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Arend Lammertink Shares His Views on the OPPT

Arend Lammertink

A reader writes:

Folks, attached below are two comments, submitted in answer to this article, I thought you might find interesting. Arend Lammertink appears to have done some intriguing research, which supports OPPT, given his article, the one he links us to in his comments. I find it interesting to find these intriguing nuggets, filed in answer to negative articles on OPPT. If interested, read on...

The following is a somewhat negative article about the OPPT [he'll come around eventually]:
OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap
by Zen Gardner
March 7th, 2013

Arend Lammertink on 03/08/2013 at 9:04 AM said in response to the above article:

Thanks for sharing your views []. I must say that, at first, I didn’t like the idea of some trustees apparently making bold claims and decisions for me in something called a trust. However, I changed my mind.

I have done quite some research on the legal system, and wrote an article about the essential difference between Common Law and Roman-type civil law, which is the authority under which the legal system operates. The civil law system is organised top-down and thus you have by definition a ruler. The common law system is organised bottom-up and it derives its authority directly from We, The People:

Now, my research shows that under current international Roman-type Civil Law, virtually ALL Kings or Kingdoms – governments or states in modern language – are operated under the authority c.q. sovereignty of the Pope as the mediator between We, The People and God. So, in order to claim the freedom of all people on the planet, you, most of all, have to circumvent the (ultimate) authority of the Pope, which is a mere mediator between us and God. And, ultimately, the supposed authority of the Pope is a self-appointed authority, which is based on a falsification, the Donation of Constantine.

The way I see it, the OPPT, at its very core, invalidated the authority of the Pope and, thus, by extension, of the whole Roman type Civil Law system. It claims that we, as a people, have no one to answer to but ourselves and the creator, and are essentially bound to common law, which is exactly the jurisdiction under which, not only the United States, but also the (former) Dutch Batavian and French Republics have been founded, even though the latter two have been overthrown by the defeat of Napoleon. Interestingly, the legal entity “Batavian Republic” still exists. It has essentially been occupied by a foreign entity, the Kingdom of The Netherlands, which derives its authority from the “holy and undivided trinity”, a.k.a. “the Vatican” and/or “The Pope”.

So, IMHO, the OPPT is essentially a global declaration of independence and a bill of rights. And since the declarations by the above-mentioned republics were legally valid, I see no reason why this one would not be legally valid. Yes, these republics filed their declarations in a different way, basically by publishing it and/or noticing their previous ruler which would be some king, but that does not mean that the way the OPPT published their declaration is invalid.

Now, of course, no one asked for your permission when founding any of the above-mentioned republics. However, none of these take away anything from you, especially regarding your rights. All they do is declare you to be free and answerable only to the creator. What you do with those rights is totally up to you.

In other words, the whole thing is most of all an idea. And the idea is that all people are created equal and free.

And I believe this is going to work, if only because of what Vicor Hugo said, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Arend Lammertink on 03/08/2013 at 2:05 PM said:

“human rights should be protected by the rule of law”

Civil, Roman type law, that is.

“no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.”

to which a person belongs….

So, I BELONG to to a “country or territory”??
“Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.”

rights GRANTED him by the constitution or by law??

Compare this with the Dutch declaration of human rights of 1795, as quoted in my article:

1. All Humans are born with equal Rights and these Natural Rights cannot be taken away from them [i.e., are inalienable].

We are BORN with equal, natural rights. These are not GRANTED by any kind of ruler, be it a constitution, a government or an international body.

THAT is what this (OPPT) is all about. The principle of BEing free instead of having been “granted” our freedom by someone/something that is by definition a ruler; a ruler, which has NO RIGHT to grant us anything which is already ours to begin with. Our BIRTHRIGHTS have been granted to us by our Creator, which indeed is one and the same idea on which the United States has been founded.

And, thus, it is indeed nothing new. All that happened is that this idea has been re-worded and re-claimed within a new document and under a new legal entity (UCC) which did not exist in the 1700′s.

