Friday, August 1, 2014

Signs of us

As we discard the ego-self, a process of deep discovery emerges.  It arrives unbidden and in unexpected moments.  It is heralded by feelings of comfort and joy.  You have touched, if only for a nano-second, the truth.  Who you are is not afraid, anxious, controlling, demanding or confused.  Who you are is truth.  You are love.  You resonate inside a field of freedom.
These glimpses of the real you can’t help but peek out now – they are finding a welcome atmosphere inside the current vibration on the planet.  Like moths to the flame, they cannot resist.  It is time.
What you can do is notice them.  Then, with awareness, realize the circumstance in which they emerged and decide to set it up as often as possible.  Power, beauty, strength, happiness, joy, peace and love are your birthright.  They are not occasional frivolous emotions but indicators of truth.  If you are looking for direction, you will find it there.
Stress and anxiety arise when you are not “in sync” with what is going on.  Who, why or how doesn’t matter so much at those moments – moving into something else does.  They (feelings of stress and anxiety) are like warning lights on your phone: “currently operating at 10%”.  If you don’t plug in soon, all power will be depleted.
You are a beacon of light.  You function consistently well with a constant stream of energy.  What lights you up?  How are you the most successful?  When are you joyful?  Where does your power emerge?  Who do you love?
At the core of the answer to each of these queries is you.  But you do not live in a vacuum.  You are gloriously surrounded with the rest of us, who may or may not be operating from our own truth when we interact.  That’s okay and very much why we have met here now.  We are here to show the way, to be the light and to share the love.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
PS: Coming soon, new website, new Quests, new focus!

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