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Council of One via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: You Hold the Geometries of What Is Sacred

Council of One via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: You Hold the Geometries of What Is Sacred
Posted by Janice Collins on September 22, 2013

We have existed long before you were created. We will exist after earth has turned to a star. We come forth from a place that has always existed as Light. You hold memoirs of us within your genetic encodings. We are the ‘Council of One’ and each one of us is stationed at a sacred access and exit on Earth. We align with what has been holy, long before the Earth was fit for life. We align with what was holy before your solar system existed. We align with what is holy and that which can never be destroyed.

Throughout time and space, you have ventured into new degrees of experiencing life. You have ventured into situations where time has slipped like a sailors knot. You exist simultaneously in a multidimensional fashion and it cannot be any other way, but you have forgotten the rules of the game as you take multiple time outs and bench yourself. All of these experiences come to show you in a clear-cut manner exactly what you need to agree with within yourself in order to become that which the universe asks you to be.

Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’. You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction. You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet. You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’.

THIS IS SATIRE! : Help Kick Start World War III

From the humor of Second City TV

What a Great Idea! I'm Tired of Upgrading phones for a Faster Processor and more Memory!

Maybe someone can create some components without NSA backdoors? And how about replacing the unhealthy microwave transceivers with quantum entanglement ones?  Hmmmm.... -Bill

Phonebloks - Modular Cell Phones

Dave Hakkens has the perfect cell phone for you. Or rather, he has a Santa Claus sack of bloks you can use to build the perfect cell phone for you. It's called Phoneblok. It's genius. For as many reasons as bloks comprising it.

First, Phoneblok's modular nature--a compilation of detachable and swappable parts--lends itself to entirely personal customization based on what the individual values in his or her phone. Into snapping photos ? Do your selfies justice and choose a fancy camera blok. Save all of your info to the Cloud? Downgrade your storage blok in favor of a larger battery blok and longer charges. Then reverse the move a few months later when the Cloud Fs you in the A, and you decide additional drive memory is necessary after all. In essence, use Phoneblok to make your smartphone even smarter by molding it to your needs, and then remolding it down the line when those needs change, without having to buy a whole new apparatus.

Second and third, Phoneblok's replaceable components aspire to significantly reduce cell phone expenditures and environmental waste. Hakkens points out that most electronics are not designed to last over the long term. In addition, the world of smartphone technology is in constant flux, with newer, faster, better ideas materializing almost as soon as the last advancements hit the market. Combined, these conditions encourage people to discard their phones at a rate neither economical nor eco-friendly.

With a Phoneblok, if a single part breaks, it will no longer be necessary to replace the entire phone. Or even pay for expensive repairs, as once the problem is identified, a user need only pop out the affected blok and pop in a new one. Similarly, when cellular advancements hit, existing Phonebloks are game for piecemeal upgrades that will render them just as current and spiffy as the whole-package new releases.

Phoneblok detachable bloks connect to a base that locks all parts together, and a pair of screws secures them into a solid phone. If produced (yes, if), users will have the option to buy a pre-assembled phone, or just purchase the parts they want for DIY assembly. Hakkens further envisions a Blokstore--think app store for hardware--for the acquisition of additional bloks, plus the sale of old ones.

As for the if, Phoneblok does have a road ahead of it. The length of that road is dependent entirely upon investor interest. And not just individual investors--the Phoneblok platform is too big for crowdfunding, and production funds are only one of Hakkens' concerns. The project needs partners and collaborators, companies who are willing to back him with time and knowledge, not just money.

If you're not one of those companies, but still want to pledge your support, give Hakkens a Thunderclap to help spread the word and add momentum to the Phoneblok movement.

Phonebloks - Modular Cell Phones Gifts

The Field, by Lynne Mc Taggert

UPDATED w/Comments from Brian: O.P.A.L. TOUR

How could I possibly describe what it feels like to witness my purpose in this lifetime unfolding before my very eyes? It's like a combination of excitement, anticipation, bliss, and absolute joy, bursting through every pore of my entire existence, all at once and with great vigor. A symphony of synchronicity's, self-constructing through the will set forth by the energy of intention and manifestation. A real life tale of magic & wonder...opportunities not yet fully realized, but stealthily seeping their way into existence at the speed of heart and collective intent...

Three years ago, this November, my amazing Reiki Master and dear friend, Pam Maldonado, shared with me my reason for choosing to incarnate in this lifetime. She said, "you came to be a "teacher," (we ALL are in some way) "you will be travelling throughout the country and the world assisting with the shift in consciousness." Although, she said, "there is no reference point for this role, as it does not yet exist." As a new-comer to the path of Truth & Awakening, most of this information at the time was out of my realm of comprehension; shift in consciousness? Dimensional shift? I had no idea what any of this meant. So, to say it launched me onto a fast track journey to understanding, would be a vast understatement. My life has never been the same since. Later I would find out that my Soul was ready for that message. It has guided my every move since and continues to do so to this day.

Here I am now almost three years later, a conscious witness to these grandiose predictions coming into existence through the manifestation of the One People Absent Limits Tour. Everyday it seems another connection, development, idea, or opportunity comes to the table, as if gift wrapped and hand delivered from the Universe with a big red bow. Message after message, loud and clear from the cosmos, screaming YES! YES YES! DO! DO! DO!....this adventure is loved and supported in every way! I learned some time ago, when destiny knocks on the door, you open it...and boy oh boy have we ever!

