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Wings Wanted

Here is a story of facing your fear and letting go.  The ending isn’t completely written yet, maybe you can help. 

This is written by my son, and, although he’s at the other end of the planet right now, it sounds like he’s working on the same things mentioned the other day (Note to Self).  Enjoy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013
i done fucked up 

this post may sound a bit rough - that's how i feel at the moment. i'm sitting with the resonances of a pretty massive learning, and it's still digesting. i want to put my ignorance on full display, because it's a lesson that's worth sharing.

for anyone out there who's read my past writings, i should have said these things before:

1. thank you

2. know that my tendency is to think that i've got it figured out, and then cling to that idea, right up until life smacks me across the face with my own misunderstanding. so bear that in mind whenever you read anything of mine

here's the latest 'smacked-across-the-face' story.
This story continues here.

Much love,

Pope’s meets with the father of liberation theology; Vatican media praises the Peruvian priest

Dominican priest Gustavo Gutierrez suffered
years of criticism over the liberation theology

This is a radical departure from the previous Popes!  I can hardly believe my eyes! -Bill

Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 20:16 UTC

Pope’s meets with the father of liberation theology; Vatican media praises the Peruvian priest

Pope Francis' September 11 meeting with Dominican Father Gustavo Gutierrez was an informal one, held in the in the pope's residence, the Domus Sanctae Marthae, and not listed on his official schedule., reports the Catholic News Service. However the news that Pope Francis had received the 85-year old Peruvian priest, who is widely considered the father of liberation theology, has excited interest far beyond the Vatican's walls.

The prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of
 the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard L. Muller is a supporter
 of Gutierrez.
During the 1990s, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith conducted a lengthy critical review of Father Gutierrez's work, and required him to write and rewrite articles clarifying some of his theological and pastoral points.

But within a single week in early September 2013, the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, published an interview with Father Gutierrez, an article by the theologian himself, and two articles praising his work -- one of them by the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard L. Muller.

Following years of Vatican criticism of liberation theology under John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, these events might seem to indicate a reversal of policy under Pope Francis. It would be more accurate to say they represent the fruit of a long and painful process, through which the church has clarified the nature of its commitment to the world's poor today.

Kerry Was Wrong

Kerry Was Wrong

Turkish police raids al-Nusra safe house in Adana.
Turkish prosecutor indicts six jihadists for alleged attempts to acquire chemicals with intent to produce sarin
The Turkish Republican Prosecutor in Adana has issued a 132-page indictment, alleging that six members of the al-Qaeda-aligned al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham – one Syrian and five Turks – tried to acquire chemicals with the intent to produce the chemical weapon sarin.

The Turkish newspaper Radikal reports that the suspects were under surveillance by Turkish police after they received information that the al-Nusra members tried to acquire two government-regulated military-grade chemical substances.

11 people were arrested in their safe house in the city of Adana in southeastern Turkey on May 23, 2013, after they had acquired some of the chemicals.

Initial reports in the media said that the jihadists had been in possession of 2.2 kg Sarin gas when arrested. Five of the detained jihadists were released by Turkish police after interrogation and background checks. Media reports indicates that the five released were Turkish nationals who shortly after being released joined al-Nusra Front in Syria.

In the indictment, the prosecutor names the 35-year-old Syrian-national Hytham Qassap (codenamed “Abu Salah”) as the buyer and leader of the group. The five Turkish-nationals: 52-year-old Halit Usta, 47-year-old Halit Ünalkaya, 50-year-old İbrahim Akça, 43-year-old Bekir Karaoğlan, and 40-year-old Raif Ay, are named as Qassap’s logistics men.

The Turkish nationals were released on bail after laboratory results showed that the chemical substance in their possession during arrest had not been sarin. But the prosecutor kept Qassab in detention, since surveillance tapes indicated discussions regarding acquisition of large amounts of chemical substances with the intent to produce sarin. All six jihadists deny the accusations.
Qassab is being charged with “being a member of a terrorist organization” and “attempting to acquire weapons for a terrorist organization.” The other five members are being charged with “attempting to acquire weapons for a terrorist organization.” If guilty, Qassab could receive a 25 year prison sentence. His friends could receive 15 years each.

