Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kathy Kelly Needs your Thoughts and Prayers

Not an actual photo of Kathy Kelly but it is what she uses as her
Skype Avatar and is not far off in some ways energetically.

Posted by American Kabuki

Kathy Kelly, one of the long time spiritual warriors that many of us have had the pleasure to know,  is suffering from liver failure.   Kathy said she was poisoned a few years ago with arsenic by a rather dark group of people in California.  This occurred prior to meeting me or any of those of us involved with the OPPT, but the long term health effects continue.

Kathy has trod where very few people have the courage to venture and has been a very powerful spiritual warrior and transmuter of negative energies for those who don't know yet how to shed those old energies.  She did all this work in absolute unconditional love for those darkened beings who do not yet see that they too are manifestations of Eternal Essence.  Only a person of deep love for her fellow human beings could ever have taken on the tasks she did.

Please send Kathy your prayers, thought and energies at this time.   She may transition shortly if there is not a rapid and rather quick change in the situation with her liver and kidneys.

I have the ability to look at individuals and "spin the light" in them to see their intrinsic energy signature, often this appears to me as a color, sometimes as the original type of being they were first created as, or some significant incarnation they had during their existence.  When I spin Kathy (which she has asked me to do a number of occasions, I consistently get an image of Mary Magdalene.  I don't know if she was Mary Magdalene, but I do know she heavily identifies with the energy of Mary Magdalene.  Kathy has had a most remarkable life, which is a book in itself waiting to be written.

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