Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Princeton Mind-Matter Interaction Research

GAIA PORTAL: Stations of Light are Established

Stations of Light are Established
by √ČirePort

Stations of Light are established over and around Gaia to enable smoother transitions for humans to Hue-mans, in this period following seasonal change.

Locations of Stations of Light are flexible and move as required. Those called within to steward such will feel the pull... strongly.

We of √ČirePort station are monitoring planetary consciousness levels as Light levels upon and within Gaia increase. The Stations of Light stewardship crews will be called to take appropriate steps to bridge discontinuities as they are noted.

√ČirePort | March 20, 2013 at 19:24  

Eternal Presence - Live with It

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The Potentiality of Love

Strangeness on Scribd

Having some unusual things going on with Scribd. I can't seem to revise uploads, only do new ones.

Also I just loaded up a Bill Brockbader upload in private mode, and somehow got 10 reads before I ever made it public.  Now that is strange.

Invitation From OPPT OC

Please read out loud the last OPPT filing and declaration with us
sometime in the next (24) hours

All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release

Heather Tucci-Jarraf, trustee of OPPT, has reminded us that the more energy we invest into this document and its declarations the quicker the declarations will manifest in our world and lives.

With the Spring Solstice we have arrived at a perfect balanced state of Light & Dark, multi-dimensionally.  Could the timing be more perfect to declare and invest our BEingness and intentions into this document?

I hope you choose to weave your Eternal Hearts with ours and firmly plant the seeds of the One Eternal Heart for the Spring’s of the New Earth we are all co-creating.

The Power is in This Now Moment...and the Power is You...and Unity !

Blissings, Katrina Troolines

Here is the link to the OPPT OC blog for more info:

UCC Filing EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) Test

UCC Filing EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) Test

(Just to clarify, the document being used in this video is the Press Release 1111.1 from the People's Trust 1776 website, NOT the most recent filing. Whichever the document, there is most definitely some incredible energies at play here!)

~ Brian

I tried this with the latest document, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0, with WIFI only.  Nothing conclusive.  It maybe it only works with a device with cellular hardware?  Will try it later on my iphone.  -AK

This is a follow up to this article posted yesterday:

This experiment and YouTube video was shared by Paige in one of the Skype chat rooms today. 

Paige Ilise

Hey Y'all - I did that experiment Heather suggessted - signing the doc "As Eternal Essence Embodied" and measured it before and after with magnetometer - made a video (sorry for the low quality with camera phone), check it out!

OMG you guys WTF is happening!!! My excitement is turning into EUPHORIA! 

A New Reality is About To Be Born

Another BIG thank you to Jorge for this beautiful work of art. ♥

In Absolute Gratitude,

~ Brian

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