Thursday, July 4, 2013

Go ahead, push that button

It’s Independence Day in the U.S.  Perfect.  Today we are focused on truth.  We’ve all memorized the first words of that Declaration: “When in the course of human events…”  Yet what about the last?  “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

This document isn’t just about declaring our sovereignty, it’s about doing something.  One of two things become the focus of what we talk about and what we do – memories or opportunities.  It is the latter that sparks creativity, engagement, vitality, growth and evolution.  Memories can serve as the starting point, yet once they become our focus – we stagnate.

Take my car.  About two months ago, the tailgate stopped working.  To open it, I had to climb through the side door into the back to press the inside release.  At first I talked about it a lot, complaining.  Then I was gone for a week, not thinking about it at all.  Yesterday I approached the car, pressed the button on the key and it opened.  Only then did I remember it was broken.

Later, Dream Hopper asked “How’d you fix it?”  I said, “I just forgot it was broken.”

This is a dream.  Our focus and belief and actions determine what it looks like.  It wasn’t enough that I forgot the tailgate was broken, I had to press the button.

What is important to note is that I also stopped complaining and discussing WHAT IS.  As I approached the car I was only thinking about the next thing – getting the stuff home.

The only thing you control right now is your own life.  Decide carefully where you focus.  You are Gods.  According to all reports, God didn’t say “Let there be light”, followed with “Wasn’t that really cool? I just said let there be light and it showed up!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Wow, that’s amazing. I’m a really good light maker.  Do you remember all that darkness?  Wasn’t that depressing?” etc…

Memories make great springboards but not landing zones.  It makes sense to honor the Declaration and its writers.  It makes sense to take from it what applies in today’s world and create something new.

The closer your focus, the slower you move.  Watch the very young.  You’ll see them looking straight ahead at whatever it is they want and making a dash for it.  Watch the very old.  You’ll see them looking at their feet take every step.

Two hundred plus years ago we pledged our lives, our fortunes and our honor to each other.  What that looks like today is being decided right now.  We are past the time of worshipping and waiting.  It’s time to seize the day.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Ho'oponopono ~ Overcoming Anger

Ho'oponopono ~ Overcoming Anger

"So there I was, with the  Ho'oponopono, looking it straight in the eye.  And it looked back, with all of the implied compassion of and obeisance and surrender to the Great Teacher.  Could I do this, could I really feel these words in Truth?" 

by Sharda Chaitanya

Today I had a sublime experience using the mantra, HO'PONOPONO.  I had come across the word  recently when reading Scott Mowry's latest article, posted here.  I'd seen the word in the past, and I have seen the definition separately, but hadn't put the two together until now.  That is all I knew, that was as deep as it went for me.  Which was perfect - I hadn't examined, contemplated or exploited it.  It was a virgin mantra.

But yesterday a situation erupted with someone who I consider a good friend.  We had 'words', (or more accurately, text messages) and I became really angry.  Angry like I haven't been in about five years.  Angry like if  I didn't calm down, I was going to pass out, overcome by dizziness.  And what made it worse in my view was that it was done via text messaging!!  OMG, I was regressing into a teenager!!  The whole scenario had all the earmarks of a juvenile spat, with yours truly as one of the players.

A while back, I stopped doing angry.  Anger is a killer, literally.  All kinds of mean and nasty chemicals are released into the blood stream when we become angry - hormones are thrown off balance, our bodies become acidic and our heart-rate and breathing increase abnormally as a response to our inherent 'flight or fight' programming.  And anger always involves a fabricated self-righteous perception that keeps it justified, something that our ego loves - it thrives on that shit.

And then of course there is the feeling-really-bad about whatever happened.  Followed by figuring out how you are going to make it right again.  All that pontificating just brings back the incident in your mind, and you end up playing it over and over again.  And the more you do that, the more you feed the ego which wants so dearly to cling to any notion we may be holding of having to be right.  It's exhausting.


by American Kabuki

I received this set of images from an anonymous source about a purported civilian listening center in Los Angeles that has been in operation for a number of a decades.  The contact claims to have had a relative who worked at this location.  

They further claim its also a covert thermonuclear missile silo complex in mid Los Angeles.  

The site is Ascot Hills in Los Angeles, its disguised (apparently) on Google  maps as reservoir, but the site clearly has satellite dishes and apparently Google-style cargo-containerized server farm on premises.

