Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Most Misnamed OS From APPLE

By American Kabuki
December 31, 2013

I don't do many software reviews on this blog, not because I can't, I'm actually very qualified to do just that, but that's not the general topic of this blog.  My late best friend Rodney O. Lain once ran a the "iBrotha" Mac blog from St. Paul Minneapolis.  This was before anyone was blogging anything. It was actually Rodney who made me realize that writing articles on the web could have an impact on the world. Rodney's choice of impact, was to evangelize for Mac.  See Rodney once had religion, actually wanted to be a preacher but then realized he was way too honest to be a preacher because if he taught what he knew to be the truth, no church would have him! Simply no money in love and freedom. If you know what I  mean brotha.   Rodney found release for those preacher skills spreading the gospel from Cupertino. And this product was not just good, great.  Sexy even.

Then one day Rodney bought an iPod.  He took it home.  Thought it was good but not great. And well not sexy. Kind of Microsofty.  He wrote an article ""iPod. iYawn": Vacillating Reaction To The "Breakthrough Digital Device"" which just hit the web like gang busters.  It really bothered the folks back in Cupertino marketing.  Rodney got little mystery emails from someone wondering what it was exactly he thought was wrong with the product.  This went back and for a few days and Rodney says "man, come clean with me, you work for Apple don't you!" The Man admitted he was indeed a marketing executive for Apple and they just wanted to get the product right because they thought it would be huge in their future on the internet.  The point here is Apple wanted to get the product right.

When Rodney passed away in 2002, there were 500 guests at his funeral. There was a call put out to anyone who would like say an eulogy to Rodney O. Lain.  The Apple marketing executive got up and told how Rodney improved the iPod and made it a better product with his criticism.   That really got to me.  Nobody knew he flew out from California to be at that funeral.  He didn't have to do that.  But value was returned for value given, and that is what this blog is about and what we have been trying to show for the last year that people are the value. And our banking system needs to transparently reflect that, not hide it (they do recognize and admit its true)

So in that spirit, I have a beef with you Apple Computer... you did name this release after a cow......you should have called this OSX Porky. Yeah I know its also a surfing place near Half Moon Bay... but does anyone outside surfers in California know that?  And  all the others were animals right... You can take a joke right?

OSX Mountain Lion was flawless.  OSX Mavericks is slow, buggy, and the most single used utility, Finder, is not working right after two updates. Its cost me real time on my blog, causes problems with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, doesn't run Microsoft Silverlight correctly (Mountain Lion does) and its slowing down some debugging work I am doing for a product to run on your OS!  Its not nice to piss off developers!  Especially ones good at blogging.   I even ordered a new downloadable version of OSX Mountain Lion to install a clean boot with.  That was on 26th of December, I still don't have the download.   It should have been on the restore partition that came with the iMac but, well, Mavericks wiped it out...  I am at wits end with this OSX Mavericks!  I can't be the only one! You guys need to fix this and fix it fast. Start with Finder.

Now I think Steve Jobs was a stand up guy.  I know he was.  I trust Tim Cook to do the right thing. He's not as flashy but Apple is a lot bigger company these days too. Steve picked him for a reason. I do not believe Jobs was the type to pull a Bill Gates and install a Balmer to make his legacy look better.  And look what that did to Microsoft, OMG!    I don't know whoever it was that that QA'ed your OSX in Mountain Lion, but you need to get them back!  Buy him a Beamer or something... please!

I converted from Microsoft last December, I don't want to go back to that hell hole.  Please don't make go there... they might give me vaccines with mercury in them... or send me to Africa to be bait for mosquitos...oh wait...I am in Africa...too late!

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