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A reader writes....

On Jun 5, 2014, at 2:20 AM, (a reader) wrote:

Hi AK, I just wanted you to be wary of Linda D's channelling messages.  She is a wonderful lady and while I know she has her best interest at heart, you need to read between the lines of the messages.  If we love ourselves, we love all!  Love is key, but it's more than love (source), it's light (awareness), it's movement (creation), feeling (consciences) and intent (reality).  While this message is positive, it has the undertones of we need "mother's" help. We don't!  What her truth is not always THE truth. We need see it's more than using discernment, it's going back to source and finding ones own truth. And to say "Screw anyone who says anything otherwise”.

Believe me I totally get where you are coming from.  I have had my own concerns with L.D. channelings from 2012 Grener’s Neptune spaceship trip.  In regards to the “Neptune” it was Dani. who pointed out to me that of the first 20 people who signed up for that adventure, 2/3 are now colleagues of mine in this banking system work we have done with Heather.   None of us knew each other back then.

Assuming the channeling back in January 2012 about the trip on the Neptune was a real offer….and all of us I know felt it was,.  Perhaps the purported Captain of the Neptune, Grener, or his supervisors (perhaps 6d “divines”) looked at our energetic signatures and time lines (they have that ability to a certain degree)...and simply blew their minds in who stepped forward and who they’d be awakening had the taken us physically outside of the energetic “consciousness veil” that surrounds this earth.   In retrospect neither Dani nor I think its coincidental that trip was cancelled.   The excuses given were lame and I felt horribly for what Steve Beckow had to go through during that whole ordeal as it must have caused him a great deal of embarrassment.  But he bore it well and carried on with his work.

In the Spring of 2012, when I was in the midst of compiling the list of banker resignations, Graham Dewyea approached me if I minded if Linda Dillion did a channeling about my origins.  I told him that would be fine with me as long as I didn’t have to pay for it and that he also asked about the status of my sister.  I did not tell Graham why I threw in the question about my sister. It was my “double-blind” scientific test (yes I tend to think that way) to see whether the channeling was accurate or from Michael.  My sister has been missing for over 15+ years and presumed dead. If the source was Michael I felt Michael would know about my sister.  Linda did a channeling purportedly from Archangel Michael.   In the channeling, which was sent to me as an MP3, she said I came from 7D and was from Andromeda, it had some very interesting details in it and that I would play a role in the changes that were to come.  That was all very fine and interesting. When she moved onto the question of my sister, she said “your sister misses you very much and told me that “I should email her and let her know I love her”…. arrrrggghhhh….. yeah right like how I am going to do that?  Email  So I discounted the entire channeling as likely bogus.   I mean if it was truly Michael…he’d know about my sister right?  So I was left with no real answer except “inconclusive” or perhaps it was bogus.

In the summer of 2012 I took a trip to Wyoming for my mother’s 90th birthday party.  On the way back from Wyoming I stayed at friends house in Salt Lake City.  I had a dream in which the word “Thorac” kept being repeated all night long.  I’d wake up, and then go back to sleep and that name would be repeated over and over.  In the morning I got up and googled “thorac” and its a medical term for abdomen.    I had the beginning of a hernia and I assumed it was a reference to my hernia (I had some concern at that time it was a tumor - btw it is not according my doctor).  When I got about 50 miles outside of Salt Lake City the next morning I got a very clear thought in my head “THORAC” again. I don’t really channel. Its not something I do.  But I was getting a message in my thoughts...not a voice but a name. Then I go the word “Commander Thorac of Andromeda”.  I thought it was someone or a Galactic trying to contact me.

The thing is a few months later, I had a chat on Facebook with the channeler who at that time went by the name of Laura Tyco, who channels SaLuSa and also “Allendale” (aka the Belfast accented “anonymous” from the Kerry Cassidy interview with David Wilcock) who is a bit of cosmic James Bond.  Laura is no fan of Linda Dillon.  She has openly challenged her channeling accuracy.  While I was chatting with Laura in real time, she got a message from “Allendale”, who wanted to talk to me through Laura at that moment.  I agreed to chat with him through Laura.  It was, in my opinion the very same energy that David Wilcock spoke to and who told David he was protected.

He told me I had an existence with Allendale in Ireland in a past life where we both “caused a bit of a ruckus”.   He called me by the endearing name of “GER”, which was a shortened Irish nickname for Gerald Fitzpatrick.  I asked him if he knew where my origins were.  He said “Andromeda and 7d”.   I asked him if knew a “Commander Thorac” and it was as if I had stepped on an energetic third rail with that subject.  He said “I AM NOT SPEAKING FOR THORAC!  He’s a friend of yours and he can speak for himself.  He only talks to those on his level or his very old “friends” in other densities. You are his old friend.”    So I was left with the impression that Commander Thorac was somebody I once knew from Andromeda.   But I have no memory of that. Yet Laura did give me confirmation of my link to Andromeda and 7d correlating the data I got from Linda Dillion.   “Allendale” also told me I would soon become quite noticed for the work that I’d be doing....  And that has happened.  I published the "Poof" interview and in late 2012 I met Heather and published her documents.

