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You Are The Gold

You Are The Gold: The Grandmother's Speak

GAIA PORTAL: “Purity of Essence” is Key to Understanding

“Purity of Essence” is Key to Understanding
by √ČirePort

"Purity of Essence" is key to understanding the nature of Gaia intention. Planetary Essence revelation requires clearing of all not in alignment. This includes all of Hue-manity.

As individuals release the "outer dependence illusion", and align with Inner Guidance, Purity of Planetary Essence is realized. This occurs at many levels, via multiple manifestations.

Stated simply, Gaia Intention is Purity of Essence.

√ČirePort | April 4, 2013 at 16:30

"New Age - Game On" A Coming Out Story

A powerful “coming out” is happening. The way we are DOing is changing, WE ARE changing; we are changing EVERYTHING. 

The reaching out of a few is exponentially rising.  We are leaving FEAR behind. 

In hearts:

In our towns:

In our legislatures:

On our land:

In our eating establishments:

In our machines:

With the animals we love:

With each other:

“Words don't cut it, but the newfound surety of my gaze in looking out at the world and knowing that our collective freedom is not only possible, but inevitable, is the best testament of my gratitude I can offer.

Source to source - so grateful to have the opportunity to arise together. “


This is just one man's (Ryan's) response to an outpouring of love he was washed in this week.  That love came from YOU and it has changed everything.  That is what love does.

It will take us to dance ourselves into this new world.  Talk to each other - on each others blogs, in grocery stores in our homes and on the street.  It is in our Unity that we will realize our ONEness, and find the Love we are looking for. 

Here is what some off – world beings have shared with me.  It is how they would have approached changing the world:
Do you want to know how Forces of One wanted to reestablish humanity and to give everyone happiness which leads everyone to love each other and thus creating the complete Consensus? I have a permission to tell You, so I can :)
All right Sophia, I will explain and try to do it as simple as possible and being very short not to give into details ;)

1. The first thing to do was to change education system for the children as everything starts from the beginning and beginning always influencing everything that is going afterwards. The primary lesson being lacked in schools is friendship which includes behavior, psychology, relations, understanding, state of happiness, state of love. Before that parents must be informed at least about that system is going to be changed and change will start from younger generations. After schools children must also proceed on a military course to know all the possibilities of a human body and every way in order to survive here or on a different planet when out of technologies, like matches:0

2. The second thing which was to start a little after the first was to educate every other person in the whole world through main stream media, mostly about what was done against them by few that wanted to control whole populace and how everything will start to exist in order to bring happiness to every soul, including planet Earth and animals and plants. The new technologies was to introduced, but their use was under restriction of accepting the new ways of thinking and system as a whole which endures everyone to "stand united" live as One, with new view on a World and a Universe and some additions to rules.

The main orient of this is to eradicate greed, the root of all evil and chaos. The picture of this world is very simple - greed was prospering here, because people allowed it to prosper and gave into material possession and material physical pleasure. Greed does not mean always a greed for money and wealth, it also means greed for food, lust, murders, destruction, chaos, knowledge and even light and love. Greed is leading to treachery, murder, lies, wars, destruction and chaos. Everything must be used so that is enough and individual is happy and not to overuse.

This whole process is the most difficult and must be maintained through police/military force, because there are a lot of individuals that would not hesitate and use power in order to get the new technologies and use them to take over everyone.

3. The third thing once acceptance was to achieved was to eradicate money as a representation of something and make very necessary things for life and sustainability for it - basic food, drinkable water, basic clothes, one house or one apartment, one basic car, one basic pc, basic kitchen stuff and other necessary things free. The basic means it is not cheap and useless, it only does not include additions, like interesting design, "made with love" or "made with great effort". No more taxes, living is free, electricity is free, protection is free (national security of every country, which was to become united inner/outer planetary security).

Changes that were to happen.

The money was to change to "points". These are an appreciation to service earned when doing or making something or something beautiful or something "beyond imagination". For example working, it is no longer a required prerequisite in order to survive, but a sphere of interest or "a hobby" and work can be changed on another without difficulties, when "boredom occurs". This does not mean everyone must obligate work somewhere or do something, those that do not wish to work may rest at home, doing nothing, but government was to endure everyone to do at least something, like creating musical composition or poems or inventing something or do a very simple work.

