Wednesday, December 25, 2013

UPDATED: Your house was paid for when you signed the note.

We said this a year ago but its good to see the information is getting more mainstream... I learned something new that I didn't know before. In the USA car titles are owned by the World Bank, which they monetize, and even when you request your title after you pay off a loan it says on the back "this is not a car title".  Another one of those little monetizations done without transparency with your value...    -Bill

Updated 1/1/2014: I deleted the comment about Moroccan titles and monetization.  I had the facts wrong.  -Bill

Your house was paid for when you signed the note.
Submitted by The South on Fri, 10/15/2010 - 18:38

Does anyone remember HJR-192? It is against public policy to pay off any debt. All debt must be discharged.

When you signed the promissory note and gave it to the bank, you "discharged the debt". The house is paid for, in full.

End of story.

Go to this site and at the upper top left side of the page next to the banker cartoon, click on the links directly to the right of it.

Start with "Read Here First" and go down the line.

Not only did you pay off the note (discharge it), you gave them access to your Treasury Direct Account and they filed paperwork stating the account was abandoned and took control of it. They paid of the seller with "your money", took the rest of the cash from your account; sold the note again, and conned you into believing you needed to spend the next 30 years paying back a loan that "YOU ACTUALLY GAVE THEM"! and you signed over the deed. The bank had absolutely no skin in the game and you gave them everything.

Your house is paid for, read Dave's docs above.

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