Friday, December 6, 2013

Off World Update

In the last 3 days we've received the following Off World Update:

Here is the first video he wants us to see:

Here is the conversation:

December 4, 2013, December 5, 2013 and December 6, 2013
Hi. I saw this today:
Click here
Do you know anything about this?

Much love,

Good Day Sophia!

Yes Sophia, NASA and US government's infrastructure agencies are occasionally editing sky images and space images, starting from beginning of space age and continuing on. As they officially declared comet ISON dead, they went quiet for 2 Earth cycles (days) and then returned and showed edited images of comet ISON fading away.

What You saw there was Followers' of Light very huge spherical ship, bigger than this planet is, which serves them as a planet on it's own. This ship is surrounded by a powerful forcefield or energy shield, it bears energy signatures which can make it visible in this dimensional world under some circumstances. And this is what is seen there, the forcefield which surrounds this ship. Followers of Light brought this ship here not long ago, as Humanity's Ascension is close, this is a necessity of having it here for them, they have a lot of such ships around this Galaxy and beyond. Like I was telling You Sophia, there is nothing to worry about, this all is prepared for Humanity, to aid and accompany.

I also wanted to share with You and Friends this video. It is magnetic rotation technology, the one You remember, one of the easiest and cheapest to make and to use. If You or Anyone Else reading this have will, ability and resources, I may advice You to make this engine type and use it. The key point in this technology is to use rotary blades like the ones that are used on a windmills inside the generator. In this case all You have to do is to turn magnets and rotary blades inside this turbine so that it will use magnetic force as a windforce. Remember the sailers? They were using wind to trespass the ocean. Likewise in space there are solar/stellar sailers, they use whether plasma wind or stellar light to trespass the cosmic ocean. And likewise this technology uses the same "wind" principle.

The more people would know this, the quicker will Humanity completely Transform itself. Wish You Great Luck and Great Success!

Click here     (This is the video included above)
December 5, 2013
Thank you. I love the vid!!

I will share this.

Here is another video re: energy and us:
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I just received this message and am sending it on to you.

"... since april 2013 i follow your conversation with your off-world friend.I appreciate very much your conversation and look every day for new updates.I am also very interrested in free energy and in his latest message he said he would help anyone who is willing to build a magnetic rotation device.Can you tell me please how to contact him.Thank you"

Much love,

Thank You for video Sophia! It is correct that "separating ourselves from the slavery system of fossil fuel is the way to real Freedom. If we are to use fossil fuel and pay for it, then we are accepting being a slaves to those that feeds us with it."

About the question, look in a video description, there is a link to pdf file, there You need to look for magnets' positioning, the website is where You can get the rest of practical guide for building it, don't worry it's free.

You can skip that, so it won't make a confusion for You as there is a lot of information, once You get a grip on what You are up to build, You can return to this guide to find how to make some tweaks to make it working and for better results. You can use old motor with permanent magnets inside, they are fairly easy to find on scrap yards. What is important to know, use magnets as a wind power to rotate the wheel, or for maximum output, make blades and place them around the wheel in opposition to magnets so that they will "catch the magnetic wind" like old sailers were catching wind and like current "green energy" windmills are catching.

This type of energy generator is tested for many many ages beyond this world and it is working greatly, it can be outfitted with ion accelerator or enhancer or with both to give out from 400 to 800 times (based on design and this is not the boundary) the electricity You will get from this type. And as You understand that is a very huge amount of energy that can power anything present on this world.

Ion technology is an advanced technology and is not present on this world, but if Humanity as a whole will show One that it is worthy for it, then we will gladly grant this technology.

Also Sophia there in description is a very good video if You haven't checked it yet
"The Truth Behind The Energy Lie (Supression Of Technological Evolution, The Evidence) full movie"

Click here

December 6, 2013

There is a lot of conversation about ISON not being a comet, but a ship.


Much love,

Believe always Sophia in what You think is right. Your own believe is most important. As I will give You some information, remember to dissent it based on Your views, You are always free to accept or decline everything presented to You.

In our knowledge that is a comet and it was fragmented when it passed "under Creator - the Sun" as it was passing very close to Sun and the heat and gravity collapsed it as speed of turn was very big and full of stress, some mass fell on Sun and was burned. But it still survived, as it was in a wishes of Humanity. It's survivalability is based on the those wishes.

Followers of Light huge spherical ship, or "Mothership", we call Carrier-Station Type Interstellar/Interdimensional Ship is located nearby this planet (yes the name is complicated, as it is showing what precisely it can do), they are moving it around the Inner Solar System, this is, it is not being moved outside Jupiter and even Mars orbit.
Remember this video Sophia?

