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OPPT: The Gift of Shift

OPPT: The Gift of Shift
By Deva

Today I spent the entire day intending to write. Intending, until this moment, was the best I could do. You see, it’s quite a challenge to write when one is experiencing….I dare say….Cosmic Oneness. Also referred to as bliss, ananda, samadhi, whatever it is to be called, is really of no consequence. Ultimately labels don’t do it a snippet of justice. It all boils down to the classic challenge of trying to put a handle on something that is ephemeral, transcendent, infinite. No can do.

“‘Where did this experience originate?” you might ask. I wondered the same thing. As the energy began to build a couple of days ago, humming right along (and up) the spine throughout yesterday, then WHAM! Along came a current of flow that knocked me into a grinning, ecstatic zone oft-times reserved for illumined mystics or “crazy” peeps. But here it was, integrating amidst my joyful duties here at Free At Last (FAL).

I DID notice a couple of the triggers that found the container brimming….beyond. Firstly, I can’t help but FEEL the frequency quotient that has been sweeping through this gathering like a spring tornado in Texas. It ‘s been ebbing and flowing, each time to a higher jetstream than its previous sojourn. Being intimately connected with ALL through my admin duties, this energy, of late, is feeling palpable, powerful, seemingly invincible. The current has been growing and expanding, like that field of tornadoes now synchronized with a nearby outburst…conjoining, harmonizing, and outwardly exploding in a volley of awesomeness.

The second item of catapult has been connecting with some of YOU, as individual mega-generators of Infinite Love and Light. We have been working on a project intended to support and inspire through telling our stories of exactly THIS, the Grand Shift in consciousness, underway NOW. I’ve set intention to, connected with, and communed with a few who are, apparently, consciously or not, heading up the V-formation, allowing us fortunate ones to draft within their lofty flight trajectories. And some…I guarantee, could stop a tornado in its tracks. I was hit with such a wallop yesterday. Never even saw it coming. But felt it, OH YES. FEEL it…I still DO.

While meditating upon OUR individual and collective energy transmission…(I really was quite sidelined as to 3D activities), I’ve been pondering how PRECIOUS this group is, the high quality of energy shared, and the sacred communion that is quite recognizably raising us ALL up together. What WAS the common factor that brought us together? It all began with OPPT.

Out of the nooks and crannies of consciousness we came: a small group at first, but immediately burgeoning. WE simply KNEW that there was something…important…going on. Like a group of canny dogs, WE were the Ones who heard the call of the Infinite, the mother-of-all whistles….back home to Oneness. And conjoining in our intention, the energy signature also expanded until WE began to rise up, journeying to new vistas that we perhaps have never graced before.

THIS promises to BE the MOST revered experience that I could ever have asked for. Many times it has brought me to tears. In short, hanging with ALL of US has BEcome the biggest gift EVER. To watch, and experience the love and connection that we all share transcends life as I have known it. Now new Life has presented, in all of its ascended glory and joy.

From the depth of my heart I wish to thank every member and contributor to FAL, Heather and the OPPT trustees, and our burgeoning community of rapid-fire tornadoes of BEing and DOing, with a little prayer….

As WE embrace this Gift of Shift, THROUGH all of us, may WE so welcome into our midst our Higher Up relatives, who are waiting patiently in the wings to meet and greet us. As WE so expand in our perceptions, and conscious awareness, may the illumined Light of the One Heart beat as One, full-filling each and every eternal heart all the way back to Creator Source. We are God/Goddess, We are Sovereign, We are…FREE AT LAST….
And SO it IS

How may I thank you ALL for this gift of Shift? Let me count the ways.

Oooppssss….can’t count that high!

Bows of greatness and gratitude to my precious family of Light.

On our way home NOW.

Eternal love and bliss,

Incredible OPPT Art & Video -- Thank You Shawn Foote (Updated)

Incredible OPPT Art -- Thank You Shawn Foote

Since I posted this, I had a chance to take a deeper look at some of Shawn's other work and was blown away by his talent. So, I figured I would share the Love here with everyone. At the bottom is a very powerful YouTube video, which Shawn also created. It offers some musical/visual inspiration that illustrates the emotional and spiritual depth to his fascinating artwork. If you are interested in contacting Shawn, he can be reached via email at  

Here is the email he sent to us:

Thank you so much for the positive excitement regarding my art everyone. It's very special to me coming from the likes of all of you. Art has been a core part of my life for many years and it's helped me grow so much. I am grateful for all your efforts in the OPPT movement. I'm also grateful for your sharing of my art. You are of course welcome to share anything you'd like. If there is anything I can do to help more specifically just let me know... :) When I hear "CVAC" I envision a community art center and cultural venue for sharing ideas, artists work spaces and studios, loaded with all sorts of material, forms of expressions, venues for performances, teaching, and more. It'll be a blast!