The prosecutor’s indictment lists the following items as attempted to be acquired by the jihadists:

  •  Timed fuses
  •  Chrome pipes
  •  Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2)
  •  Potassium Fluoride (KF)
  •  Methanol (CH3OH)
  •  Isopropanol (C3H8O)
  •  Isopropanolamine (C3H9NO)
  •  White Phosphorus (P4)
  •  Medical Glucose
  •  Bauxite
Full article here:

Just WHO does the NSA work for? Who does it protect?

By American Kabuki (Bill)

The more this NSA thing unravels the more remarkable it becomes.  Its name "National Security Agency" seems lately a bit like the other misnamed organization the Federal Reserve System, which is neither Federal nor a Reserve. The agency is unique in that it refers to those who get its data as "customers".  We know the NSA turns over information to private corporations like Boeing, in the case of the intercepts they did when Airbus paid bribes for a sale of planes to a Saudi Prince.  Bill Clinton used that information to make a direct sales pitch to King Fahd from which  Boeing profited.  So its quite clear that National Security at the NSA includes the economic profit of companies like Boeing.  A similar situation occurred with Brazil's oil company Petrobras which were forwarded on to American Oil companies.  This contradicts statements made by an NSA spokesman to the Washington Post on August 30, which said that the US Department of Defense “does not engage in economic espionage in any domain, including cyber.

I remember reading in the Sunday Times in England, when I worked in that country, an amazingly candid statement from a British government official,  "Classification doesn't exists to protect secrets from the enemy, they already know, it exists to keep information from the public".  At that time in England the positive effects of vitamins and the adverse effects of food additives were placed under the Official Secrets Act. My friends got their information from American books and news sources because they couldn't get it in their own country.  Hopefully that has changed by now.  The people are always the ones deemed to not have a need to know, because if they knew they wouldn't tolerate it.  Edward Snowden's "crime" is not breaking his security oath, its embarrassing the NSA with the truth.

That's not to say there are not true patriots who work at the NSA and other agencies,  breaking codes and deciphering cryptic events around the world for their hidden links and doing a very good job of it.  You can bet there are very fine people there.  And you can also bet there are people there who very quietly go about ending the abuse of the American people by powers that like to stay in the shadows, the nebulous "customers" of NSA data bought at the cost of billions of American taxpayer dollars.

Updated: Universal Value Exchange

Note: Added two missing images in the bottom of the post.  What can I say it was early in the morning... -Bill

Universal Value Exchange

Many people have asked about the documents that Heather spoke about two months ago, specifically the documents that will outline the current financial system and how it works vs the "New" financial system (ie: the Universal Value Exchange System) and I Value. Over the course of the past couple of months more and more information, intel, and absolute data has become available on this. Each step of the process of has become very clear- to the point of extreme clarity- and as each piece of the puzzle makes itself visible the documents are edited and changed to reflect that information.

Several months ago the following patent was made visible- and we're pretty sure it was back-dated to cover their asses. Since then a huge amount of data has been released. Here's the thing: Even with all the shenanigans that are constantly going on within the corporate governments, the world of finance, industries like big pharma and big oil, etc.... they HAVE to be transparent in some way, shape or form. They MUST make it known and available to the public to know what they are doing. Of course, they don't actually want you to KNOW what they are doing, so these pieces of information and data are hidden in ways that are not apparent, with no fanfare or sign posts to direct you to the information, and the information is many times hidden behind elusive language and wording that is not easily understood. So finding the information takes a lot of digging in places like the UCC, the Patent offices, various government agencies, etc.... Not easy to say the least. The other place that you can find them outing various information they need to make public is, believe it or not, Wikipedia! They do an amazing job of hiding in plain sight pieces of the information puzzle in such a way that the vast majority of the public wouldn't connect any dots at all.
.... unless you happen to know what dots to look for ;>)

Today I am posting the patent that has been put forward by VISA (yes, the credit card company) for the "Universal Value Exchange"..... sounds familiar, eh?

