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While We Wait -- Geocaching

While We Wait  -- Geocaching

Some of you may already be aware of this global phenomenon called Geocaching. I've known about it for a while but only recently decided to give it a shot. This inspiration was seeded by the need to get outside and away from my computer screen! There's a description of what Geocaching is at the wikipedia link above, but I warn you, it is incredibly addictive! In a nut shell, it's like modern day treasure hunting.

Here is a quick description:

Geocaching involves two separate parties, which are composed either of individuals or groups. One party hides a cache anywhere in the world and records the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates using a portable GPS device. The cache is usually composed of a small plastic container that houses some small items such as toys or coins.

The coordinates and related information regarding the location of the hidden cache are publicized, usually on internet sites such as Geocachers search for these hidden caches using their own portable GPS devices in conjunction with maps and clues. When they finally discover the cache, they may take a few of the items and leave a few different ones for future geocachers.

Geocaching is a popular new hobby and provides yet another reason to explore the world around us. Discovering a hidden cache after a long search is a surprisingly rewarding event. There are thousands of caches all over the world waiting to be discovered by anyone who wants to participate.

Lately I've been giving the concept of "ownership" much thought. I feel like where we're going ownership will cease to exist. Just like energy, it cannot be taken, only borrowed. It's this particular thought which inspired my geocache gift idea for today. The letter below (including a few trinkets) were left behind for the next Geocacher to find. 

Fellow Explorer(s)! –

Leaving this watch behind is my own personal way of sharing with the world, that I’m working on releasing all attachments to any THING or THINGS; items in my life which I previously referred to as “mine”.  I’m starting to learn that all things are only borrowed anyways and in the end we have to give them back, so what better time than NOW is there for me to give this particular borrowed possession back to the Universe (you)?

(Sorry for sideways picture)

I’m coming to the realization that I no longer “need” anything in my life in order for me to feel whole or complete. My completeness comes from an inner KNOW’ing that I am connected to everyone and everything in the entire Universe. There is no separation between you (the person reading this letter) and I. I only have one message that I would like to pass on. I LOVE YOU. True, I don’t know who YOU are exactly, but it doesn’t matter, I love you nonetheless. I don’t care how good/bad you think you may have been in your past, or what you have done in your life to bring on self-judgment, b/c in my eyes you are perfect. I only wish for you, that YOU KNOW THAT. It’s True. Consider this watch a gift from me to you as a way of showing Gratitude for who you BE and what you DO. If you feel called to return in kind, I ask that you simply pay it forward, in whatever way you so choose, even if it means simply smiling at a stranger, giving someone a hug, or telling another you Love them.

Life is a gift. IN-JOY it, and know that YOU are loved beyond measure. I leave you with this one closing thought: if you could do anything you want with your life, anything in the world, without having to worry about paying your bills or having your needs met, what would you DO? Where would you go? Who would you BE? A little secret: This dream will soon become your reality ;) As you embark upon this journey, please remember to have FUN, for it is the journey, not the destination that makes the experience so incredibly valuable and one that will last FOREVER.

Sending much Love and Light to all those who read this letter (even if you weren’t the lucky one to find the watch!). Just remember, the watch is just a THING, the True gift is Life itself and our ability to share it with others…

In Absolute Gratitude for your BE’ing,

Let the End Times Begin

Rushing out of the house today, a message shows up, gifted by two angels – Gabrielle and Michael.  It is here for you also, you will find it below.  It is at once demanding, mesmerizing and clear; We are in the End Times. I can not fully describe how grateful I am for their work.

On the road a red tailed hawk circled back and forth over the road three times.

At the appointment I was helped by a beautiful angel with wings tattooed on her shoulders. She works parts of days and spends the rest of her days giving freely.

While waiting, I listen to a voice mail from a lawyer who signs off with the words “Have a blessed day!”

“Times are changing” my friend tells me, “and they are changing fast.  I do my best to keep up.” We all do.