Click here

This is how it's forcefield looks. This forcefield absorbs energy and plasma and any other sorts of matter turning it into energy and information. While receiving information from the Sun this ship can also send information in instant speed to the Sun and through it, to other Creators - Stars and to fellow beings on other end of the Galaxy or dimensional world.

I hope this will aid You, much Peace, Calm and Prosperity!



SaLuSa 8. 11. 2013

SaLuSa 8. 11. 2013

Your Sun is sending you very intense energy patterns that are about to finish your basic transformational process into the beings of Light. Once you have absorbed these energies within, your bodies will be ready to receive and accept all that your consciousness will experience. Sun is the gateway to other dimensions of reality and that what you see as sun flares are powerful energy transfers from higher frequencies sent to your planet and to all of her inhabitants. You can feel this pure energy of the Sun when you stand quietly without movement on the sunshine, it is warm and loving touch of the Love that is sent to you and helps your bodies to change to the ones that are able to receive all the higher frequencies that are being sent at this moment. Do feel the response of your own body to this Light, and welcome these higher energies as all necessary patterns are included within them for your successful transformation.

At this moment, everything old is being swept away and dissolved into the immense Light that is surrounding you, so you might experience some thoughts or memories to be occurring frequently within your mind and it might seem to you that they are not leaving although you have accepted them and let them go. Your mind needs some moments to process all the changes that are happening, and please know these old thoughts are cleared and gone, and you do not need to focus on them anymore, just send them Love and Light and feel that they are not coming from your heart and your mind will also let them go, because your mind was for very long time programmed to function the way of being the “programmer” of your reality and sometimes it still holds onto the things or issues that used to be so attractive to you. Do express love to your Self and your mind and feel the Love spreading all over your being.

Allow the Love to completely heal you, and do not have any doubt that it is not powerful enough to do so. Love is the most powerful creative Force in this Universe, and when you express fearless intention to it, you will experience her immense, yet gentle power flowing into you and carrying you into your own higher reality. Do not hold back these feelings that Love is creating within you as so many people are waiting to feel them and are ready to be also awakened into the higher knowledge of Creation. Share the Love everywhere you go and know that without asking for more, Love will always and endlessly flow through you and will keep you in harmony with all her expressions, no matter which form they are currently carrying.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and also feel the Love so very powerfully being present within my own form that I carry now. Realize that just one thought of Love can give you such intense energy that it will stay with you for the whole day, and this way you can share this beautiful feeling with all others. Feeling of the Love that is ever present all around and within you is what you should focus on. We Love you.  

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

The Number 9 and Vortex Math

Updated: America Is Launching A Giant,
World-Sucking Octopus Into Space

America Is Launching A Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space
The Huffington Post  |  By Matt Sledge
Posted: 12/05/2013 7:05 pm EST

14:14 GMT: D.'s comments: Attack of the giant Octopii!!!!
You just gotta love this transparency, ROFLMFAO!!!!!

"You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn't helping."......
...... No, not helping, but definitely transparent!!!!

One of the National Security Agency's partners is launching a spy satellite with a classified payload into space on Thursday night -- and its logo is an angry, globe-gripping octopus.

The spacecraft, being rocketed into the sky by an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, carries a payload from the National Reconnaissance Office. Far less well-known than the NSA, the NRO has a budget that is only a shade smaller -- $10.3 billion a year -- and provides satellite-based surveillance capabilities.

"Nothing is beyond our reach," reads a motto beneath the world-sucking cephalopod. The logo is the latest in a long line of patches produced for classified military missions that are equal parts menacing and mysterious.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which also oversees the NSA, tweeted pictures of the launch preparation. That spurred Christopher Soghoian, of the American Civil Liberties Union, to give the spooks some free advice: "You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn't helping."

Late addition from Rumor Mill News:

"You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now,” Chris Soghoian, the chief technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, tweeted Thursday. “This logo isn't helping."

According to a top-secret budget document released by Snowden and first reported on in August, the NRO is in the midst of modernizing their signals intelligence, geospatial and communications system to replace current capabilities.

Looking at the NROL-39 logo, people could be forgiven for mistaking it for a version of the Lovecraftian elder god Cthulhu, who wants to swallow the Earth whole. But that is not the only National Reconnaissance Office emblem with an interesting spin on the space-spying theme: others include Masonic motifs, superhero ones and a few more that, frankly, defy easy classification.

PS: This theme of vampiric squids/octopus comes up regularly with the control system that is the banking/military/government complex.... couldn't resist adding these to the post...

 From Wikipedia:  Matt Taibbi likened investment bank Goldman Sachs to "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money."[13] Although the metaphor was faulty, since vampire squids do not suck blood or have a "blood funnel", it was later used by other critics of Goldman Sachs, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement.[14]

Political Cartoon prior to the passing of the Federal Reserve Act.

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