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What Kind of Human Are You?

What Kind of Human Are You?
By American Kabuki

My housemate Caleb, and I had a conversation over an ice cold beer back in January during our expedition to the nearby Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

He said, "I had this weird thought a few months ago...someone asked me to do something that I really didn't want to do.  I told them 'I am not that kind of human!' But every since I have been wondering why I said that.. because its kind of an odd thing to say to someone.  Prior to that I had always thought of humans as being the same, 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, male or female, basic same biology with some differences between the two sexes.  But otherwise all the same."   I replied "You mean like we are all wearing our earth-diving suits?"   Caleb said, "Yeah! You could think of it like that!"

So we talked at length of our our similar views that are many different, "souls", or Eternal Essence inbodied here on this planet.  All pretty much look the same on the outside but many different perspectives on things. Maybe some who never had a human form before, or were an ET in another life, a "divine" in another existence not having known the lower energy densities, or perhaps even just an energy being, or even angels who decided they wanted to experience this moment because they knew something very important happens next and they want to be a part of it.

My friend GW Hardin wrote a series of articles on the coming DNA changes in humans.  He also told me that the Angelic realm said "we want to join our kind with your kind"... which is an interesting approach because it indicates the highest realms of existence, do not think humanity is something that is "lower" or debased, or "fallen" as is commonly taught in earth myths. They marvel at how we navigate it all.

The Angelic realm is also unique in that they see it from the beginning of time, and how it is all one. They do not talk down to humans, nor do they say "worship me" or "behold my glory", no that kind of behavior comes from another realm, the realm known as the divines and those realms below that.  You could call it the middle child syndrome, not the bratty kids on earth you can't even wash their faces and brush their teeth without being reminded, but not the adults on the block either.  If you ever have ANY entity tell you there are an angel and speak of their own glory...well you are not talking to angel... for that kind of thinking is separation from the ONENESS of I AM.

Some of these beings in human form spent eons in the flesh.  And they got very good at it.  Some of the newbie ETs find life very hard on this planet, many left early through self-inflicted destruction, they couldn't understand why things are so hard here.  Some just don't get the "human thing".

All these beings in the fleshly forms we call humanity.  Its a paradox of sorts I suppose.  And it really defies the idea of one realm being "lower" or  "higher" for how is it someone from another realm can have that consciousness if it is not all the same thing?  How is it one consciousness can be from Pleiades, Sirius, or Andromeda.  Perhaps navigated the cosmos in an incredible sense of freedom of movement most of us on this planet have never known. Another might be from a realm that has known little darkness yet also little free will, for if there was no choices, there can be no "wrong" choices.   Some choices have pa Or perhaps  even an angelic being in flesh, they do walk among you unawares.

All these sentient consciousness are really the same stuff, that just happened to have a different vehicle - a in-body-ment - or energy structure - to move it around!  Some have been around since time began. Some are quite new. The levels of experience vary, its an ever expanding creation.  The experiences vary as do the roles they have played in duality.  Some have inbodyments on several realms at once, some aware of those other fractals of their being, some are not.

Its all Eternal Essence.  And each has a certain privacy of perception as to the memory of its existence, its origins, likes, dislikes, and temperaments.  Yet all are here, cooperating consciously and unconsciously to bring about what the final results that I AM is performing through all embodiments.

What a marvelous thing that is going on here!

When I first started what most people call, "awakening" I read all the same material on the blogs and web sites concerning the earth changes.   There were prior civilizations on earth, but with Atlantis something went very wrong.   Some of the ET colonies got out before it all collapsed... I mean it never takes a lot of intelligence to read the tea leaves of a dying civilization or nation.  But the pressures of life and routine cause many people to ignore them.  The signs of political and ethical corruption, arrogance and hubris of elites, brutality and oppression are as time worn as the Big Bang itself.  And some, wisely got out before they were trapped here headed back to the Pleiades.

Those they call the Argathans beat a hasty retreat underground and have been living there for at least 13,000 years.  They can be rightly called a break-away civilization, for they chose to leave the surface world for the inner one.  Their energetic became so different than the outer one that they found it painful to even go to the surface world.  Yet one has to wonder how they will answer the question "why did you let us languish on the surface?"  You could pose that question to the ETs too. Its a question that needs answering at First Contact.

The Cabal has their prophecies, they know what time the galactic clock is, and they know their time is through.  Their prophecies say that for the changes to come their families must be wiped out.  You think that might be motivating their resistance to the end?  Even they love their kids. How do you think that dynamic plays out when you hear of calls for destroying ever last one of them?  Kind of a self-perpetuating prophecy against that background dynamic, but nothing is cast in stone.  That scenario doesn't have to happen.  They can survive.  But their actions will ensure that scenario if they don't create something else.  We all can create something else, something better than brutality and more bloodshed on this planet.

One of the Cabal's greatest fears, is being seen for what they really are, lackeys, minions, and brokers for the divines. To admit that is rather humbling for them.  The divines themselves WANT to be seen!  Why they haven't been (and they have that ability) is perhaps because they signed a contractual agreement with their power hungry minions to not be seen during their tenure of management since the days of Babylon.  All contract systems on earth are just contract templates from higher realms.  The Cabal frankly is not that creative....learn a template for one country you learn them all.  But oh are they good at managing beliefs, expecations and limitations!  Experts at that!  Time to repurpose!

We can create something better than RV's and Prosperity plans that are based on banking trading platforms that siphon the energy of the embodiments on this planet.  How many Cabal bankers have to be bought off to change this planet? And if you buy them out, how does that change anything? Promises of future arrests?  You think they are stupid enough to accept a buyout with that hanging over them?  Do you think we are stupid to believe that they will be arrested? Why would anyone wanting change to this planet reinvigorate the very thing that is keeping it enslaved?  Why would any "Global Reset" want non-disclosure agreements and contracts on the inbodyments?  Since when did consciousness rise from external circumstances rather than through the heart of the individual?  Are you willing to be bought off for less than 5% of your value?  You are the VALUE that has been traded on the system, it has always been that way. What Heather and the OPPT did was show what always existed, what IS.  It just been abstracted in various ways by the cabal  to cover where the true wealth is, for if people KNEW they would not tolerate the theft from their being.  Value has been abstracted with dollars, some with Euros, and some with Gold, bank finance paper. What are any of those things without humans?  What kind of human are you?

Nobody is a slave to prophecy. In fact I say fuck prophecy! Are you going to let someone from another time or timeline retroject your BE-ing and DO-ing in this NOW moment?  If the Montauk Project proved anything it proves they left nothing untouched in the timelines of history, and even manipulated the time line of Jesus several times, so you think any other prophecies and soothsaying of the future might just be every bit as adulterated as what happened to the sayings and life of Jesus and other great men of history?    Ever notice how the Apostle Paul's road to Damascus experience reads exactly like an encounter with Grey ET?  Its uncanny is it not?

Everything that is happening is happening in real time and not currently viewable by looking at timelines. You think Source is going to tip its hand on the timelines to those who can traverse or read them?   Its being created on the fly by everyone and our desires for a new outcome.  This time is special.  What kind of human are you? What kind of human do you choose to be?  There are no limits, except those you choose.  Choose wisely.  Choose soon.

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