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Universal Mother – Come Ride the Wave!- as channeled by Linda Dillon, June 2, 2014

I got this message while pondering whether I should go back to the USA or not.  Whether the feminine aspect of  Creator is actually named Mary I don't know (that name means bitter tears in Hebrew) but the date stamp is most interesting as are the words.  I asked Stephen Cook if this was an email blast or sent specifically to me, and he said he had only sent it to 4 or 5 people.  Its now on the Golden Age of Gaia web site...  The words hit me in a way that could not be coincidence and Stephen rarely sends me anything like this. 

 still have many unanswered questions. The only thing I do know is I was drawn to come to Morocco. I don't know why.  But here I AM.    Whatever energetic storm I went through the last 30 days seems to be abating, and a deep peace is settling into me.  I've never gone so far inward before for answers, and the answers have come in strange ways and from strange places, and this channeling is but one of the unusual sources of the answers. There are greater things and patterns that I do not yet discern as to why things have happened the way they have.  

I don't know what the next months hold for me, its very unclear right now.  The biggest questions I have as to what, why, and why me... still remain.  Much has not gone like I expected, and many surprises have come.   Judgement reared its ugly head in me and came back magnified.  Disappointment at things promised and not delivered (and much of that is not anyone's fault), delays in paperwork,  bad internet, the loneliness of living on my own for the first time in 22 years and a host of other things have tended to keep me off center.   But all will unfold as it should in the time it should as it need to be in NOW.

I am coming to understand the time lag between a thought (positive or negative) and it manifesting in my life has gone down to just a few hours rather than weeks or years under the old energies.   I have read this would be true in various channelings, but when it happens in real life, it catches you off guard its all rather astounding to deal with... especially what less than positive emotions can create.  I do not claim to have mastered this, I am jamming the gears and slipping the clutch in this upgrading vehicle of mine, at times the sound is not pleasant.   But I have asked for Oneness, and the fullnesss of I AM to be present in my life and I must come terms with the responsibility that involves. There is no more room to indulge that which is less than I AM within me.  Its time for that to all go.  I don't know if others are experiencing this, or if I am on the bleeding edge of what is coming.  I suspect its a very common experience right now.
I don't know how it will all work out or what twists and turns are yet up ahead.  I frankly don't know how I get through the next couple of months given the impact of the loss of Google Ad Revenue during the times I could not post.  Ad revenue is very direct way of measuring how well I am serving my readership, and I did not do that well in the 30-45 days because of the bad Internet connectivity.  I hope I can make up for that.    As always I do gratefully accept PayPal donations on the right of the blog or you can send them direct via PayPal to   

A special thanks to L. in NJ for your generosity last month. Its greatly and deeply appreciated.


On Jun 3, 2014, at 3:27 AM, Stephen Cook - GoodWords wrote:

Linda Dillon has asked me to share this latest channeling from the Universal Mother Mary (aka The Divine Mother) to you.  This message relates to the Tsunami of Love.

Linda will be hosting a Tsunami of Love Livestream this Sunday June 8 at 1.00pm EDT. For details –


Universal Mother Mary – Come Ride the Wave!- as channeled by Linda Dillon, June 2, 2014

Greetings I am Mary – Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love. Child, do you not believe I can create miracles? If this is your belief then it is time for it to be washed away – it is time for all the lack belief system of humankind to be washed away.

I call you to the shore – I call you to the blue wave of my gentle embrace. I call forth the fullness of the Tsunami of Love. I have ALWAYS ruled the waves, the winds, the air, the light. Gaia is my blessed daughter – together we call you forth into this Tsunami that you may know our Love; that you may know the power of our Love, and in that come to know and surrender to your own power and might. Blessed ones I beckon you now – not next year, not next month but now to come and join with me in the Love. Now is not a time of hesitation – now is a time of outrageous courageous, valor, excitement, commitment, and forward thrust. Now is the time of the anchoring of the higher octave – the renewal of Love and the fulfillment of my plan upon the planet.

If you do not step forward, who does? Who speaks on your behalf; who walks on your behalf; who claims your power of choice? Do not abort this mission. Do not choose to stand back at this juncture of time. There are times to be the sacred observer child but this is not one of them. This is a time of action; of heart-consciousness – of stepping forward into the waves even though you think you may not be able to swim. Beloved ones you are buoyant. Unfurl your wings; unfurl your water wings and come ride the wave with me! Come dance with the water sprites and the Healers of Tralana. Then come and dive deep with the whales and dolphins. Come walk the floor of my ocean with your ancient antipode self. Do not fear that you can do this my beloveds – do not allow this ancient fear of doubt to cloud your vision and your heart.

I beseech thee – come join with me right now that you like I become the wave, become the Love, become the change. Claim you right – the right that I have given you eons ago – to be in the totality of your being; to be in the totality of what you have chosen. You have come to Gaia at this time to be the re-awakeners; to be the re-patterners, to be the wayshowers, to be free. Now is the time. Shed the shackles of the old and come with me. Come to the shore, to the sacred lonely places, to the vastness of the mountains and the valleys, to the Cities of Light. Come with me to the blue ocean of your sky, and yes even to the places of chaos. Claim your freedom and declare yourself as Love – declare your truth – that you are sons and daughters of my heart and that there is no longer room upon this blessed planet for anything less than Love. We beckon you – not home – but home to Gaia, home to your beloved self, home to Nova Earth.

So you reject my offer – NO!!!!! Can I create miracles – Yes – but how will you know if you chose to not to be present? How can you know the fullness of my Love if you keep the door to your heart closed? I implore you child, open and receive. I await you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled 3:33 am June 2, 2014.

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