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Heavenletter #4771
Oneness Will Sing Its Song and Do Its Dance,
December 17, 2013

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This one jumped out at me. Heather was walking on the beach the other night doing some meditation and a dolphin jumped out of the water and landed in front of her.  She got in the surf and pulled it back into the water "this will not do she told it..." as it would have died if it stayed on shore.  We've been puzzling over the symbolism of it all since... and here comes this curious post.... -Bill

Heavenletter #4771 Oneness Will Sing Its Song and Do Its Dance, December 17, 2013

God said:

You are My seed that has sprouted. You are not full-grown yet. Did you really think you were?

Sometimes you have the feeling that you have learned all you can learn. Beloveds, you are a beginner! You may be a champion, yet you are still a beginner.

It is good to be starting out. It means you are on the forefront. It means you are in the midst of life in the world. You haven’t reached the mountain peak yet.

I will tell you something else. Learning is Infinite and Eternal. There is always more to learn and more to grow. The human heart continues to grow and to bear fruit. What is the fruit you bear? To give love, of course, and more love. There is always more love to give. Even though you are Love Entire, and there is no more love you can be, for, in Truth, you are all love, there is, nevertheless, more love that can flow from you, must flow from you, must be heralded from you, poured from you the way rain waters the Earthen soil. So must there be a growing output of love from you. In fact, your love is to shine like the sun.

Beloveds, you are going to swim in love. You will cover the Universe with love. You will never stint on love again. You will never see love again as a commodity that you must use sparingly. No, not at all. From now on, you will flood the Earth with love. Love will break all bounds. Love will leap like fish, like dolphins, like whales. Love will wash the world. The whole world and everyone in it will splash in love. Love will be known. Love will cover the Earth. The whole world will gleam in love.

I, God, will recline. I will be ever-present as always, and yet I will recline. I won’t retire. I will always be God, yet I will be able to observe what I have made and know and know again what I made and know it is good for all time. I won’t take a vacation because what could I desire to take a vacation from anyway? Certainly not from the love in My heart. Certainly not from My love for you and the Universe and all that I have created. Where would I want to go? As always, I want to be with you. Only now We will dance in love. You will know love as I do love. You will be caught up in love. Trouble will be forgotten. It will no longer be fantasized. You will live out your dreams, and they will be Mine. As always, My Will shall be done. You will wear the stars like buttons. You will sing like the spheres. You will know your address in Heaven. You will no longer imagine that you have ever been anywhere else.

If there are long-kept secrets to Heaven, you will know them. There will be no secrets. You will abide in Heaven and take everyone with you.

The long past will disappear. Infinity and Eternity will be in your pocket, or you in theirs. Time and lapses will be forgotten. Truth alone will be known. Oneness will sings its song and do its dance. What can be unknown during Our opened-up love, Our love poured forth like music? Under such loveliness, what unloveliness can be imagined, let alone seen or even possible?

The whole world will be laughter and smiles. Frowns will not be conceived of.

Love will be a continuous celebration. Life will be celebration. Love will be the Light of the World, and it will be on Earth as it is in Heaven. Good! My Will be done.

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