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Removing the Shackles: D's Update: Contagious Conspiracy, Currency, & Consciousness Good morning my friends!


D's Update: Contagious Conspiracy, Currency, & Consciousness
Good morning my friends!

Please ignore the "\" [I removed them in this reblogging -AK] that appears at the end of every strike of the enter key.... my computer died, has been resurrected, lost half it's keys, had an external keyboard added.... and now it adds an "\" every time I hit enter.  Go figure.  I might steal someone elses computer to try to clean this all up before publishing.....

I am currently working on three very different articles.   Until yesterday it was just two articles, then one of my wonderful friends dropped me a link that was a time bomb in my brain, and I was immediately off and running researching a third.  I know that I promised to release a lot of information on what's been going on over here in Morocco, and I really am working on it, but "things" have been moving so quickly that  it has been difficult to keep up.  More difficult is coming up with the words to express myself clearly and to explain things that have been happening and that we've been working on that have no corresponding words in the English language.  English is a seriously crippled language that has been developed to limit thoughts and understanding of consciousness.... and unfortunately I only speak 4 languages: Canadian, American, British and Australian..... with a smattering of Irish, Scots, Welsh and Newfie thrown in...... all English based.  Damn.

Wow!  Now I have random "|"'s getting thrown in as well. [removed those too -AK]  How lovely.

(seriously... I do NOT consent!)

The first article I will publish will be based on the info that my buddy JJ sent to me last night.  Ebola. Heather and I went on a serious digging mission and I will put out all that I know about Ebola and Hemorrhagic fevers (which is substantial, as I have been researching the virus since the mid 90's) and what Heather knows about the background patents etc of the previous "pandemic" fear porn, I mean "outbreaks" in the past. We will work on this today and hopefully have it out later on this evening.

The second article will be a financial update on much of the latest bull crap that has been going on and the relation between the media circus and the "intel" and the assinineness  (is that a word?) of "their" smoke and mirrors soap opera.

The third article will be the one that I have been working on the longest- it's about consciousness, energetics, and the "reality" (and I use that word loosely) of what we SEE vs what IS.  This is the article that I am struggling with, due to the limitation of the english language, but I'll do my best.  There has been a lot of things that we ("we" as in: many many of us) have been working on for the past year and a half that we have not reported on and have not spoken about publicly.  I have touched on a few of these things in my Skype rooms but never really discussed these DOings publicly on RTS.  While I have struggled with words to adequately explain these things, recently there have been several "channeled" messages that have helped me to put into words things that have eluded my language skills.  Heather and I have been discussing the fact that it is time to talk publicly about many of these DOings  in the "past" (LOL) and present.  We've openly discussed these things in various Skype workrooms for well over a year now- so all the "boys" on all sides of the pond would KNOW what we were up to (LOL) and would have the opportunity to SEE the reactions to these various DOings in real time through their own agencies etc.   I will be compiling some of these "Jobs" and posting the Skype room conversations here (I will remove some names for the purpose of privacy) for everyone to read.  We are not the only ones "working" on these things right now, and we hope that by "going public" with these, it will trigger more people to SEE and realize that they have been "working" on many of these DOings as well.   Filling in the blanks, so to speak, and giving people an understanding as to what they've been DOing- in dream time, meditation, visualization..... ALL IS REALITY.  So I will be writing an article to be the prequel to publicly writing about these "jobs".

This is the time to make visible the things that are not visible....

..... And THAT is what we have been working on, non-stop for the past 4 months.

I will also say that if you are following any/many of the various "channeled" messages lately, you might have noticed the fact that many many of them are seemingly talking and describing things in a very similar way now.  This is because the "information" of what IS going on, has become very clear.  As you know, I rarely post channeled messages, but at this moment of NOW I am following many of them very closely as from all that we have seen and experienced, they are very clearly and concisely explaining exactly what is going on- all around us.  As these messages come in, I will be posting them here and I will highlight the parts of the messages that are very relevant to ME.  Not every message or article or posting will resonate with me or you.... but sometimes just a single sentence will jump out with astonishing clarity.  This is how I read all the information that is sent to me:  I read it all and take from each one only the pieces that resonate for ME.  Sometimes it might be the entire post/article/message, and sometimes it might only be a single sentence from it.  I will also note that one site in particular is extremely accurate and is one that we all watch for updates from daily- and that is Gaia Portal.  Whomever is writing for this site is reading directly from the grid and receiving all messages in real time.  We are literally SEEing things play out and within a few hours Gaia Portal will report a verification of what it IS.  I know that many people do not understand the language that Gaia Portal uses to describe these current events, so I will highlight and explain the relevance of the messages to the best of my abilities.

So that is my current task(s) at hand.  I am off and running and hopefully will have the first article ready to go by tonight.

....Computer and internet willing, of course, lol.


PS: edited at 1:01pm same day:

Just thought I would also mention that I am completely locked out of my two email accounts for RTS, and my personal email account that I have had for 16 years.  Nick and two other friends of ours here are also locked out of their email accounts and my eldest daughter and heather's eldest son are locked out of their email accounts.  Nick cannot access his Skype any more either.  I haven't bothered setting up a new email address... yet, but will inform everyone of the change once I do or let you know know if I am able to access it again.    So if you need to get in contact with me, you'll have to use Skype..... of course, Skype is also all fucked up for me at the moment and some messages are taking weeks to be delivered (rofl).  at this moment in the Skype ONE room we are having a very disjointed conversation as some people can read my posts and others can't, and Heather is having a conversation with one other person that no one else can read at all!!!  Heather and I are sitting next to each other at the moment and laughing our asses off while reading each other screens, and capturing the conversations of the other person to copy into the room so that everyone can read all the missing posts! ...... Me thinks that the "boys" have been tampering again!  but it's funny as all hell!!!!

edited at 1:52pm to add:

The split time conversation that has been taking place in my Skype ONE room has been hysterical. Finally we all rebooted and after about 10 minutes Heather and Steph and KK's conversations finally re-appeared in the room.  exactly two minutes later I got pinged by my Malware detection program that it had found a trojan on my computer:

[1:49:35 PM] D.Breakingthesilence: want some more fun?  when I rebooted- my malware scanner picked up a trojan in my temp files.   wanna know what it was called?
"trojan.agentNS- local/temp/nsa6FB1"

Hows that for transparency?

..... buhahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

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