....... I do love it when they make it absolutely transparent and blatantly show what it is that they are planning. The "Universal Value Exchange"...... "Universal" is pretty damn straight up in your face and crystal clear. The words that I LOVE though are "VALUE" and "EXCHANGE"... 'cause you know.... we've been talking about exchanging Value all year!! I have to wonder if they've thought about just how much information they've released just with the name of their new system alone, eh?

>Below is the original patent filing. Under that is a blow up of the little tiny diagram they have in the document- and THIS is the most enlightening part of the whole document to me as I'm a very visually oriented person. So, start with looking through the patent for the Universal Value Exchange, then we'll take a good look at the diagram and I'll illuminate some very important points in the diagram. ....

Link to original patent:

The diagram above here is taken directly from the Patent filed with the WIPO HERE . For the sake of clarity and the fact that I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to stuff like this, I've cleaned up the diagram- edited my own nice neat headings etc.... as you can see that the original doesn't size up very well from the document.

The next diagram - and all the ones that follow in this article, were created by myself to give a visual image of my opinions of what these represent and what is currently happening.

This diagram above is my representation of the Current Financial System and is based on the diagram in the patent for the UVE. Take a close look between the two diagrams- of the Universal Value Exchange and of the Current Financial System. The first thing I want to point out- as it's the most major piece of the puzzle is that the UVE diagram has arrows from the man figure- one to the bank and one to the exchange (and we'll get into more details of exactly what this "exchange" is in a bit) and the word written below that arrow is "Optional". Therein lies one of the major differences between the current system- which you notice doesn't have anything "optional" anywhere- and the UVE system:

If you are awake and aware, and if you KNOW the system, and if you KNOW your rights, and if you KNOW what to say and do, and if you can make your way through the bureaucracy.... they HAVE to allow you the choice. To deal with the new system or not to deal with the new system.... that is the question.

The dotted line boxes around the Exchange and Bank squares are also an indication of change, because by using the dotted line, they are giving you a choice.

Looking and the diagram of the Current Financial System you can see that there are no options, no choices to be made..... you are dealing with a closed system. The pieces that are in grey are the parts that they don't tell you about, ie: that YOU are the Value, and that the controller of the Currently Financial System is STILL the Universal Value Exchange system!!!! They just dropped out the upper box into the lower box in the middle of the UVE so that you'd think that it's a "New" financial system!! Same girl, Different party dress, to quote Heather, lol.

Here is my "interpretation" of the patents UVE diagram.... with the missing component drawn in, in grey:

They don't tell you that YOU are the VALUE- which of course is the really big biggie- and they don't tell you about where your value is going, ie: who the real "controllers" are, and where exactly they are located!!!

I don't know about you, but I have a serious problem with both of these points.

Don't you find the word "Merchant" and interesting choice of words?

So if assigning your Value over to the banks and exchange traded funds (not that they actually tell you about them either) is an "Option", does that mean that you can deal directly with the Universal Value Exchange Controller?

How about those guys really running the show way up there..... can you deal directly with them?

Can we skip over all the middlemen and the brokers and the bankers and the "Controllers" and just deal directly with User 1 01b?

Hmmmmmm. Wait! That sounds familiar! Isn't that called.........

So for tonight, I will leave you with the homework of reading all this very interesting patent information on the "Universal Value Exchange", and I will ask you to think about these two questions, and come up with the answer that resonates with YOU.

Would you rather exchange your Value within THIS system:

.... Or would you rather exchange your value this way:

OH! And by the way, you might find this definition interesting in light of everything we've been discussing for the past 9 months:

noun: merchant; plural noun: merchants
a person or company involved in wholesale trade, esp. one dealing with foreign countries or supplying merchandise to a particular trade.

...... VERY interesting word, don't you think?

KEVIN KELLY: The Nine Laws Of God

Excerpt from the book Out of Control, by Kevin Kelly

Out of nothing, nature makes something.

First there is hard rock planet; then there is life, lots of it. First barren hills; then brooks with fish and cattails and red-winged blackbirds. First an acorn; then an oak tree forest.

