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HILARION - July 8, 2013

thru Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

As the completion of many issues comes to a close in your personal lives, know that there is a turning point approaching that will see you finally free of the heavier densities that you have been grappling with. This was because many of you have chosen to take on and experience these lower vibrations as a way to facilitate a speedier cleansing of the collective field of humanity which surrounds the Earth. The field has been cleansed for the most part and this now makes it easier for awakening souls to deal with their personal issues which are beginning to surface as the energies increase and intensify. That which you have completed is now being experienced by the general populace but without the accumulated density from generations past to encumber them.

It is important for each of you to maintain your high connection with your higher self and your spiritual guidance at all times and to avoid being drawn in to the personal and collective dramas that are occurring. Your task is to remain centered upon creating and holding the vision of a new reality of a better life for all. Know that this can be a tricky process as those you love and care about will be going through their own growth process of awakening awareness and this can affect your own equilibrium and balance in your desire to help them. Empower them as best you can while knowing that only they can go through whatever it is they are going through. No one else can walk their chosen path for them.

You it is who are the light of the world during these times so it is important that you continue to nurture and care for yourselves. As the downloads of energy activation continue, rest as much as you can, to assimilate and absorb these with greater ease and grace and always maintain your daily disciplines to keep your personal energy field strong and healthy. Picture and know yourself as a being of light, a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth, a conduit of love that is bringing in and anchoring heaven on Earth. Honor yourself for playing this role and hold steady. Your way is now becoming easier as humanity as a whole is willing to take greater responsibility for all that occurs in the world around them.

The signs are everywhere that change is the impetus of these times and this requires changes within society. All that was accepted as the norm can no longer be relied upon as a given, for all is now in a state of flux and humanity must become adaptable and changeable as well. They must dig deep within to find their own connection to Source and as the changes occur, this will be accomplished. They will realize that the acquisition of the things of this world was not the primary purpose for their being upon this planet and that these things can quickly disappear in a way that is out of their control and that what is really important is the connection they have with each other.

Continue to stand firmly in your light while being grounded into your planet as you pioneer the way forward. It is only upon your own connection to Source that you can count on. Become the observer of all that comes into your own field of possibilities so that you can maneuver your way into the unknown. Know thyself, for this is the key to everything. You and you alone, hold the key to the kingdom within you.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Marlene Swetlishof

No more fillings? Gel regenerates teeth

No more fillings? Gel regenerates teeth

Nano sized advance toward next big treatment era in dentistry
“Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental Application”
ACS Nano

Scientists are reporting an advance toward the next big treatment revolution in dentistry — the era in which root canal therapy brings diseased teeth back to life, rather than leaving a “non-vital” or dead tooth in the mouth. In a report in the monthly journal ACS Nano: “Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental Application,” they describe a first-of-its-kind, nano-sized dental film that shows early promise for achieving this long-sought goal.

Nadia Benkirane-Jessel and colleagues note that root canal procedures help prevent tooth loss in millions of people each year. During the procedure, a dentist removes the painful, inflamed pulp, the soft tissue inside the diseased or injured tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. Regenerative endodontics, the development and delivery of tissues to replace diseased or damaged dental pulp, has the potential to provide a revolutionary alternative to pulp removal.

The scientists are reporting development of a multilayered, nano-sized film — only 1/50,000th the thickness of a human hair containing a substance that could help regenerate dental pulp. Previous studies show that the substance, called alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone, or alpha-MSH, has anti-inflammatory properties. The scientists showed in laboratory tests alpha-MSH combined with a widely-used polymer produced a material that fights inflammation in dental pulp fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the main type of cell found in dental pulp. Nano-films containing alpha-MSH also increased the number of these cells. This could help revitalize damaged teeth and reduce the need for a root canal procedure, the scientists suggest.


Honoring a Contract

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

http://veneratedivineyou.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/honoring-a-contract/Honoring a Contract

Everything is contract.

Business models derive from contracts.

Contracts do not have to be written, they can be verbal, or  implied, If you want to know the basic elements of a contract, look it up online or in a law-book or business journal. For example, hiring a babysitter for Friday night (offer), he/she agrees (accept) and shows up to babysit (performance) then gets paid when you get home (compensation). Get it?  It is a bit oversimplified for a complex topic.

Have you ever gone into business with a friend or family? That is discussed later.

I’ve heard the U.S. constitution is a form of contract, and in looking it over appears as a  unilateral contract as I do not see the King’s signature on it agreeing to the terms and conditions. In fact, I don’t see my signature on it or my neighbor’s, or local legislator, governor, or even the current president. All I see is a handful of gents long deceased putting forth a declaration, which isn’t even properly notarized. Is it any wonder that courts don’t allow constitutional arguments any longer?

Why, even the country’s Supreme Court skates on thin ice with the concept. They even make ‘supreme’ decisions on an alleged contract that is now unenforceable. Is this true?

Think about that.

It might be time to throw all the decisions out made in the past two hundred years, at least since 1813 and start over.

The Warrior's Secret

What looks to have been set up at the very “highest levels” is the lesson of Unity.  Even “levels” is a misnomer – it is us.  It is only our awareness, limited by our physical bodies, that defines that which we are conscious of.  We have a very specific job to do.  We all do and we are equally important in the doing of it.

