Thursday, August 15, 2013

Note to readers

My desk computer is in the shop getting a replacement video card.  Blog posts probably won't be as frequent for a while until I get it back home.  I'm working from a cheap DELL laptop that I got in a pinch in Morocco and the keyboard drives me nuts. But it gets me by in the interim....just not easy to use and the keyboard cursor jumps to odd positions sometimes when I accidentally hit the mouse pad while typing...

Sensational Illuminations Flow from
All Gaia Ascension Portals

Sensational Illuminations Flow from All Gaia Ascension Portals
by √ČirePort 

 Sensational Illuminations are flowing from all Gaia Ascension portals after recent energetic uplifts. Such may be "sensed" by stepping into Higher Clarity Sensories.

"Sensational" refers to the grand awakening moment of humanity, already preceded by Hue-manity.

Prior acts of Light caregivers are manifesting results required for complete Ascension of all beings on Gaia, along with Gaia.

The phrase, "Sparks are flying" ("Sparkles are flying"), is most applicable at this now moment.

√ČirePort | August 15, 2013 at 17:47

Benjamin Fulford mentions OPPT

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