we were to wake up and see how large and beautiful our souls are, that again and again, life after life, chose to forgive. All will join at the end. For the dark roles, were are also played by those who had played the light roles. And therefore, everyone will join in the new that is coming. The separation is only a illusion in yourself.

Its a lot of talk of transparency these days. And one of my messages is that the transparency is about something deeper than the one you share with others. The transparency is the one you share with yourself.  Entering ones most secret hallways, into the deepest vault of one’s own chamber, in one’s physical body, one’s brain, one’s mind and heart, and be completely transparent with themselves, is the key to the largest of all heart openers. And it will set you free, free in a way few people through history has known. I can confirm its true. Because all my life I have been looking for freedom. An inner freedom, and I have looked for it outside of myself.  And it was not to be found there.

I started with transparency with others, and it caused me more trouble than I was prepared for. It was so that I had to be accountable for so many misunderstandings, so much jealousy, so much ego, so much crap, so many human feelings of illusions. And yeah, I am talking about myself, and others.

So much activation and calibration needed within me and others. Then, I understood: what about yourself, what about the transparency within yourself? So I started my inner journey, and it kept going inwards. And storms of emotions came pouring through. It was laughter and tears. And finally I saw it, its the inner transparency that will set me free. Because one that is totally transparent with themselves, will also be with others. I started to rip the illusions in myself apart! What a joyful and painful ride.

This is what I’ve experienced, take it for what it is. Don’t ask me to analyze or understand. It is what it is.

We are many waiting for is something big, an Event. We are waiting for someone to save us. We are waiting for someone up there, or down there, under us. But what if the ones we are waiting for are in ourselves? What if the beings I saw, is the reflection of ourselves? I am not making any claims, I am just wondering. Because with the contact I have today, the inner immense source of wisdom and knowledge, its clear to me it is inside ourselves where we will find the answers. And I will leave to YOU to find your answers, because you are your own creator and your own value, and you are strongly aware of it! And as I told my dad when I was a little girl, ”Father, we are our own guardians!”

The strongest faith is not the one others give you, but the one you find inside yourself. Take back your power!

In the highest, purest, light of love, I AM, that, I AM, and in these times I am walking as Faith on this earth.

May you find the power in love and wisdom by yourself.

17.12.2013 ”The Golden Dragons with the feminine power of IS-NESS is arriving”. This came today - had to share it. 

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