Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fire and Ice

As the days carry on into weeks, months and years you become weary and increasingly so.  You have remained ever hopeful for change, for love, for rejuvenation, for absolute peace and a place where all truth is recognized as such, lived and understood.  That is not the place you have now.  Now, what you have is contrast.

Those you know and love are choosing, as are you.  You are right now, today, on the threshold of new, of change, of another way.  There has to be more than what you see everyday and even than what you feel.  This is not a falsehood.  Light is only visible in the dark.  Absolute blackness shows only the light – frames it so it is clearly seen. Both are necessary for a complete picture.

Everything has come to now – it has to – how else can you look at it, deal with it, unless you are able to see it?  What has become clear is YOU.  Not a shrinking violet; not delusional, mistaken or in need of repair – but you in fullness.

What do you think it’ll take to move from this slave mentality to one of sovereignty?  It will take a cutting off of dependence on separation, on division. What comes into your life now – today – in this moment – is set there with a single purpose: to aid in the fulfillment of this next phase of your journey.  This may not be nice or comfortable, comforting or even healing – yet it will always be stimulating. 

Today – action is inspired.  This action will lead to further forward movement.  As you sense the direction it is upon you to choose again.

Your purpose is life, plain and simple.  You are here to experience life in whatever way it occurs for you.  Until now, (and even still now), there have been limiting and confining systems at play.  They have structured your response and defined all possible actions.  This was by agreement and design.  The exposure of these programs brings up conflict and dilemmas of judgment and unconditional acceptance for the beings running them.

There is nothing you can do about another being’s choice.  All that you have at your disposal is your own discernment and action.  You do not know the truth of another’s motivation or goal, try as you might.  What you do know is how their choice affects you.  If you perceive it as intrusive or harmful even, then you may be called to act.  Speak your truth without judgment.

At this stage of your evolution, the question of love comes up.  It has been “blissed out” in this culture and tied to an assortment of actions that have little connection to love.

Love is the basis of life.  It rests at your very core.  You are love. Yet what does that mean? It means that the loneliest one, without home or family, knows love; as does the banker, the policeman, the president and the pope.  It is the unifying thought – the One thought – and is universally understood.

There is love – which is what you are.
There is light – which is love’s eternal expression.
There is your body – which is love’s current costume.
There is this planet – which is love’s current stage.
There is thought (what you think) – which is love’s current director.
There is the word (what you say) – which is love’s current producer.
There is action (what you do) – which is love’s current performer.
There is emotion (what you feel) – which is love’s current audience.

With each action and resulting emotion, thoughts are generated, which lead to words, more actions and new feelings.  None of these are love.  They do not mean love, signify love, or look like love.  They are merely thoughts, words and deeds.  They are all chosen by love – to experience itself in physical form.  They cannot be right or wrong or hateful or hurtful until interpreted by the audience (emotion). 

Each interpretation leads to a modification, some new thoughts (directing), more words (producing) and further action (by the performer/entertainer) for the audience (emotion). The circle is complete – it was started and ended by love.

When you watch a production, play a game or view a sporting event, are you sometimes ripped apart?  Shouting, crying, laughing, angry, joyful and overwhelmed?  When its over, do you then hate the players or actors and deem them evil in every part of their lives?  Well, maybe for a moment, yet the next week or game or show will probably find you right back at it – rooting for them.

Do that in your life.  When it rips you apart and brings up all sorts of powerful emotion, realize you’ve just taken part in a captivating show.  Choose now if you want to see it again, without giving it a name or judging those involved.  Watch what happens.

With the limits off of your definition of love, you are free to feel it everywhere.  Freedom is the ability to do what you want without restriction.  Engage, without judgment, to keep life interesting and exciting. Both fire and ice are beautiful and extreme; they stand as necessary expressions here to be fully experienced.

Love is not what you do or say or think.  Love is what you are.  Love is not one person.  Love is all of us.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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