The general management, government, military and police was to given to highly loyal, highly trusted, highly capable representatives, that were selected by One. Later on, the educated enough people with a willing to governing and managing or service to the cause as a soldier or a scientist or a farseer were to given this opportunity.

During the start of the change, before education was to take place "an automation process" must be conducted in order to give all the free stuff to everyone, this was not possible only 50 cycles ago, but it became possible not long ago, that is why these great changes are occurring only now. Everything is interconnected to say the least.

I hope you're going to find this information useful;) Much Love and Peace to You!
It is time for us all to “Come out of the closet" of FEAR.  It is time for Agape.

You are (the) One.

In deepest gratitude,

Tuscon Arizona Under Martial Law?

This link appeared on one of the forums, seems to be documented...anyone have any other confirming data?

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Secretly Declares Martial Law in Tuscon, Arizona:

This was started on 6 Mar 2013 and has been kept from the public.

“Aloha ‘Oe”… to Lois Tucci (Loie)… Heather’s Mother…

“Aloha ‘Oe”… to Lois Tucci (Loie)… Heather’s Mother…

loie_passing_imageHeather’s mother, Lois passed over to the other side, yesterday. Here are two posts about her passing.
All I know is that Loie was an integral part of and inspiration for OPPT. And so I offer the following… Aloha ‘Oe…
Full song…

Download full song here: (source: FTLOH CD)

It Is Time to End Too Big to Fail

Senator Bernie Sanders holds a news conference in Washington, DC.
(photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It Is Time to End Too Big to Fail
By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
04 April 13

First, a quick housekeeping note: About a month ago, I got a call out of the blue from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who's one of my favorite people and something of a political hero of mine. Bernie helped me many years ago, back when he was still a congressman, by letting me tag along for weeks for a story about how the House works that ultimately was called "Four Amendments and a Funeral" - an experience that taught me an enormous amount about how our government operates, and also in a weird way left me less cynical, as it showed there were still plenty of avenues where a determined individual could work the system.

In any case, Bernie a month or so ago asked me to join him in Vermont for a pair of town meetings on Wall Street issues. It's a tremendous honor and both events will be happening next Friday, one at the University of Vermont in the afternoon, the second in downtown Burlington in the evening. Entitled "Taking on Wall Street and the Big Banks," Bernie and I will join in a public discussion about a lot of things, including the power of the financial sector and what can be done about it. It's a very cool thing and I'm really looking forward to it - if you live in the area, please come by.

I mention this as a backdrop to some news I didn't get a chance to post last week. Since part of the Sanders discussion is going to be about "What we can do about it," it's worth noting that at least as far as the Too Big to Fail issue is concerned, there's been a bit of an interesting development of late - some momentum is building in Washington toward reforming the banks.

Start with the most recent news: last week, Sanders announced plans to introduce an interesting new bill, one that's a direct response to comments made recently by the likes of Eric Holder about the difficulty in prosecuting big banks. Holder said some institutions have grown so large that prosecuting its executives may have a "negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy."

HEATHER has a point

HEATHER has a point
Posted on April 4, 2013 by sojournerbe

The day that most people don black and go into mourning, Heather is still in the trenches showing us all Absolute data. Amidst more doublespeak, she comes back with valid,  salient points. How can one ascend from Eternal Essence already?

If we are serious about changing our lives to make ourselves happy instead of the fictional authorities happy, we would be sitting up paying attention and applying the wisdom.

How can anyone be a greater authority over us? Just by saying it is so? Shouting at us? Threatening us? What is your fear level at today- yellow, red, orange? Will you take the red pill or the blue one?

I take all the courtesy notices, the UCC 3-501/505 docs I’ve sent this past year and now envision that the entities receiving them are imbued with Eternal Heart. It’s always worked in the past for me with adversity. It works for me now.

Impower now. I Am empowered in the Now.

I Am the Light of a Living Christ now.

My authority is sacrosanct.

It comes from Primary Consciousness. IT is all that IS.

No thing stands above that in my reality. Period.

Take a teabag put it into boiling water, the adversity  becomes the tea.

Unlike a hard-ass potato that turns to mush in boiling water…

I change the adversity  into what I AM.

It does not change me.

So BE IT……
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