Sunday, August 31, 2014

Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone Interview raw footage now available....

Take 2.  I tried to post this last night, but the power here went wacky and we had a brown out right when I entered the title on post... my Mac went dead.  I sat outside on the porch with the cat Pixel reading Lynn McTaggert's book The Field on my Kindle e-reader while watching the transformer repairman work on the pole near the main highway.  The transformer blew up in bang and shower of sparks, sending the local Moroccan teenagers who were spectating scrambling for cover, and then laughing nervously afterwards.  Nobody was hurt.  But there was not even dim lights on at after that. We had no power until early this morning.

I have not yet seen this video interview, and given the lousy internet connections of the last 2 days, you will probably view it before I do, at least those of you with good broadband connections to the Internet.

This interview was meant to be broadcast in live audio on the Internet, but there was a problem with the audio feed.  This is the raw unedited footage.  I'll post the final video production here later. It will have additional footage in it from several camera angles. The raw footage of the Skype interview between Lisa Harrison, Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone is at the link below:

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