Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A note about Dani's recent posts...

A note about Dani's recent posts...
By American Kabuki

I have received a few emails and Skype messages from people who felt Dani was "bashing" all "New Age" movements.   This is not true.  She's bashing any movement ("New Age" or otherwise) that is trying impose a new hierarchy - which is usually in the same old one in a new "party dress".    This world is controlled by a hierarchy that has existed on this realm and others for a very long time.

For example: The "Cabal" is but a western broker for collateral funds, which were always controlled by Chinese royal family members (and they are not exactly a united group even among themselves - many factions).  So substituting Chinese control for  "cabal" control, is logically simply downsizing the corporation for more direct control..and how's that working for China? Most everyone there wants to go somewhere else.  We see that downsizing and centralization mirrored in the more direct ownership of the banks...and as ZAP said recently...."the Chinese own the FED".  The aid to the Empress has already stated to Heather that they believe they own humanity (your physical being and vehicle) by rights of the Treaty of Rizq, which they signed with the Anunauki home world Rizq.  The "Old Man" is exposing it all to complete transparency as he said he would...

There's  simple truth for one to be "higher" on a hierarchy someone else has to be "lower".  The upper tiers always have their perks and special status.

What D. is talking about in particular is not organization itself but the tool of organization used in a way to impose limits and separation upon people and that's almost always a hierarchy either involving existing world governing bodies (either overtly or covertly) or their perceived "spiritual hierarchy" through one form of "phoenix" of the systems or another...tada!!! Here's your new religion / government / life / banking system... but the two old divine muppets in the peanut gallery are still heckling away at the foolishness of humanity..... The condescension is palpable in many channelings and "ascended masters" writings.

There are many forms of organization that are not hierarchal (like the internet), the neurons in your body are a network organization.  Organization is but a tool.

Below is a fairly typical exchange, I am deleting the persons' name... along with some slight editing for privacy...but it is typical of the comments I am getting...

ABC wrote:
A)  At the 'Higher D's', WE ARE ALL ONE ANYWAY.  Even the 'bad guys' (no such thing in Reality of course, just more duality separation BS).  B)  WE ARE 'THEM'.   We ARE the 'galactics' and 'celestials', dude -- incarnate as 'human beings' in this Matrix Illusion WE CREATED FOR A PURPOSE. 
D. wrote: exactly ;)

ABC wrote:
And BTW, 'they' KNOW who I AM -- and can't do jack about it.  In past lives, I used to RUN their complicated little 'hierarchies', direct the Show across large swaths of human society.  That's why I KNOW that D, bless her rebellious and hyper-intelligent soul, is VERY close to gaining that one more little step 'up' -- or 'zoom out', as she seems to prefer -- that shall help her fit ALL the 'little pieces' together.  Once and FOR ALL as I know who I AM too (chuckle)

D. wrote:  tell him I said I agree with him completely.  and if he'll notice:
"Basically, if a group is offering anything that involves "government", "money", legal salvation", etc... or some sort of system of hierarchy and control by "others", then you can almost guarantee that they are operating in one of the controllers "groups".  The templates are very easily seen."

Thus those groups who are NOT working from "hierarchy" are not the ones that I am saying are part of the groups being led by the controllers.  Hence any that he is talking about that are NOT hierarchal based are NOT the groups that I am talking about.  I am specifically aiming that section at the .... "ascended masters, and the groups such as those run by ... various ... channelers who are perpetuating this system of hierarchy.  That's it.  That's all I was pointing out.  It's NOT about "us vs them"- that exactly what I have been saying for a long time.  And I am pointing the finger at those groups....who ARE perpetuating that type of separatism. (heart)

D. wrote: I would appreciate it if you could forward this to ABC... as I do not have any access to email any more- thank you love.

PS:  I don't have any "groups, neither does Heather (chuckle) so I'm definitely not banging  the "my group is better" drum :D
...hell, half the time even Heather and I don't agree :D
...and you can tell him all of that too (heart)
...and tell him "thank you" (kiss) 

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