Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brian's Blog: In-Joy the Show Wed 7/3 w/Special Guests Julien Wells & Bob Wright

In-Joy the Show Wed 7/3 w/Special Guests Julien Wells & Bob Wright
July 2, 2013

I must say Judy Jandora and I had a blast in our premier show last week with our guest Lisa Harrison. I mean who wouldn't want to talk about Joy and how to manifest it in fun and creative ways in our lives for two hours!? So much FUN. Tomorrow we have Julien Wells and Bob Wright coming on to pick up the conversation where we left off from last week. When it comes to joy there is no shortage of incredible content! This is a show you all don't want to miss! ~BK

Here is the archive from last week's show:


Humanity is in the midst of the great shift of the ages, prophesied and written about in many ancient text throughout the world. Our options now are to fall into the old paradigm of fear that brings pain, or the feel freedom of love that brings JOY.

Join hosts, Judy Jandora and Brian Kelly each week as they share their upbeat stories and laughter along with some well earned wisdom to help uplift your spirit,s as well as offer some tools to use in your daily lives.

BE In~Joy! You ARE LOVE!

Link to tomorrow's show:


OPPT & I UV from A to Z

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OPPT & I UV from A to Z
By D. of Removing the Shackles

The One Peoples Radio Show last night played the recorded Interview we did with Heather yesterday morning, and that is available to listen to in the show archive, or the videos that I posted this morning.

As I said at the beginning of the interview, the article I wrote on Saturday, and now the interview itself, have gone viral across the internet. This has generated a new wave of listeners who are discovering The One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and the I UV documents for the very first time.  Some of these people have no knowledge of the background that leads up to these filings, nor the reason WHY.

I'm writing this article as a historical run down of all the important documents, the links, the articles that are very relevant to all that has been done since the very first OPPT filing.  Please share this out with your friends, on your website, social media groups etc....

.... If I've missed anything really vital, I will edit to update.

The main sites that have been following, and working with, the OPPT and I UV information are:


http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca/  and  http://removingtheshackles.net/

and there are several regular blog talk radio shows that have focused a lot on everything we have been working on:


Monday night at 8est is The One People radio show
Tuesday night at 8est is The Collective Imagination

Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund Created

Cameron (L) and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of ConnectU

The Winklevoss Twins Would Like To Help You Trade Bitcoins With Their Bitcoin ETF
SAM RO JUL. 1, 2013, 6:51 PM 6,048 9

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Programmer Robert McNally Put Together An Awesome Presentation On What Bitcoin Really Is

The Rise Of Bitcoin [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Story About A Bitcoin ATM Coming To Cyprus Is Almost Certainly Nonsense
Bitcoin, the obscure digital crypto-currency, has been out of the headlines for a little while.
But this hasn't stopped Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from moving forward with their effort to make it more mainstream.

According to a new filing with the SEC, a trust sponsored by Winklevoss Capital Management has registered to offer shares that will give buyers exposure to Bitcoin.

Top Vatican bank managers resign after Monsignor's arrest

Top Vatican bank managers resign after Monsignor's arrest

By Philip Pullella
VATICAN CITY | Mon Jul 1, 2013 7:18pm EDT
(Reuters) - Two top managers of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank resigned on Monday following the arrest of a high-ranking cleric with close ties to the financial institution, in the latest of a string of embarrassments for the Holy See.

Director Paolo Cipriani and deputy-director Massimo Tulli stepped down three days after the Vatican was rocked by the arrest of Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, who is accused of plotting with two other people to smuggle 20 million euros into Italy from Switzerland.

Ernst von Freyberg, a German [with Krupp-Thyssen ties -AK] who earlier this year became president of the bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), will assume the role of bank director until a permanent replacement is appointed.

I UV Inchange Introduction to Accessing Value

Note: I've got some requests to boost the audio on Lisa's voice...will try to do that tonight. I got this audio from D.  I was mainly concerned about getting it online quickly...refinements can always come after its up... -AK

This is video version of the audio interview aired last night on Lisa M. Harrison's "The One People Show". 

The first set of documents are scheduled to be released the evening of July 2, 2013 during Lisa M. Harrison's Collective Imagination Show.  The video says they were to be released last night (the interview was pre-recorded) but that wasn't possible last night.

This is the initial release of documents, the process will become more refined over time as to how to implement the documents, so don't freak out over banking concepts that are unfamilar to you as how to do this. We have lots of people who are very good at breaking down these processes into easily understandable language like what was done with the Courtesy Notices.  This will come in time. This is, after all, a people driven project.

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