Monday, June 2, 2014

The Helical Model of Solar System and Alexander Sitchen

Gnawing on universe in the Bhat cave..

to the edge of the solar system and beyond....

Some interesting conclusions that naturally spring from the Helical motion model versus the heliocentric model of the solar system and beyond.

For one thing the model clearly explains why none of our NASA launched space ships have ever, nor will ever leave our solar system. Since the sun is in effect dragging us all along behind it at super fantastic speeds greater than we can effectively measure, it therefore makes perfect sense why Nasa's Voyager space machines have not yet left the solar system. Our solar system is more of a cometary body surrounded by a coma of vast size than a stationary sun being orbited lazily by planets. Therefore the energy required to leave our solar system will of necessity be greater than the speed of the sun through interstellar space. Thus the 'escape velocity' of our or any other solar system will be the 'drag' effected by the sum of the total of the mass in the solar system multiplied by its speed and its rotation.

The above, now of course puts serious doubt to ANY interstellar travel in the conventional sense. Further, it means that Sitchen's 3600 year 'orbiting' Nibiru or Planet X cannot be 'on the other side of the sun', nor for that matter can any other body in our solar system. If such a body were to exist, it must therefore be within the coma of the sun, and again, thus constantly visible from earth....therefore Sitchen's understanding, as well as his transliteration are flawed. If not deliberate disinformation.

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