Saturday, January 18, 2014

Greece is occupied!

Dear friends

In case you are interested in the grand experiment that is underway in Greece nowadays, you might be willing to watch the short video you can find through the link below.

The Greek text, that accompanies the video, is essentially of no significance; it is just a comment about the incident for the Greek readers. You can find more about the case at

What mostly matters here is the fact that the current Greek reality, in its full extent, is by far more crucial and severe, than these true but few words can state. Indeed, Greece is being under an all-out harsh and cruel attack by the Cabal and the rope is being tightened little by little around the neck of the Greek people, thanks to a bunch of betrayers "Greek" politicians and their colleagues. This actually leads to the perspective that the expectation of the long lusted Event is not of the same "quality" for everybody on this planet.

In Love and Light

Nikos (Greek translator)

Finally, someone said, you face the truth Antonis Samaras: The British MEP Nigel Farage during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg [didn't] miss an opportunity to crumple the "success stories" of the Greek Prime Minister.

Well known for being straight and to the point, why did the MEP Nigel Farage miss an opportunity when he heard Samaras talking about "sovereign will of the Greek people", to take the floor and say: "You do not govern on Greece. The troika rule! Your party is called New Democracy, but I think you ought to call it No Democracy (undemocratic), because Greece is now under foreign occupation!"

All the money is gone and the troubled look on the face of Samaras,who is not accustomed to hear truths!

"Congratulations Mr Samaras on withdrawing from Greece presidency of the EU, I guess you know thousands are in the streets of Athens and cheering."

... unemployment has reached 30 % youth unemployment reaches 60%, that the neo-Nazi party rises, terrorist attack that took place at the German Embassy. Do not worry about this because ... "was a success," said Farage:

"Coming here Samaras and telling us that you represent the firm determination of the Greek people. Sorry to the reveal [to you], Samaras, but you are not in charge in Greece, you have lost control. And I suggest you rename your party from New Republic to No Republic. At this moment Greece is under foreign occupation. You can not take any decision, you deliver the Republic,  and the democracy your country invented! You can not even admit that it was wrong to get into the euro, Mr. Papandreou did this. Indeed, requested and referendum. And within 48 hours the unholy alliance that makes resists the EU had [been led] away and was replaced by a former employee of Goldman Sachs, a puppet. Now you make the shots big business, big banks and big bureaucrats in Brussels. Upcoming elections will debunk the myth that all this was inevitable . "

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