Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I am Grateful For...

Things I am Grateful For...
by American Kabuki

I am grateful for life.  I am grateful for death, for it showed me the value of human life and that it all is perfect even the tough parts. I am grateful for being given 2nd chance of human life and being sent back here.  I am grateful for the NDE that showed me there is a bigger reality and there is no death, only transitions of state of being.

I am grateful to my ex-wife, our marriage was difficult, but I learned much about myself and what needed to change, and that I could not change anyone else, only me.  I am grateful she was a woman of integrity and one who always kept a confidence even if she never quite understood me. I am grateful for the child she gave birth to and raised.

I am grateful to my wonderful daughter, my little budding little astrophysicist.  May you travel the skies you now ponder and study in college!

I am grateful for MRSA, for showing that the American health care system is very flawed, and what happens when Germ warefare escapes the bio-labs and gets into San Diego beach water.  And I am grateful to the nurses and doctors who kept me alive despite the odds...  I am grateful to the Health Informatics course that showed me even more how flawed the health care system is...and why I don't want to be involved with it or automating it...  I am grateful for physical therapists and health club instructors who taught me how to eat again, walk again and helped me regain fine motor control when climbing and descending steps.  I am thankful for all the body changes and healing that makes that all seem like a distant memory.

I am grateful for bankruptcy, for discharging the enormous 1/3 million dollar hospital debt, the MRSA infection caused me.  I am grateful for it all stripping everything from me, until there was nothing to ponder but making a better world. For making time for me, in my recovery to pursue deeper matters of existence.

I am grateful to the bankers who got so greedy they killed their own banking empire.  I am grateful to all the readers who came to my blog to read about banker resignations.

I am grateful to Heather, Caleb and Randall for doing the OPPT filings.  For being the hidden force that was causing the banker resignations around the world.  I am grateful that I got to meet all but Randall, and to even live with Heather and Caleb has been a highlight of my life.  I am so grateful for that experience!

I am grateful for KP, Dani, Lisa, Brian, Bob, and all the others who came along after them too numerous to mention.  What an amazing journey it has all been together since 2012!

I am grateful to the women who did the healing work on me in Tangier last May, and grateful that the edema that plagued my ankles post MRSA has been gone for over 10 months. I am grateful that my legs are regrowing new skin tissue and much of the scarring is going away.  I am grateful my left knee is healed and now functioning perfectly.   I am grateful to Vera's Pilates instruction that is helping healing the remaining issue of the abdominal hernia   Of all the things I have faced this one is mostly cosmetic and it has improved by at least 50% since I came to Morocco. For that I am thankful.

I am grateful for having the most resilient body I could have ever been given by Source.  I am grateful for its service when I was young and handsome and fat and old. I am grateful for my body losing so much weight since coming to Morocco and deciding to grow another inch height and another size larger in shoe size.  I am grateful for all the transitions in life, Poor to wealthy and back again, handsome, ugly  and fat and soon handsome again.  I got to experience how all conditions of being felt and learned compassion from it all.  I am especially grateful to those special friends who saw the true me even in my worst moments of body or mind.

I am grateful to all the kind people I have met in Morocco, who continue to enhance my life and existence.  They have taught me the value of friendships and community.  I am grateful for the organic food they grow, and their hospitality and genuineness.

I am grateful to all the people who read my blog, and especially grateful to those donated at critical junctures of my life.    I would not be here without you and your support.

I am grateful for Hope Girl and the QEG and those engineers who will make that an every day item around the world. I am grateful those people will soon be here and bring something that can truly change the world.  I am grateful for all the new inventions yet to come that will change this planet.

I am grateful to all the beings seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious,  of separation and of ONE, of every persuasion and polarity, who have contributed to Eternal Essence's absolute plan for changing this world into something truly astounding.

I love you all!

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