Another message pops up in the inbox – a bill for $500.00 seems to have been paid – there is a surplus of $ 1,200.00 in the account.  More angels?

Yes! Let the End Times begin.

As I looked out my front window yesterday, a brilliant flash of vertical light shot from the heavens straight down to the earth.  It was gone in an instant, yet remains in my heart as a sign.

Hang on, get ready and pay attention.  All that we’ve longed for is unfolding now. It has always been us – now comes our confirmation.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Ancient Symbol Carved Into Dry Oregon Lake Bed

This is a fascinating story for those of you who didn't hear about it back in 1990. No surprise how something this big doesn't make it on mainstream news ;)

~ Brian

Ancient Symbol Carved Into Dry Oregon Lake Bed 

Original article can be found here:

As you may know, Eastern Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala Formation in August 1990. It arrived in a dry wilderness lake bed east of Steens Mountain, and consisted of 13.3 MILES of lines, each 10" wide and scored to a depth of 3 inches in the hardpan. The graphic below is the Sri Yantra, and the Pattern discovered in the dry earth was identical in all respects. 

Four jokers claimed it - the joke was that they alleged they pulled a 'garden cultivator' like a plow for OVER 13 MILES, in an officially designated Wilderness Area, in the August desert heat - where not even cars are permitted. They concocted the story that they hauled all their gear 3/4-mile to the site each day. (It turned out that that was one of many discrepancies in their story, for they'd allegedly told a sergeant from the Air National Guard that their campsite was actually two miles from the Formation.) A second discrepancy: In their initial 'confession letter' to the newspaper they wrote that all four of them were hitched up simultaneously to pull the cultivator, but the video shows only two of them attempting to pull it. Another one I found of interest is the apparent major exertion seen to be required to gouge a thin 1/2"-deep line into the earth (as seen in the video) Vs that needed to create a trench 10" wide and 3" deep - apparently without effort, according to the same video. (The reason the 'real' line was easy to dig out is because it was already there - they had apparently filled in the trench with the soft dirt, and hoped to give the illusion that they were digging the furrow with their plow.) These 'variations', as well as various others, stretched my own and others' credibility well beyond believability. One can reasonably conclude that the only creativity these four expressed was through their over-active imaginations and not through any grand desert artistry.

Interestingly, the skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard's pilot training area. According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge Pattern on August 10, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress; the Pattern had simply 'appeared' one day...

Various points in the purported 'documentation' which those who claimed the Sri Yantra offered were easily picked apart by researchers who subsequently visited the site. I, too, have noted non-sequiturs and blatant manipulation in previous fraudulent 'Crop Circle documentaries', manufactured and aired solely to convince an unknowing public that the Circle Phenomenon is not worth serious study. I strongly urge each of you to use critical discernment when evaluating any kind of 'evidence' presented by anyone about anything - perhaps most especially so-called 'expert' testimony - and especially as regards the Circles.

NO video footage or photographs anywhere document an alleged creation of crop art (alleged man-made patterns) in progress from ground level AND SIMULTANEOUSLY from the air, to confirm that the alleged 'finished product' is indeed what the people 'below' are alleging to have stomped out in the crop. (Showing people stomping around in the dark, then in the next sequence showing a Formation from the air *does not mean that the aerial is the 'finished product' shown in the previous scene*! Through clever and manipulative editing, that is precisely the conclusion the viewer is being 'set-up' to accept. It is not, however, the truth ... )

The exception to valid video documentation is the Arthur Clarke footage of a 5-petal flower pattern. Although there was no simultaneous aerial documentation, I subsequently visited this crop art and was able to confirm to my own satisfaction that indeed there were no CircleMakers' Energies within it. (Many have claimed genuine Formations as their own, for *claiming* one is effortless, while stomping one out is a major and potentially seriously risky endeavour. And of course, no one has ever substantiated *how* they 'made it', so the statement is simply accepted on a word-of-mouth claim.)