Oh and Brian, yes, my brother, Tadd, probably did contact you a while back (we're twins). He does computer animation and is quite the wiz around techy stuff.
Perhaps our creative juices can be of assistance. I know we both are discouraged by the so-called status quo and are eager to help foster more positive vibes around the world. We are spreading the word indeed.

Thank you again everyone for your kind remarks. More to come from the visual side...
Peace and rock on OPPT,


What else is there to say, other than THANK YOU??....It's moments like these that help me to feel so connected to ALL OF YOU. From my Eternal Heart to yours. From the depths of my BE'ing, thank you so much Shawn.
In Absolute Gratitude,
~ Brian

- Shawn Foote

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is On To You,
Massive Telepathic Stock Market Conspiracy

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is On To You, Massive Telepathic Stock Market Conspiracy
Posted: 03/01/2013 3:58 pm EST  |  Updated: 03/02/2013 1:06 pm EST

Dilbert creator Scott Adams, best known for churning out decades of wall-calendar-ready workplace humor and an unusual endorsement of Mitt Romney, is apparently trying on a second career as a stock-market analyst.

I am happy to report that Adams is not much worse than most stock-market analysts. By which I mean his analysis is dangerous lunacy that should be ignored at all costs.

In a blog post entitled "Here Come The Market Manipulators," Adams unpacks a theory that the entire stock market is being manipulated by a few wealthy, mysterious operators. And he warns that these manipulators, having driven the Dow Jones Industrial Average nearly back to its all-time high, are just about to pull the plug:

My prediction is that there will be a correction of 20% or more sometime in 2013. That will be followed by a jerky climb for the next several months back to wherever the stock was before the fall.

Well, hey, that doesn't sound so bad. That's not any crazier than what some other analysts have warned recently, in light of a possibly over-inflated stock market. What is Adams's bear-market thesis? Too much austerity? European debt crisis flaring up again? Federal Reserve raising interest rates? Actually:

My prediction is based on the observation that the stock market appears to move as if it is manipulated by a network of big players. They lure in the excitable small investors by allowing the market to show a year or two of solid gains then they sell their shares, spook the world with predictions of doom, and buy back into the market at the lower prices.

As near as Adams can tell, these manipulators have some kind of mind meld that lets them know exactly when to buy and sell stocks, en masse. They don't even need those rat-telepathy implants!:

When I say there is manipulation and collusion in the financial markets, it doesn't mean there are actual meetings in which billionaires smoke cigars, drink expensive cognac, and make their evil plans. It might be enough that they are all so aware of each other's moves that they just play follow-the-leader and do so faster than small investors. The sort of market manipulation I'm describing only requires one billionaire leader who is closely watched by the other billionaires. When he sells, they sell, and they all understand why.

Most nefariously, these manipulators have the perfect cover for their manipulation: "The way the big players cover their collusion is by synchronizing their sudden exit from the market with bad financial news," Adams writes.

And to think all this time market-watchers have toiled under the impression that whenever a Lehman Brothers goes belly-up or the economy falls into recession, the stock market sells off because investors are worried about what such developments will do to corporate profits. Instead, it has emerged, these stories are just signals for a secretive cabal of wealthy people to sell all of their stocks at once, and then buy them back again at lower prices.



The original article can be found here:


02/25/2013    Santos deals with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science. This weeks special guests were Rena Iliades and Ann Bressington.

- Victorian Melton Council Corruption
- Oppt Discussion

Ann Bressington (Australian politician) says she has put the OPPT stuff past a retired corporate lawyer in Australia and he confirms the OPPT UCC FILINGS have legs, the question is whether the people will enforce it! (Courtesy Notices and invoices people! NOW).

Also she says in the courts there are two sets of rules going on: the judicial run on UCC and lawyers run on statutes - hence why the people do not find remedy.

Click on the link below to listen to the archived show:

The link again to save you finding the youtube in the posts!
Ann Bressington exposes ageda 21
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