Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NanoShip Anonymous Shipping Platform powered by Bitcoin

Note: Our data indicates Bitcoin is currently under the control of the US Treasury. -Bill

NanoShip Anonymous Shipping Platform powered by Bitcoin


NanoShip supplies a shipping system that matches the freedom and global nature of the Bitcoin economy.

NanoShip would function similarly to a social network or shopping service, where people can join using anonymous email such as Bitmessage.ch or with Bitmessage itself. They could choose to be a courier, someone who will just use the service to send packages or both.

Couriers would set the prices they would charge to deliver a package a certain distance, based on their costs, which would be displayed on their page along with their courier rating. The rating would let potential shippers get an idea of the reliability of the courier and they would have the ability to communicate to discuss the details.

The addresses are based on GPS technology, and the users choose a point that represents their "address". That point can be anywhere on Earth, or can correlate with their physical address. This system offers greater anonymity and flexibility over addresses based on streets.

The GPS coordinates are encrypted into a hash, which serves as their physical "address". There would be software within NanoShip that combines that with GPS navigation data to guide the couriers to their destinations, while not transmitting raw GPS data.

If shipping a package, the customer would browse the couriers and although they do not know the exact physical addresses, knowing the general locations of the chosen addresses of the potential couriers would allow the customer to choose a course for the delivery of their package.

When the couriers are chosen and the price is agreed upon, the customer would pay for the shipping and generate a QR code label with the software to be placed on the package. The Bitcoins go into a type of decentralized escrow, and the first courier meets the customer at the customer's chosen GPS-based NanoShip address.

The customer would scan the QR code of the package with their mobile or other device, putting that package into the network, the courier would then scan the package to signify taking responsibility of the shipment.

The customer does not know the courier's real name, but has seen the courier's face. This face to face contact reduces anonymity, but also reduces risk in the system.

The courier would then be able to follow GPS navigation in the mobile version of NanoShip to the next node or destination. When the next destination is reached and the package is passed to the next courier or if it's the end destination, the recipient, would then scan the QR code on the package, confirming delivery and releasing the agreed upon fee for the delivery from the escrow account immediately to the courier's Bitcoin wallet.

Crossing strict borders could be difficult, but could also command a higher price for the service.

The NanoShip shipping software would be placed on de-centralized nodes to syndicate the service, making it easier to reach on the Internet and for redundancy to make interruption of service more difficult.

Most of the money paid for the shipping service will go to the people shipping the packages, and the operators coordinating the service will receive a smaller fee. NanoShip would create opportunities for people to earn income from shipping packages, income for people hosting nodes and for people to earn income in operations.

The funding received here will go for acquiring operations space, paying people to write the code for the software and develop the service, for acquiring a number of adequate servers, operations costs, advertising and marketing.

- See more at: https://bitcoinstarter.com/projects/327#sthash.oI0DJZEG.dpuf

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