Purported NSA Listening Center in Ascot Hills Los Angeles (click image to enlarge)

Close-up of Purported NSA Listening Center in Ascot Hills Los Angeles (click image to enlarge)

Purported NSA Listening Center in Ascot Hills Los Angeles (click image to enlarge)

University of Wisconsin Students Challenge NSA Recruiters on Campus

Published on Jul 3, 2013

When NSA recruiters went to the University of Wisconsin earlier this week to pitch language students on working for the agency, they got more than they bargained for.

The informed students turned the question-and-answer session into a hearing. On trial were the NSA's lies, their legality, and how they define "adversary".

The students recorded audio of the exchange on an iPhone proving that the language-analyst NSA recruiters were left tongue-tied.

"I'm surprised that for language analysts you're incredibly imprecise with your language," grad student Madiha Tahir charged when they failed to define what constitutes an adversary.

"What you're selling us is untrue" she added. "We also know that the NSA took down brochures and fact sheets after the Snowden revelations because those fact sheets had severe inaccuracies and untruths in them -- so how are we supposed to believe what you're saying?"

Another student directly challenged the NSA's morality for using the "globe as their playground" and then partying at the office with co-workers. She then challenges them to become whistleblowers because the truth will ultimately prevail.

"Given the fact that we have been lied to as Americans, given the fact that fact sheets have been pulled down because they clearly had untruths in them, given the fact that Clapper and Alexander lied to Congress...Is being a good liar a qualification to be in the NSA?" Tahir asks.

These young students forced the NSA recruiters to claim, in a seemingly desperate defense, that they were not actually there "representing the NSA as an agency."

Clearly the people have questions that aren't being addressed by their representatives, and a much larger debate is needed. However, it'd be much more productive if these kids get to question the NSA leadership instead of our blackmailed politicians.

The shadow side is merely the aspect which you have judge unacceptable

The shadow side is merely the aspect which you have judge unacceptable
06/30/2013 by John Smallman

You are all one.  And that is becoming apparent to ever more of humanity in every moment.  The rate of growth of this awareness is phenomenal!  Never before on Earth has there been such an amazing and effective awakening process.  It is ongoing, unstoppable, and naturally, because it is divinely willed its ultimate completion is ensured.  There are a few who will stubbornly resist awakening, and their choice to remain asleep will be absolutely honored until they change their minds, as eventually they will.  In the end no one gets left behind or abandoned because God’s Will, with which your wills are becoming increasingly aligned, is always perfectly accomplished.

To align your wills with God’s is your task as humans, but you were created one with Him so your wills are already aligned with His; you have just lost your awareness of this.  At your centers, at the deepest levels of yourselves you know all this, but you are also intensely aware of your unloving attitudes, thoughts, words, and actions – the illusory attitudes and behaviors in which humanity always seems to engage – and you know, truly and deeply know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are not and never can be in alignment with the will of God.  That is terrifying, and so you refuse to acknowledge them, burying them instead beneath the level of conscious awareness that you maintain while operating in the illusion.  It is a massive state of denial that requires enormous amounts of your energy to uphold and maintain.  When something arises that seems likely to dissolve that state of denial or undermine it, you go into a massive defense mode to protect yourselves from the seeming horror of uncovering that hidden knowledge.

But the flame of divine Love burning constantly within each one of you is intensifying as it is being fed by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and all the life that she supports.  The foundations of that massive state of denial are therefore crumbling inexorably, and what you have attempted to hide from yourselves will be acknowledged.  Acknowledgment releases it … and then you will breathe a sigh of relief as you realize that what had so terrified you was unreal.  You are Love – because it is from Love that you were created, and anything not in alignment with Love, with God’s holy Will is unreal, does not exist. All your fears are, and always have been, groundless.

Matthew Ward - July 4, 2013

Matthew Ward - July 4, 2013

US “independence”; God: politics, three levels of participation, assessing candidates; multiple effects of prevailing vibrations; memory loss; dietary benefits; balance

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. From our vantage point, Earth looks like a sea of strobe lights as people are responding to the prevailing vibrations. You are feeling what is going on much more than seeing developments.

We will get back to that, but first we want to give you an important glimpse of history that relates to the United States’ celebration of its independence from England with traditional Fourth of July parades, patriotic speeches and fireworks.

The highest universal council meant for the colonies that fought for independence from British rule to be a showcase of souls’ sovereignty. Once united, this nation was to have shown the rest of the world that when people are free to exercise God-given rights, they live peacefully, cooperatively, creatively and prosperously.

Successive waves of early settlers followed their urge to “be free” and the founders of the United States acted upon their divinely inspired mission to form a nation that guaranteed civil liberties, however limited those were in the beginning since many in the population were excluded. The darkness that was heavily entrenched on the planet enabled slavery to flourish and denied women the right to vote.

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