A few months after I met Heather, she referred to me on a few occasions as “Commander”.   I told her the story of the Commander Thorac experience and she suggested I go back and find the MP3 and re-listen to it as it had data for me that would help me.   I could not find it as I had apparently deleted it. The folks at the Golden Age of Gaia didn't have a copy either.  So I had to rely on memory of it.

Heather has a unique way of looking at data.  She looks at the entire hologram of data that presents itself (and there can be “noise” in that data from agendas of others…often truth comes mixed in with a lie... the bigger the lie the more truth they have to mix in to hide it).  She calls this “following the energetic trail”.

The universe speaks to us all the time in diverse ways, sometimes through friends, sometimes through “enemies” (there is in truth no enemy but the illusion of separation). Its all one giant hologram and we are part of that hologram.  When we get caught up in “who is the enemy” or “who is the agent of contrast” we throw out valid data that is speaking to us.  I have thrown out data that was trying to speak to me because it contained information that was known to be false. Instead of taking what did ring true I threw out the entire set of data.

I have seen an aspect of me, in my dream state,  that is me in another realm which I believe to be a Galactic.  He is very tall, has black anime style hair, and very athletic body. Quite a bit different than this meat suit I wear on earth.   I don't know if this is Thorac.   Some call him "Anime Bill".  It is me on that realm, whatever that realm/place is.  I have seen others I work with on that same ship.  Some look the same, some don't, some have slight variations in personality from the ones I work with on earth, like the one here is funny and the one up there is deadpan serious all the time.

I believe we all have these simultaneous aspects in various realms within Source, and these are collectively referred to as “higher self” or perhaps more accurately described as “aggregate self”.  Its my belief that when we chose to experience separation we also separated our being-ness into multiple realms.  Our true self, is much greater than we realize.  That is true of all of us in my opinion. I don’t believe I am special case.  We on earth are cut off from access to that awareness so we have a unique singular view of our existence, although I know some who have more access to that existence than I do. I suspect it just isn't time for me or I am not ready.  It will all be perfectly done.

You are on a quest to find the authentic you, how you fit into this world and what YOU want to do next.  You are creating a clean slate and yet still need to shake off the old.  Please turn to your heart, leave the outside, well, outside and follow your passion.  So stay where you are or go, it matters not, it only really matters to you.  You will always find purpose no matter where you are, if so you choose to look :))
With heartfelt wishes,
(name withheld)

I totally agree.

My concern with Linda Dillion is that she sometimes does not accurately identify whom she channels. The channeling from “the divine mother” I instantly recognized, and I hinted in my post of that that I thought it was mis-identified by Linda.  I also saw a bit of a sense of humor involved in using Linda Dillion as the conduit for that message. Would I examine the data this time or throw it out because of whom it came through?

After all I did that before when it came to my own identity and origins - and if we don’t learn the lesson the first time we often face the lesson again.   Would I listen to my internal resonance this time?   Heather has a link on her own blog to Linda Dillon’s "Tsunami of Love" post.  Heather recognized where that channeling came from. It matters not what other people think as to its origin, only that message is out there, for ultimately it all comes from Creator Source.

It was also poignant in that Stephen Cook, sent me the channeling as he does not feel resonance to my work here.   He expressed to me he thought I should leave a couple of weeks ago, and I disagreed with his reasons.  And that's okay...we don't all have to agree on everything.  The 2012 Scenario/Golden Age of Gaia blog site has never published any of Heather’s material.  They simply do not have the data we have on the banking systems, and have chosen to publish the RV/GCR St Germain type stuff - as many light worker blogs do - channelings that personally do not resonate for me.   I mean think about it... enlightened "ascended" beings promoting a phoenix-ing of the slavery systems?  Something off in that.  Yet curiously it was Stephen Cook who felt guided to send me that message at that very moment which goes completely contrary to what he personally feels about me being here.  And I do think he was guided to do that.

I do recognize the woman who is speaking, and she passed away last year. She was indeed a mother - and if anyone could be described as being “divine” in the context of their heart connection to Source - she would certainly fit.  But she was not the Mother Mary of the Bible.  And she knows the personalities here very very well.  And she now has a perspective than none of us here on the ground currently enjoy.

I hope that clarifies my view on this channeling.

PS: In the Bible is the story of a magician Balaam, who had a donkey speak to him a message from Source to leave the Children of Israel alone.  I don't know if the story is true, but it always struck me remarkable the man didn't marvel that a donkey spoke at all, but instead beat with a stick.   I mean I have donkeys around me here in Morocco, and I'd be impressed if one spoke to me. All I hear is "Eeee orrr, Eeee Orrr"... every morning at sunrise.   So perhaps if Source can speak through an ass, maybe every now and then, perhaps Source can speak through me as and when I am aligned with Source.  All is possible.  The trick is in the listening to the energetic trail. Are we aware? Are we awake?

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