Through personal investigation of the Formations, I've discovered that there have been *literally* a mere handful of man-made designs in Wiltshire and Hampshire over the past five years - the great majority of the Formations, including those in the US, have indeed been genuine Gifts. Confirmation of my findings is provided by extensive and meticulous lab analyses here in the States.

But back to Oregon: The four men who claimed it, of course, offered no in-progress proof of their 'creativity', but made a feeble attempt in a hastily put-together, poorly thought out video piece to show, through reverse engineering (for the Formation was in fact already on the ground when they arrived on the scene) 'how they made it'. The problem, as clearly shown in photographs and the video, is that the lines forming the Sri Yantra *already existed* - they extended in front of where they were dragging their 'plow' - at the time they were claiming to be in the process of making them!

In one segment of the tape, it appears as though they'd filled in a short section of one 'genuine' line then pretended to show how they allegedly scored it into the extremely hard, Sun-baked lake bottom. It was August, and the area was regularly 'scorched' under a desert Sun. Researchers who subsequently visited the site noted that the ground was impenetrable below the top 1/4" of dry, powdery earth. No tire marks at all were present, not even from the alleged 'cultivator', although a month later as vehicles drove up to the Formation, the tires of those vehicles' left 1/4"-deep impressions in the crumbly earth. And never mind asking how these jokers managed precise and perfectly scored lines 10" wide and 3" deep, with consistently bevelled sides, for an equivalent distance of over 13 miles, in the August desert heat when they could barely, and with much effort, score a short 1/2"-deep line; and don't ask how they measured, surveyed, and determined bearings for the Pattern - with its complex integrated perfection of nine interlocking triangles - before they began their alleged plow work. (The Sri Yantra Pattern contains extremely intricate geometrical relationships.) Never mind asking, because they, like all other people who've *claimed* the CircleMakers' Formations, offered no technical explanations.

Perhaps most telling of all, for me, was the segment of footage on which one of the 'artists' who claimed it was video-interviewed. While he was answering general questions about his paintings and personal philosophy, he was reasonably animated and made normal eye-contact with his interviewer. In a later segment in which the two of them were walking down a road while continuing the interview, the artist stopped walking when the questioning turned once again to the Sri Yantra, literally bowed his head, and looked down at the ground. All the viewer saw of him was the top of his hat. During the entire conversation about his alleged participation in the construction of it, he never once made eye contact either with the interviewer or the camera, but stared at the ground. I very clearly received the impression that he was painfully aware that 'his eyes were the windows to his soul', and he was clearly determined to not let anyone see into either while he was, as was obvious to me, lying. 

Walk As a Universal Being on Earth

Walk As a Universal Being on Earth
by Eileen Meyer

I've been reflecting this morning on "perception based on identity"... and how momentous it is in our evolution to remember the truth of who we are in feeling-knowing (frequency) consciousness - as opposed to our mental conditioning here that has limited the view to only the "known" ideas and concepts that are endlessly repeated and pontificated over. I was reminded of this transmission that came 9 years ago, and felt the inspiration to share again in this time and place. Actually, I believe that what came through, following a series of Kundalini explosions, was meant for this timing in our awakening. Time to rise above the noise, remember who we are and what we are connected to through frequency, once and for all. Act and speak from this place and Universal Love will be made manifest (through resonance) on Earth, as it is in Heaven. ~ Eileen

Angelic Transmission in 2004, Published in Sedona Journal 2009

People say that they want to transcend, that they want to meet and know God. And then when God begins to rattle around in their consciousness the fear erupts, for there is no “known” identification with this frequency. There has been a loss of memory. For most have been invested for so long, for so many cycles, in the human world – in this disconnected state from the rest of themselves.

This is the cycle that is ending. And in this process, in order to stay in form and rejoin with Creation, or the Universal, there is a complete loss of identity - a complete surrender, as you say, to allow the form to be governed by the Universal Self. It does not mean that all relationships perish - all of your persons, places and things - it does not mean that they all perish, never to be seen again. It is that you press the restart button, and from that point forward you are relating in actuality with others, versus to relating to an image that you have designed within this human construct.

