Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REALIZATION: Traveling the path of the seeker

Hello Mr Kabuki, I hope this message finds you in good health. =). I like to think this is a good summation of what a lot of light workin' folks are experiencing or have experienced. Feel free to repost, fix, or sadly delete =(. Regardless have a wonderful day!

-Faithful Reader

AK: Posted! 

Traveling the path of the seeker
On my way
Where the angels lay
Parched for knowledge
My drink matters not
As long as there is no delay
Rushing to a place
Free to laugh and play
Happiness I am taught
A state of mind

There is much pain
Deep in the darkness
My soul experiences
Blackness of night

I am told
Overcome it all
And let go
Darkness is not really there
It is just a stepping stone

In my heart
I am numb
Hearing the words
I have yet still to see
I know the wisdom
Fear not the fear

Easier said than done
Simple truth
Seems to be made of lies

Crying to the One
Show me the way
Embracing truth
All things are loved
I am a part of the All
I am loved no less

In my chest
A mighty pang
The truth is simple

One loves the All
I am a part of
The One that is All

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