Skype's Been Hijacked in China,
and Microsoft Is O.K. With It

Skype's Been Hijacked in China, and Microsoft Is O.K. With It
By Vernon Silver on March 08, 2013  Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus 8 Comments

Jeffrey Knockel is an unlikely candidate to expose the inner workings of Skype’s role in China’s online surveillance apparatus. The 27-year-old computer-science graduate student at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque doesn’t speak Chinese, let alone follow Chinese politics. “I don’t really keep up with news in China that much,” he says. But he loves solving puzzles. So when a professor pulled Knockel aside after class two years ago and suggested a long-shot project—to figure out how the Chinese version of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Skype secretly monitors users—he hunkered down in his bedroom with his Dell (DELL) laptop and did it.

Since then, Knockel, a bearded, yoga-practicing son of a retired U.S. Air Force officer, has repeatedly beaten the ever-changing encryption that cloaks Skype’s Chinese service. This has allowed him to compile for the first time the thousands of terms—such as “Amnesty International” and “Tiananmen”—that prompt Skype in China to intercept typed messages and send copies to its computer servers in the country. Some messages are blocked altogether. The lists—which are the subject of a presentation Knockel will make on Friday, March 8, at Boston University, as well as a paper he’s writing with researchers from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab—shed light on the monitoring of Internet communications in China. Skype’s videophone-and-texting service there, with nearly 96 million users, is known as TOM-Skype, a joint venture formed in 2005 with majority owner Tom Online, a Chinese wireless Internet company.

Announcing the Launch of the Fix the World Organization Website

Announcing the Launch of the Fix the World Organization Website

Go and check it out here NOW:

The Fix the World (FTW) Organization is a services business that will act as a central hub providing the tools and support for individuals, groups, and organizations to express, develop, fund, implement, and execute their planet-changing ideas through projects, learning, and a network of resources.
FTW will act as a clearinghouse for ideas, organizations, and finances, and will serve as a catalyst in these areas. We will be in a position to introduce various clients to each other based on each one’s intrinsic characteristics, resources and needs. Our mission is to redefine a way of doing global and local business through a consistently evolving structure we call the “New Paradigm Business Model”.


At last we are up and running!  Here’s a list of exciting things you can find on our new website!
NOW Accepting Project Submissions!
Become a Member of the Fix the World Community! (create an account)
Check out other Organizational Partners that have come to Fix the World!
Find great resources and learning material in our Reference Library and Truth Articles Sections!

OPPT Trustee Caleb on Orion Talk Radio 3-6-13…MP3

Caleb on Orion Talk Radio 3-6-13…MP3
Posted on 2013/03/06 by kauilapele

[UPDATE 1329 HST: This is one of the more interesting and enlightening and instructive MP3s from the OPPT to which I have listened.

Some of you may be interested in this show on Orion Talk's Morning Brew (cut very short by "technical" issues). Which gives Caleb's history and involvement with the OPPT.

MP3 (only one; 7 MB, 28 min.) (or use the blue and red player below) (and, hey... NO ADs, Baby!!)

You are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.

You… are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.
March 7, 2013 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We would speak at this time of the changes which are occurring to your earthly home and which are largely being ignored by your media and by your governments.

The information is reaching you, however.  Not all of it, but quite a lot.  You are seeing daily reports of earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, floods, and storms.  It is true that some things were intensified, if not created by human interference.  This is not so much the case now, as those things are quite costly and did not seem to have the effects that were desired.

Still, there are two points that we wish to make this day.  This basic message we would give is not different to what has been given through many other channels before, but we would stress these two points as they have not seemed to reach even those who do report these things to you.

First, the things which are happening are very necessary for Earth herself as she transforms into the beautiful being she will be and creates beautiful life where her children have created death and ugliness.  She is doing these things in ways and in places which are not causing massive loss of life and property.  Life is precious to her.  Your peace of mind and spirit are, as well.  We think you can understand that concrete, steel, and business is not so much valued, but it does tend to exist where you are.

Each of these natural events are releasing pressures which must be released.  If they were to be released in fewer or other places, a great deal of harm would be done.

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