UFO Over Kootemy Lake, British Columbia

A reader shared this image with D. from Removing the Shackles blog. Photo was taken over Kooteney Lake in British Columbia Canada a few days ago.

Ron Van Dyke Answers
Paul Short's Zen Gardener Article
on the OPPT

By American Kabuki

I have an article in progress on Paul Short's article on the Zen Gardner Blog (and since mirrored on Drake's web site), but as I was working through it, I found a bit of  sarcasm coming out in my own response to what to me was sheer ignorant fear on the part of Paul Short.  Sarcasm never translates well in electronic medium because it lacks the tone of voice that makes it funny.  Humans have invented emoticons to put a bit of that emotional tone back into electronic conversations, but its just not the same as saying something in person. I decided to put my attempt aside as I felt the approach I was taking to answering the article line by line would not be received in the way I hoped it would.

The logic of ending the system and having the Illuminati be happy about it escapes me frankly...but if you want to give away your personal power to make postive change and convert it into fear they can use, that's your business...  They are expert at generating that kind of energy and then harvesting it. They built a whole system of enslavement doing just that!

I try to ask myself when writing, will the audience who this is written for "get it", and I didn't have much confidence in my first effort.  I may revisit it later.  My capability for biting sarcasm sometimes is not the most useful tool my toolbox.  Its better used in personal situations.

I have the full text of Paul Short's email interchange with Heather, but I will quote the bit that I think gets to the heart of the matter and perhaps the motive behind his equating the OPPT with the Illuminati, I hesitate to say even motive because I really don't know the man's heart for doing what he did. But here's the text:
...I am appealing to the OPPT and it's founding members and requesting that you please find a way to translate some of the value you hold in trust on my behalf into currency that I can use to sustain myself and honor the person-to-person contract I have entered into with my landlord. This request is not for some pot of gold or huge sum of money, it is for enough for me to exist in and interact with the current defacto corporate system during the transition phase to the new OPPT envisioned one.

Some background on me: I'm 45 and have been trying to live as what is commonly known as a Freeman for the past several years. I live peacefully by the common law and have actually tried to put into practice documents similar to courtesy notices and the like, but with little real success. I'm familiar with common law, trust law, UCC, the current (former?) slave system, the subversion, etc. that has been happening on this planet in some form or another throughout most of human history. So I'm on the side of the principled of OPPT and will be using the information newly available to me in my persuit of freedom, happines and dignity my creator intended for me to enjoy while on this earth.

And with all that being said, I need a portion of the value OPPT holds on my behalf. $5,000 CAD will be enough for me to live on for the next 3 months and should be enough time for me to make other financial arrangements to get me through the transitional phase into a free world via OPPT.

Paul didn't get his money ahead of everyone else.  And if he thought the OPPT was the Illuminati why was he asking for it?  I need money too, but I haven't asked for it ahead of everyone else. I haven't got a dime from the OPPT but do think its been worth every bit of energy I have put into promoting it!

Paul clearly hasn't truly read, or at least understood what the OPPT has done.  But he will come around eventually.  Same will be true of Drake.  All of them think they are looking out for other's best interests they just don't quite see it yet... I get that.

Nothing has been secret here.  In my dealings with Trustees Heather and Caleb their openness and candor has been breathtakingly astonishing to me.  This is NOT the CIA-linked Neil Keenan secretively leaking bits of things here and there.

Someone sent me this video the other day, and I apologize to the person who sent it to me for not viewing it.  I thought the person sending me it was sending me more Paul Short type stuff, and I just wasn't in the mood for it. Turns out it is quite the opposite.

Ron Van Dyke tackles the Paul Short article head on.  I think I need to clarify one point before viewing this video, the only ones "bonded" are the Trustees themselves (as best I understand it) to absolute transparency and accountability, but other than that, this is a pretty good answer to Paul Short.  Good job Ron, you answered it better than my first attempt did...

Ron’s website is

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