I'd like to be able to do that. First a hunk of metal; then a robot. First some wires; then a mind. First some old genes; then a dinosaur.

How do you make something from nothing? Although nature knows this trick, we haven't learned much just by watching her. We have learned more by our failures in creating complexity and by combining these lessons with small successes in imitating and understanding natural systems. So from the frontiers of computer science, and the edges of biological research, and the odd corners of interdisciplinary experimentation, I have compiled The Nine Laws of God governing the incubation of somethings from nothing:
  1. Distribute being
  2. Control from the bottom up
  3. Cultivate increasing returns
  4. Grow by chunking
  5. Maximize the fringes
  6. Honor your errors
  7. Pursue no optima; have multiple goals
  8. Seek persistent disequilibrium
  9. Change changes itself.
These nine laws are the organizing principles that can be found operating in systems as diverse as biological evolution and SimCity. Of course I am not suggesting that they are the only laws needed to make something from nothing; but out of the many observations accumulating in the science of complexity, these principles are the broadest, crispest, and most representative generalities. I believe that one can go pretty far as a god while sticking to these nine rules.

Distribute being. The spirit of a beehive, the behavior of an economy, the thinking of a supercomputer, and the life in me are distributed over a multitude of smaller units (which themselves may be distributed). When the sum of the parts can add up to more than the parts, then that extra being (that something from nothing) is distributed among the parts. Whenever we find something from nothing, we find it arising from a field of many interacting smaller pieces. All the mysteries we find most interesting -- life, intelligence, evolution -- are found in the soil of large distributed systems.

Lucas – Knowing The Power Within – Being Oneness and Unity Within – 15 September 2013

I have edited slightly this article for readability by Americans.  Lucas' English is still better than my Dutch! The Dutch have always amazed me with how many languages they can communicate with.  -Bill

Originally posted at:

Lucas – Knowing The Power Within – Being Oneness and Unity Within – 15 September 2013
Posted on September 15, 2013
by lucas2012infos

Knowing all your power is within makes it easier  and easier to see through the bones that are still thrown to you that you would otherwise reluctantly accept with a big thank you….  It is about knowing and not believing! It is not about thinking you are free [and then] you close the doors for the other polarity - you still keep fearing without cause… If you [know you are] free and have found your power within your heart-source center, will need nothing else.

The enclosure is now jumping into my focus.  I observe the multiple ways that people and others with hidden intentions are still entering them.  Enclosures are still enclosures… even if you make them look like heaven. If you have to still obey the rules that keep you enclosed you not in power and [are] bound. You are not free. The mere thought to just be free does not make you free. If you build a barrier or a fence around [you] to keep you from hurting or being interfered  with, shows you are not in the centered and in the neutral zone,  but in polarity and in the mind.

The mind I talk about is that which lives in your skull, not that of your heart of course.  You are still thinking your way out of YOU, and not  seeing and feeling it is inside.  Be careful about going back to search for those that can help you to be free outside of the self empowered YOU. Are you looking for those that can give you a wall [of protection] that does not make your privacy go away? Are you asking for help to get your [inner] demons neutralized? Do you still think you need to contract with some entity to talk, or be the authentic You in order to be free? Do you still think you need to be unbound from negative forces, etc.? It is you creating the illusion and it will be as real as you want it to be.

The Financial States of America

Fortification of Grand Portals Nears Completion

Fortification of Grand Portals Nears Completion
by ÉirePort

Fortification of Grand Portals nears completion. Such fortification supports Higher Dimensional upgrades on all levels, for all Ascension-intendeds.

Cosmic Light bearers come forth in multiplied numbers as fortified Grand Portals now support such.

3D somatics* are transmuted to Higher D Cosmic somatics, as fortified Grand Portals now support such.

Ascension paradigms near completion.

[* Èireport note: 'somatic' definition]

ÉirePort | September 16, 2013 at 05:11

Definition of somatic in English
Pronunciation: /səˈmatɪk/
relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind:
patients completed a questionnaire about their somatic and psychological symptoms
 Biology relating to the soma.

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