Sunday, August 11, 2013

The ZAP Report - 8/11/2013

Comments in red are mine alone -AK (BILL)

Greetings and Salutations,

The Global Reset is under way, nothing can stop it now! The reset is a process not just the flip of a switch. The RV is a part of it just as Basel III is a part along with the announcements and other pieces which make up the whole. Right now everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the 5 elders to swipe their cards in Reno. This is expected to happen at any moment now. When the card swipe happens we will see the RV kick in along with Basel III without delay. Then expect to see F&P anytime afterwards. 

Hi All

Remember when a few who write about the state of affairs have said that when the time comes there will be mass arrests as the truth comes out?

And that all the ill gotten gains will be confiscated directly from the cabal members’ accounts?

And that everybody would get funds to breathe?

And that the original constitution and the real United States of America would be back?

And that little annie and her dog muffy would walk the streets at night without fear?

Well, it is happening in stages. Unfortunately, not all proponents of the new systems are in agreement, and they too are trying to position themselves for maximum gain instead of plowing through the whole thing and just get it done and move on. To be expected.

However, despite the hiccups, it is all on track and will be done.

Keenan is one good example of tenacity. His work is good and in the right direction. He needs a bit of a helping hand getting over the hump, and that too is forthcoming shortly. Help is being provided now here and there where warranted, although overt help is a difficult thing to do at the moment as upstairs is waiting and watching what we all do with what we have first. [This just cracks me up! Yes "upstairs" is indeed waiting and watching!  All will be made known... We so love you guys!]

The RV is imminent by the way (as it always has been) but with some tiers already getting settlements (but not payouts yet), and having to swear allegiance to the “new” Republic of the United States of America, and signing gag orders, and giving bodily fluid samples, the timeline to that event is growing steadily shorter and shorter.

No Judgement, Just Love

Sunday, 11 August 2013

No Judgement, Just Love
Did you feel it?   The surge of energy?  WE are SOOOOOOO  There Darlins!!!!

The beautiful words that Bill wrote on American Kabuki:

To Team Contrast

We felt your moment of despair today.
Your services are no longer required. 
The experiment has concluded. 
You excelled at role you played.
Bravo!  Job well done.
Time to repurpose your being and doing. 

Love and protection awaits those who
stand down and operate in complete
transparency and truth to bring resolution
and completion to the experiment on
Earth and other realms.

Eternal Essence will enforce against the
inbodiments who choose otherwise.
Choose wisely.

We love you! Come home to the love of
the Prime Creator Source.  You have
been away far too long and have forgotten
your home.  This is why you fear.  There
is nothing to fear in love.  There is no
loneliness in love.  There is no despair.

No prodigal son or daughter is turned
away when they return home.


There is no Judgement.  There is no separation between you and I.  If I judge you, then I judge myself.

To Judge.... is "Divine".  ...and I don't mean that in a good way.

When you read a message or an article and in one moment the person talks about "Oneness" and "Unity" but with the very next breath they speak of "punishment" and "judgement" of others- no matter who those "others" are.... then they are speaking of the "Divine" Plan.

Those who are pushing their supposed "divine" agenda are working from their place inside their set Hierarchy, and they are pushing their agenda that will perpetuate and continue that Hierarchy.   They speak the smooth silky words of Love & Light, they croon odes to Oneness...... and yet they put themselves above you, lording it over you and they exclaim that the "evil ones", the "cabal", the "bad guys" are all to be tried and judged for their purported "Crimes against Humanity"....

.... I repeat:  We are ONE.  We are EQUAL.  We are NOT SEPARATE.

How can I show love and light to only some?

How can I judge another inbodyment?  WE are ONE.  We are All ETERNAL ESSENCE. Didn't all of us just play our part in this experience? Didn't all of us ask to be here? Didn't we plan this experience and play these roles?

Heather has told a story to all of us several times, I believe it was one that Loie told to her, and I will try to  relay it here as best I can.

Once upon a time....

Everyone decided that they wanted to create a new experience. 
An experience in separation and duality. An experience in experiencing everything that can be experienced. From every aspect of separation, every aspect of differentness.

In order to create this experience each BEing would take on Roles to play.

One of those roles was for someone to play the "bad guy".No one wanted to take on that role. 
Finally one of the bravest and strongest BEings said "I will play this role of contrast, on one condition...."

"What ever condition you want, just name it!" The others chimed in. 

"You must promise to tell me that you love me" Said the sole volunteer. 

"You know we love you!!!" said the others" Of course we will tell you we love you.... but why?" they asked. 

"When I take on this Role of evil, I will need to give it my ALL to play it perfectly...."

"..... But if you do not tell me that You love me - REMIND ME that you LOVE ME.....""I may be lost forever, pretending to be who I am not."

"So please.... remember to tell me that you love me, so that I can find my way back home again".

As Bill said:

You have been away far too long and have forgotten your home.

This is why you fear.

There is nothing to fear in love.

There is no loneliness in love.

There is no despair.

So I tell you all- and I mean ALL of you: I LOVE YOU

There is no Judgement.

There is no Punishment.

There is only LOVE & GRATITUDE.

I Thank YOU.


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