Nothing will deter you from that job because you are a part of life.  Life pursues itself and is relentless in that pursuit.  Whatever role you came to play you are playing right now.  Each movement has been choreographed – not by some other; by you.  There is no other.

The idea of someone to fight is yours.  It is in no way actually “real”.  It’s all a part of the game you came to play. 

You can persist in polarity if you so choose, but at this moment ask yourself “Why would I?”  You’ve played this game for a very long time; lifetimes in fact.  Here is the big secret – it’s never going to end. It cannot.  It cannot because all is One.  You cannot defeat yourself.  You will always survive.  Eternity is a fact.

We have an opportunity to do something else, something different; to discover a life lived in unity.

We don’t know what that looks like – not yet.  The children are giving us clues, yet we’ve never done it.  The world is ripe for oneness.  The Universe demands it.  The polarity game is yesterdays focus.  It keeps you looking at shadows – time to look elsewhere.

It is summer here and the bugs have begun to invade.  I am struck this year with a new thought about this – “How can we all live together?”  There is still a part of me that wants them dead and gone and in truth it’s not a small part.  Yet with closer examination I discover that what I am mostly interested in is them out of my way and no longer destroying my home and property.  I’d be happy with that.

Life is relentless.  Every year I encounter unexpected versions of it enjoying the same space I am.  I will not stop this from happening.  I can only cooperate with it; move things around to increase my comfort and ability to prosper. 

What this means for oneness I’m not exactly sure.  I have written in the past of “Warrior Angels” and the work they’ve been engaged in.  There are many.  They are powerful and driven. 

I am suspecting now their ultimate goal.  I believe they are here to end the fight.  As long as there are warriors there will be war.  The battle is within.  It is upon them to discover a new way to do this.  They are here now in such large numbers for a reason.  The compulsion to evolve is constant.  The tendency to lead is held in essence.

These powerful beings, in their acceptance of infinite truth, will blaze a path of unity.  They will vanquish the “enemy” and when the struggle ceases realize there was no one there – it was an illusion.  The only truth is agape.  In this game of polarity, self love demands the greatest effort.

This is life in its most brilliant.  No one but you could have set this up so perfectly.  The answers emerge within.  They are not held elsewhere. 

You are the Masters, the Light and the only One you’ve been waiting for.

The One People's Show 7-8-13 and Ginger's Notes

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The One People 8/9 July 2014 show – Ginger’s Notes
Hosts: Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and Brian Kelly

This show was essentially about . . . preparing for when Heather in Morocco will release the next documents we will use at the banks . . . all while Helen in Australia is laying down the banking path, based upon her recent banking adventures . . . as well as banking updates from dedicated Aussies, Uwe Schafer and Scott Bartle’s work.

Lisa and show hosts are focused on helping everyone be as prepared as possible for when Heather releases the documents . . . and she will NOT be releasing them until they are Absolutely Perfect! . . . more about this here from D - http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2013/07/july-7th-update-getting-it-all-perfect.html

A big thank you to all who cleared the distorted energetics around those working hard in Morocco last week! - from Lisa.

A fun discussion around a brilliant little ten minute mini-movie American Kabuki posted - “One Hundred Dollars (now with English subtitles) 
Exchange of Value in Action” (CLICK HERE) . . . and from a galactic perspective, it must be so comical to watch. . . humans passing paper money around . . . when we could be doing this simply via mutual agreements! . . . so this little illustration/story is a very easy way to quickly see how money can be taken out of the equation . . . within our communities first!

Uwe and Scott (about 20mins into show) report and discuss where they are at, that is very helpful.

Lisa shares (about 50mins into show) where she is seeing things from a bigger picture and influx of walk-ins now.

Calls taken (about 56mins into show), starting with Mike and more educational discussions.

Around 1hr 11mins into show, Helen from Australia starts sharing what she has been doing with the banks . . . and is jaw dropping savvy! So I will be going back to listen to the discussions she inspired with the show hosts!

About 1hr 39mins into show, Randy from N Carolina asks some really good questions . . .
and Lisa states . . .

“WAIT! before going into the banks” . . . with Bob and Helen filling in the blanks.

About 1hr 47mins into show, Helen further discusses with hosts, rich with information and approaches that makes lots of sense!


Bob’s walking is getting less “funny” now – (we are all behind you to keep us from laughing!)

Chris will be doing an update with Deryl in Canada and his progress to date this week, so keep an eye out for that . . . briefly, with more rounds in the courts (using OP documents and his years of knowledge), he has had the false charge of “criminal trespass” (on his own property) reduced to a misdemeanor . . . and has managed to get the right to challenge the bank . . . as to who actually owns the property.

There will be a new 5D Media Network (this site was founded by Lisa) weekly show – Mondays 8pm PST on how to re-purpose everything of the old system . . . as it is time to get this conversation started! Chris and Bob will be hosting this show . . . and everyone is invited to present next week, what and how they would like to re-purpose something. http://www.5dmedianetwork.com/

Uwe closes . . . on next week’s show, he will be teaching overcoming bank objections.

NOTE: D’s show transcribers (RTS) will be transcribing both sections of Helen sharing, as it’s just too good. It will be posted on D’s Removing the Shackles site in a day or so - http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/


Here are the documents that Scott Bartle drew on to create his “BANCORRUPTCY” video

In parting, one thing I would like to add is to keep remembering where Heather’s heart-focus in do-ing is . . . at all times is . . . ENERGY!


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