I said it on the radio show Bob and I were on yesterday ("Dissolving the Illusion of Money and Control," which I'll post later today) that I'm done waiting for something, anything, outside of myself to swoop in and save the day; not some new governance, currency revaluation, new monetary system, Asian gold, The Event, Heather, DOV docs, UCC filings, or any combination thereof. The power has always been in "we the people" to make a lasting difference. What happens when millions of like minds and open hearts unite to create real change? Only imagination has the answer to that question. We can DO ANYTHING we imagine. Here's what it takes: unity, will, intent, commitment, tolerance, love, forgiveness, understanding, harmony, teamwork, ______ fill in the blank with whatever popular buzzword you like. Those are the ingredients....how we bake the cake is and has always been up to us. The reality is the ingredients have ALWAYS been there, we've just been led to believe the power structures and systems of control have access to the only oven. This illusion has now been dispelled. WE have the power. All we have to do now, is fill in as many others across the nation of this Truth...can you see it? Can you feel it? It's there...close your eyes and imagine...

There are so many amazing individuals, groups, movements, teams, etc. out there DOing great things to change this world. Unity is the glue that holds the key to bringing them all together. The OPAL Tour has the power to do just that. This is what we can DO. This is what we WILL DO. We are already DOing it. It has already been done. The intention has been set. It is Universal Law that manifestation will surely follow. It's time to change the world folks! Gandhi said, "BE the change you want to see in the world." This message has never been more important than it is NOW.

We need your help! This is a clarion call for all to gather! Please join us on this adventure in whatever way works for you. Be part of the caravan that travels across this beautiful country. Come and participate at one of the many gatherings we will be organizing along the energetic trail. Link us up to contacts, groups, individuals who are doing awesome things to make a difference. We encourage participation of EVERY kind. The more of The One People who get involved the bigger of a success this paradigm changing campaign will become! If you are in a position to sponsor the tour by way of financial energetic contribution, we need all of the support we can get. We've already chipped in and manifested our first of three RV's and our 12 Soul crew will be investing every bit of energy along the way we can all collectively muster to make it happen! Please help us to make this dream, OUR collective destiny, a reality! Every little bit helps <3

Then....close your eyes and IMAGINE. Imagine a world without limits. Imagine a global society of ONE, DOing what we Love instead of what we feel we "have" to DO to make ends meet. Free of war. Free of hate. Free of judgment, hunger, oppression, control and manipulation. Where all of God's children have food, clothes, shelter, unencumbered and unrestricted access to innovation and creation. Free energy. Absolute Technology. Imagine. No borders. No hoarders. The whole of Humanity loving thy neighbor as thy self. An enlightened planet and people. Imagine. Clean air. Clean water. Healthy food and sustainable living. Now close your eyes and IMAGINE. Absent Limits. Set your intent. See it. Feel it. BE it. Live it. Breathe it. Believe it. Share it with others. Some may laugh at such a Utopian society. To that I say, "NO my friends, THIS is our destiny! John Lennon -- "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as ONE." ~BK

Posted at: http://www.5dmedianetwork.com/opal-tour-2/


The inspiration for the O.P.A.L. Tour began with you. We are guided by the many voices and hearts which reach out for community, unity and being together with the knowing that You are NOT alone anymore.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting
Our Mission:
To follow the energetic trail that calls us forth, empowering awakened hearts and minds across the country. To unite our human family by creating a safe, open space for people to connect, commune and share as One People in peace, love, absolute transparency and above all, limitless in our potential.
From conception, through planning and during the tour, to expand and stretch ourselves to BE Absent Limits. In doing so we hope to be an example of what is possible when the ONE People collaborate their DOing in ways that make their hearts sing. This tour is a living example of our collective desire for change in the world, the first of many creative projects by the ONE People. We, which includes all of you, will be looking to expand our DOings together in the NOW, remembering that our goals are Absent Limits!
The 5D Media Crew set the intent to create a space of ‘absent limits’, that means accomplishing in 6 weeks what would have taken 6 months in the old paradigm. We have manifested thus far:
  • The crew contributed their own resources to secure the first of 3 required Motorhomes
  • The first O.P.A.L meet up and tour launch has been organised for the weekend of 25-27th October in LA. Details on the Itinerary page.
  • 2 appearances have been secured at the Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona. Brian and Bob will be running a workshop on Saturday. Brian, Lisa and Bob will be speaking in the main room at the conference on Sunday to promote The OPAL Tour and unite with like minds.
Along the road we will:
  • Network and connect the multitude of individuals and groups around the Country who are currently working in insolation on technologies and concepts to take us into a new paradigm of living.
  • Interviews with local individuals, projects and organizations who are making a difference
  • Foster community
  • Exchange our value by DOing (Gifts, Talents, Self Expression, Personal Sharing, Creating a space for collective sharing, Revealing your Inner Value)
  • Daily broadcasting of all Shows on the 5D Media Network
  • Filming major gatherings on route.
  • Connect face to face and heart to heart
OPAL Tour draws from all sources within creation’s universe to manifest the vision we have. This includes both old representations of value (money) and new or energetic representations. If you feel INclined to contribute please do so with out limitation to include the use of old systems. We who use these systems free them from their limitation for it is we who are truly absent limits!
We all know that “money” is simply a representation of your value – it’s really about energy. Rather than look at this as asking people for “donations” – we feel we are reaching out to people to ask if they’d like to contribute and participate on the journey through their “energetic fuel”. The fuel which is ultimately funding this journey is ALL our energy – our love.
We are One People on the Spiral Journey of Evolution, Remembering and experiencing the power of our Collective Imagination as we Transition into a new paradigm of Abundance and Freedom,In~Joy & Love.
Opal is a stone of inspiration, imagination, creativity, self worth, confidence, and supports you in reaching your full potential.
Energetically, the Opal, supports the process of change and restores harmony, which perfectly encapsulates the O.P.A.L. Tour!
Buckminster Fuller said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” This tour represents our collective effort to build a new model. One that is in the best of interest of all The People…… no longer the privileged few.

Heaven Letter 4684

Jack Nicholson Explains the Last 70 Years...

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